Wood-look porcelain tile is a relatively new trend that has captivated both consumers and interior decorators. It's a porcelain tile that looks like real wood grain, and there are several advantages to employing wood that mimics the appearance of porcelain tiles.

Some of these advantages include being far cheaper than wood flooring, being resistant to the elements, and requiring little in the way of upkeep. It's an affordable way to have the classic look of hardwood floors.

List of 10 Best Wooden Floor Tiles Manufacturers in India

1:- Kajaria

The Company, with headquarters in New Delhi, India, operates along the whole tile value chain, from raw materials to finished products such ceramic wooden floor tiles, polished and glazed vitrified tiles.

In 2020, it will be the largest among the top 10 tile companies in India. In 1985, the business began operations.

The country's largest tile manufacturer has facilities in nine different Indian cities: Uttar Pradesh; Gujarat; Sikandrabad, Vijayawada, Rajasthan; Jaipur, Andhra Pradesh; and Malutana, Rajasthan.

The Company's huge and well-established dealer network displays its tiles throughout India, giving buyers the largest selection of tiles at every price point.

2:- Century Ply

Since 1986, CenturyPly's distinctive shine on unfinished timber floors has earned it widespread acclaim. This business has been around for quite some time, and its reputation for quality and variety precedes it.

The company manufactures cutting-edge wooden goods that may be used in any demanding setting. The laminates are impervious to damage from even the smallest scratches and abrasions.

They also have a great deal of shielding power and resistance. CenturyPly's wide plank alternatives are a popular choice and can increase the resale value of any floor.

When it comes to turning boring steel and concrete buildings into unique representations of their owners' personalities, architects and interior designers consistently prefer CenturyPly products.

They have the correct goods to cater to various construction requirements, from flexible plywoods that offer a specific blend of form and utility to specially Fire Retardant plywoods, treated, that find usage in a wide variety of construction uses.

CenturyPly, now in its 36th year of business, has built a name for itself as the industry standard thanks to its innovative products.

3:- Square Foot

Since its inception in 1995, Square Foot has been a go-to name in the world of wooden flooring wooden floor tiles manufacturers.  They are one of the few retailers who carry all three types of hardwood flooring (laminate, engineered, and solid).

You can choose from several different shades of brown and tan for your flooring from them.

The flooring's color and construction will be simple to upkeep. They can be used for either private or public buildings.

Their popular engineered hardwood flooring is constructed with a layer of expandable pine and spruce woods. As a result, the floor is protected from extreme temperature fluctuations.

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4:- Armstrong

Square Foot has been a trusted brand in the hardwood flooring industry since its founding in 1995. You won't find many stores that sell engineered, laminate, and solid hardwood flooring, but some do. They provide a wide variety of brown and tan flooring options to choose from.

The flooring's color and material make it low-maintenance. They are suitable for both residential and commercial construction.

They use an expanding layer of pine and spruce woods in the construction of their popular engineered hardwood flooring. This means the floor won't be damaged by sudden temperature changes.

5:- Pavimento Floors

It is common knowledge that Pavimento Floors introduces a brand new laminate design every four days. Royale Touche is another name for them.

There are over a hundred different textures to choose from, and over 800 different wood flooring styles to choose from.  They offer affordable Wooden Floor Tiles Price.

The use of liquid layer technology in the construction of the wood floors makes for a superior in both durability and aesthetics.

The aesthetics and durability of the wooden floor are both greatly enhanced by this additional detail. These adaptable planks ensure a snug fit for every scenario.

These timber planks can withstand the elements and normal use with little to no damage.

6:- Canadian Wood

Established in 1998, Canadian Wood is a global supplier of building materials. Canadian Wood's primary objective has always been to become the wood of choice for both the domestic and commercial building industries.

Canadian Wood proves that inexpensive flooring doesn't have to be of inferior quality. Their manufacturing process is quite effective.

They put the wood to good use by making a sturdy floor out of it. Both your floors and wallet will benefit greatly from these flooring options.

From Western hemlock and Douglas fir to yellow cedar and western red cedar and spruce-pine-fir, the variety of wood flavors is vast.

In order to ensure a consistent supply of Canadian wood species, the FII India business development team helps Indian wood importers find and connect with B.C. lumber companies.

7:- Pergo Flooring

In 1977, the first Pergo wood floors appeared. The term has since become synonymous with wooden floors. The company's name and product have changed dramatically throughout the years.

Simply because this isn't a fancy label does not mean that it is low-quality.

Oak, maple, and hickory are just a few of the species represented by Pergo's durable wooden flooring collection.

Pergo claims that its wooden flooring is made from wood that is five times more durable than standard wood. Because of the revolutionary nature of this product, they have also incorporated "defense+" for the wooden flooring, which serves as an additional layer of protection.

This aids in preventing the spread of bacteria that could weaken the flooring.

Perstorp is a leading Swedish chemical firm, and the concept came from a brainstorming team formed to find new uses for Perstorp's high-pressure laminate.

The concept matured into a finished product, spawned a new business unit, and ultimately gave rise to the startup known today as Pergo.

Unilin is a multifaceted company that produces floors, panels, and insulation. Worldwide, the firm has a workforce of 5,000, and its production facilities may be found on five continents.

As a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, Pergo is a dependable partner on a global scale with the reach and resources to transform commercial projects from concept to completion.

8:- Red Floor

This is one of the best Wooden Floor Tiles Dealers whether you're looking for a small-batch, hand-crafted product or something for commercial use in large quantities.

Colors and textures range from traditional to hand scraped to distress.

In 2002, Red Floor India was founded. They have quickly risen to the top in their field because of solid product and service reliable logistics, design, and speedy shipping.

This maker of wood floors is well-known for their low prices.

9:- Notion

Notion is the pinnacle of wood flooring due to its unparalleled quality and durability. Reviews of Notion's wood flooring on their websites are generally positive.

They are well-known for their unique timber designs both inside and out, as well as the efficiency and adaptability of their bespoke solutions.

Wooden flooring from Notion is unlike anything else on the market, and the company offers a wide variety of different materials to fulfill the needs of each customer. From laminate flooring and engineered hardwood all the way up to decking.

With their high-quality goods, cutting-edge designs, deep product expertise, and reliable services, Notion has become a household name in the Indian market.

10:- Mikasa Wooden

Wooden flooring by Mikasa Even though the India brand has been creating wood flooring for quite some time, they still find ways to innovate. In terms of aesthetics, they epitomize the ideal representation of nature.

The wooden floor's one-of-a-kind design that emphasizes natural components makes it as genuine as it gets. The wood's inherent characteristics, such as knots and grains, are also visible. The natural color and grain variations highlight the wood's unique personality.

Using cutting-edge engineering methods, Wooden Floor Tiles Suppliers in India made to remedy all the problems that naturally occur in wood. Give your flooring a one-of-a-kind appearance by selecting from the many creative and novel design options available.


While fashions come and go, the need for sturdy, long-lasting wood floors remains constant. Choose a wood that goes well with the rest of the decor in the room. Think about how the room will actually be used. Finally, choose the one that best reflects your personal taste.

We hope these high quality wooden tiles brands in India will be ideal for you. Choose them with the specific requirements. All the brands used unique strategies and technologies to make your interior beautiful and attractive.

FAQs: Wooden floor tiles

Q. Is wood tile good for flooring?

Ans. They are the best for climate conditions and natural elements. They are easy to clean and maintain. Wooden Tiles are quite long lasting, attractive, and durable just like marble.

Q. What is the disadvantage of wood tiles?

Ans. Disadvantages with Wooden Floor Tiles Imitation wood tile designs tend to be overly uniform and inflexible when compared to those of genuine wood flooring.

Q. Is wood tile expensive?

Ans. Wood Tile is less expensive than a traditional hardwood floor.

Q. Is wood tile waterproof?

Ans. Yes, wood tiles are Waterproof.