These bulbs and fixtures are commonplace in workplaces, factories, and private residences alike. Light bulbs are secured in place, and an electrical connection is made to power the bulbs. A light switch is included in some but not all light sockets.

Lamp holders can be found in a wide range of sizes and designs, and in some cases they also serve as a base for additional components, including lamp shades. Bulb holders, lamp fittings, light sockets, and light holders are all names for the same thing.

List of 10 Best Bulb Holders Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

1:- Anchor by Panasonic

Panasonic Life Solution India is a well known brand as Anchor Electricals over the last six decades has developed a strong connection among the customers.

The brand debuted in the market of electrical product manufacturing when the market required one of the highest quality electrical switches or bulb holders, and the brand has managed this requirement amazingly.

Established in 1918, Anchor is a brand evolved in safe and easy to install holder bulbs to their satisfied clients. They produce Switch & Socket, Accessories, Home Automation, Bulb Holders, Consumer Lighting, Commercial lighting, and many more.

Anchor is one of the biggest foundations due to its experience, understanding, and skill set of the Indian market that has been unbeatable in the electrical manufacturing field since 1963.

They are constantly supplying a huge range of electrical products for construction industries.

2:- Philips

Philips is one of the most prominent electrical product and Bulb Holders Manufacturers since 1891. The brand is the world's best lighting manufacturer with reliability, innovative, high quality, and sophisticated technologies that enhance people’s comfort.

The Philips is recognized as the world's best leading lighting and build holders designing company. Their bulb holders ensure a safe living style by offering high safety home décor lighting bulb holders.

The Philips bulb holders have multiple features: captive crew, Air Circulation, Snap Locks, unique Shape, Brass Terminals, Gloss Finish, Shock Proof Terminals, Adjustable Mounting, Shrouded Terminals with Captive Screws, Wall & Ceiling Mounting.

The products come with extra safe plastic material with the less power consumption, Technical specification, Product Dimensions & Weight, Design and Finishing, and Service.

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PM CONA entered the market in 1968 as India’s trusted Electrical Product and accessories manufacturer. With its innovative designs and successful technical teams, PM Cona has developed strong pillars of safety, affordability and durability with its products.

Winning the customer trust, PM Cona has produced well designed and safest Bulb Holders across the nation tested in its 6 well equipped laboratories and warehousing facility in Haridwar, Mumbai and Silvassa.

They designed its 1st bulb holders with the IS 9001-2000 certification and the product passed out its valuable strength, durability and performance that suited customers requirements.

PM CONA is the leading supplier and designer of integrated grade bulb holders for commercial and residential applications. They use a dynamic R&D team who ensures to make the quality-proof bulb holders to manage high voltage lights.

4:- Goldmedal India

Incorporated in the year 1979 by Shri Otmaliji Goraji at Andhra Pradesh, Goldmedal Electricals Pvt Ltd started the journey as the retailer of finest quality electrical accessories manufacturer in India.

Goldmedal had its large warehousing unit for manufacturing or designing wires and cables in Bhiwadi in the year 2005. They also have a Maharashtra based manufacturing unit where they develop other electrical accessories.

Plus, Goldmedal has recently announced its new manufacturing units in Hyderabad. The company has widely focused on its own tooling, testing and designing one of the finest Bulb Holders Price across the market.

They use sophisticated Research and Development groups, designing unique and trendsetting bulb holders in the industry. They only follow their own strategy to ultimately support people who live in an extra comfort zone and safety.

5:- Havells

Founded by Qimat Raj Gupta, Havells India is the Fastest Growign Electrical Accessories brand across the country. They mentioned its name in Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) with strong international support, thanks to their principals of Make in India, Supply Chain Network and top quality products.

They are the largest producer of electrical accessories such as Modular Switches, Domestic Circuit Protection, Electric Water Heaters, Bulb Holders, Commercial and Industrial Applications, etc.

The company has owned its exclusive brand showroom in the most challenging industry with Exclusive Brand stores. They have 700+Plus Havells Exclusive Brand Stores in the market supporting customers to buy cost effective products for domestic and commercial uses.

6:- Orient Electric

Orient Electric is popular for its own philosophy of creating the best electrical appliances that match with the global standard and fulfill a lot of customer's requirements.

They believe in making people's lifestyle premium and safe by offering the best electrical products. With contributions in 35+ countries, Orient Electric has managed millions of the customers by offering the best quality lifestyle electrical products.

They provide high grade Orient Electric Bulb Holders with upgraded style and design with advanced safety features. The exclusive range of wiring accessories provides unmatched safety features in one bulb holder.

The Orient Electric Wiring and Cable products are highly flexible and versatile to suit the tough demand of commercial and domestic applications.

7:- Pressfit

Pressfit is India’s most prominent specialist of commercial and residential electrical appliance brands experienced in plastic products. The qualified team has been involved over the three decades developing and increasing the methods of the company to produce unbeatable and innovative utility items.

The state-of-the-art warehousing unit improves the brand’s awareness by producing ISI Mark of conformity and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) conformity products as per Indian Standard ST Requirement.

They are ISO 9001:2015 certified firms with their magnificent Quality Management Systems.

The Bulb Holders by Pressfit is a device that perfectly holds and offers power to a LED. The Bulb Holders provide comfort and convenience of holding the bulbs when it is required.

Bulb Holders offered by Pressfit are based on the build quality and the socket. The Build Quality is commonly categorized as Pendant Holders, Angle Holders and Batten Holders.

8:- Shree Mateshwari Electricals

Incorporated in 2018 at Mumbai, Shree Matehwari Electricals is a top quality electrical suppliers, traders, Bulb Holders Dealers of comprehensive range of products including Circuit Breakers, Extension Boards, Electrical Plug, Bulb Holders, Electrical Wires, LED Bulbs & Tube Lights etc.

All its products are the most selling brands because of their quality, performance, durability and cost effectiveness.  Despite this, they have maintained delivery methods within timeframe as well as ensure quality of assortment by offering affordable solutions.

They believe in functional products that make your lifestyle comfortable and relaxing so they deal with different raw materials designing the best bulb holders.

The brand enlisted in India’s top 10 best Bulb Holders brands with its mind blowing concept of development for the industry current trends.

9:- Velocity Group

One of the most pioneering brands of quality electric Plugs, Electrical Angle Holders, Electrical Holders, meter Boxes are Velocity Group. The Company deals with best-grade products with confidence.

The brand has an amazing presence in the Global and Domestic market for its best quality, easy to use, and long life product satisfactions. They have designed a functional and sophisticated infrastructural plant that works the constant growth of the company.

The group of experts and engineers contribute in developing the brand as per their knowledge and skills. They regularly deal with toughest project and client policies and try to cater to the customers’ requirement only.

10:- Vinayak Electricals

In our Final List, you will see Vinayak Electricals established in the year 1997, dealing with client based electrical appliances such as general switches & Modular Switches, Indicator Switches, Bulb Holders, and Multi Plug.

All the products are verified by ISI marks and BIS so you can use their products with full confidence. Fitting and Fixtures, MCBs, and LED Lighting are their other products.

The Bulb Holders Suppliers in India has screw less Technology and superior raw materials to produce plastic and metallic bulb holders with the optimum International Quality Standards.

Mr. Pravin L. Bambhaniy is the CEO of the company and understands the basic client needs and provisions.


Electrical Holder Bulbs are the most common need in our home, offices, hospitals, hotels, factories, shops and other places. Electrical holders produce with the latest technology and cost effective manners so when you shop for the best quality electrical holders, check out these features.

Hope you are guided with the top 10 best bulb holders brands in India so go with your budget by choosing the brand. We Would suggest Philips, Havells, Goldmedal, and Orient Electric.

FAQs: Bulb holders

Q. What are the different types of bulb holders available in the market?

Ans. Here are the types of Bulb Holders:

  • Metal Halide Lamp holders
  • Wedge-Base Lamp holders
  • Mogul-Base Lamp Holders
  • Medium-Base Lamp Holders
  • Halogen Lamp Holders
  • Bayonet-Base Lamp Holders

Q. What is the difference between a screw-type bulb holder and a push-in type bulb holder?

Ans. Screw Type Bulb holders fit on the wall and seal with screws, on the other hand, a push-in type bulb holder is available in black plastic capless which is used in walls by pushing lighting or LED Bulbs.

Q. Can I use a bulb holder designed for a 60-watt bulb to hold a 100-watt bulb?

Ans. Yes, you can use 60watt bulb holders to hold a 100 watt bulb.

Q. Can a bulb holder be used without a shade?

Ans. No, it can harm your eye.