The term "ink" refers to any pigment or dye-containing liquid or paste. Pigments, also known as dyes, are what give ink its color, and they can be derived from a wide variety of nitrogen-containing chemicals. Copies of digital text or images can be printed using printers and ink.

More than ninety percent of manufactured ink is used for printing, and its color is created with pigments rather than the dyes used in pen and pencil ink.

Varnishes are manufactured for a variety of inks by combining resins, solvents, and an additive in a single step, often at high temperatures.

1:- TOYO Ink

The company deals with 100% pure printing ink raw materials to design Gravure Inks, Inkjet Inks and Offset Inks. As the biggest Printing Ink Distributors in India, TOYO Ink has established a unique image among the customers not only as the printing ink supplier but also functional coating materials, manufacturing-related items and printing related products vendor.

The Company celebrates its worldwide presence with no1 position because of offering eco-friendly products as per customers needs. TOYO Ink is a well known producer of eco friendly products.

The brand has a dream to provide and design a high-grade and long lasting printing ink that helps the brand to touch top rank in the industry.

To make the customer relationship strong, TOYO Ink focuses on the latest technology that controls overall production policies with no errors.  They help the environment to be pollution-free.

2:- FujiFilm

Over the decades, Fuji Film has evolved in manufacturing, trading, supplying one of the most demanding printing inks to industrial applications. They are using effective strategies in UV and Solvent-based ink solutions, especially designed for managing toughest projects.

All their products are fully matched with international Quality Standards and verified by experts so a user can use their screen services and products for operating different types of applications such as POP Displays, Garments, Container Decorations, Vehicle Graphics, Credit Cards, Helmet Decals, Sports Goods, Metal Decoration, etc.

Digital Inks, Screen Inks, and Chemicals Inks are well known brands designed in their Pune’s infrastructural plant.

Plus, the brand’s products have amazing demand in the market due to their large production units through sophisticated Research & Development Team, Well Equipped Labs and highly trained developers.

3:- Rupa Color Ink

Here come India’s largest exporters and Printing Ink Manufacturers with an extensive range of Printing ink since the last 16 years. Rupa Color Ink Is established its branches not only in India but other 15+countries.

Founded in 1979 and since its foundation, they have become customers' favorite Printing ink supplier because of long lasting, flexible, and reliable products.

The biggest buyers of the brand’s printing inks are hospitals, schools, manufacturing sectors, 3D printing, garments, and factories. With the unique tactics and dedicated staff, the company sells durable, high-grade, eco friendly and affordable products.

They deal with Printing Inks, Night Glow Screen Printing Ink, Offset Ink, PVC Screen Ink, Pad Printing Ink for Pop, and Coding and Marking Ink.

3:- Hindustan Flex

It isn’t possible without mentioning India’s highly experienced distributor, supplier and trader of optimum grade Printing Ink. Hindustan Flex debuted as a small manufacturer of liquid printing inks for flexible packing of powder and liquid and metal containers but now the company made its brand by offering non-pollution, non-harmless and valuable printing inks.

The company situated in Kanpur invested in a big infrastructure unit equipped with high tech QA, Artificial Intelligences, Research & Development Team and Color Matching Laboratories to produce,  formulate and analyze valuable and cost effective products.

With the prime concentration, consistency, reliability, and Quality Assurance, Hindustan Flex has made a strong bonding with 25000+ Satisfied Customers all over the Globe.


ZINKS works with a qualified R&D team and multi-talented workers under the supervision of Mr. Mitesh Shah who has fantastic knowledge of producing highest quality printing ink and industrial printing inks.

Being one of the leading Printing Ink makers, suppliers, and traders in the industry, they have earned 10,000+ trusted customers who never deal with other than ZINKS.  180+Workers and upgraded AI in the company manage its reputation.

The Domestic market and International Market both are flooded with its high grade and affordable Printing Ink Price. Their products are mostly used in hospitals, manufacturing, Shirt Printing Industry, Offices, and Schools.

A Firm with innovative technology and high class infrastructure unit produces effective and user-friendly printing inks.

5:- DIC

The Company has all the solutions for your packing and printing issue. This company appreciates its innovative, unique, and undiscovered ideas of creating printing inks.

The company manages different kinds of projects by offering its grading printing inks for multiple uses including Newspapers, shirt Printing, conversion agencies, magazines, notebook Printing, laminating adhesive, creative packaging and others.

The brand has no competition with its unbeatable and unmatched services of Printing inks. The case when they deal with the most crucial project for 3D printing but with the help of their experts, they make smooth and effective printing ink that suits every kind of 3D printing project.

6:- Navratan

Debuted in the year 2021, Navrantan is the starting brand with the broad collection of printing ink distributing, manufacturing, and supplying networks.

They deliver Flex banners, PVC Laminated Tarpaulins, Digital Printing Inks, PVC Sheets, and Printing Inks for the different types of Industrial applications.

Owning trendy Printing Technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure plant, the company completes the printing ink production on time as per International Quality Standards and Clients requirement.

Furthermore, the use of raw materials & Components bought by quality dealers make the printing ink valuable, durable, and reliable for the quite tough projects. Dynamic qualified designers control the overall production of the company.

7:- FX Pigments

Founded in the year 2021 at Mumbai, FX Pigments are India’s one of the most selling Printing Ink Dealers, exporters, and traders used by big industries.

To ensure the perfect mixture of the raw materials in the inks, the brand testifies and verifies the materials by researchers. The brand provides pigment products in multiple industries with the Quality Assurance, affordability, and long lasting services.

The company has settled on an advanced warehousing plant lashed with sophisticated machinery and equipment to manage toughest projects with ease.

The team of qualified helps the brand reach its dream goal in the industry. The features of printing inks are just outstanding in the performance and give a quality printing for multiple processes.

8:- Flint Group

Flint Group is a brand that supplies, makes, and innovates one of the finest quality printing inks such as Spanning printing inks, digital printing presses, colorants consumable, and pressroom Chemistry.

All of their products are available at reasonable prices so a small enterprise can easily buy for starting the best printing business.

Also, they have great global supplies, strong supply chain network, domestic service, personalized expertise, and respectable image and all these things enhance and motivate the company’s functional aspects.

The company plays important roles in delivering the international Quality Standard printing inks.

9:- Xingxin

Another India’s largest manufacturer of powerful printing ink products, Xingxin headquarter in China but it has a great selling in the Indian market.

The brands have numerous types of printing inks for 3d Printing projects. The company stepped in the year 1993 as the leading supplier, trader, and distributor of high tech printing inks for multinational companies.

They have 112 specialists who work dedicatedly to produce state-of-the-art techniques. The company has a big production unit where they use chemicals and technical engineers to ensure the quality production.

10: - Chemical Brothers

Established in the year 1995, Nano Tech Chemical Brothers started trading, exporting and manufacturing chemical based printing inks. Punjab Based firm has grown up with its incredible textile printing inks across the country.

2003 was the year when the Printing Ink Suppliers in India brought a revolution towards expansion to biggest textile printing inks. After 10 years, they began the building blocks of the future methods which fructified in 2015.

The brand comes with four specialized categories, which cater to Personal Care Ingredients, Textile Processing Aides, Industrial Rubber Products and Garment Printing Inks.

The brand has developed top class specialists for the chemicals Indian Multinationals, which make stunning chances for all during the production of a strong distribution network for the customers, country and society.


Numerous Industries require different printing inks so it is crucial to meet one of the highest grade brands that deal with Direct-Garment Inks, Dye Based Inks, C2S, Solvent Inks and Sublimation Inks and other inks.

We have mentioned the top 10 best printing inks companies in India who will help you maximize your business by selling the finest quality printing inks to the customers.

FAQs: Printing inks

Q. What are the different types of printing inks and how do they differ?

Ans. Here are the types of printing Inks:

  • Liquid Ink
  • Toner
  • Solid Inks
  • Ribbon Ink
  • 3D Printing Ink
  • UV Ink

Q. Can I mix different types of printing inks together?

Ans. Yes, Printed materials can be made in a wide range of colors by combining different inks.

Q. Can printing ink be used on materials other than paper, such as fabric or plastic?

Ans. Yes, it can be used on Ceramics, Textiles, plastics, and wood other than paper.

Q. How can I achieve a specific color using printing ink?

Ans. To understand how to mix inks for specific color, here are some guides:

  • Maintaining the original image data for the wider RGB color space
  • To Profile vs. Assign Profile
  • Color Management
  • Color Workflow