One of the most malleable metals, it possesses the maximum thermal and electric conductivity of any solid and finds particular applications in the jewelry and dinnerware industries as well as in electronics and antimicrobial applications.

On Dhanteras, it is considered fortunate to acquire gold and silver. Silver is a more affordable option than gold, which many people love because of its sparkle, so keep that in mind if you're shopping for the holidays. Silver, like gold, is available in numerous guises and weights. Anything from silverware to jewelry to currency qualifies.

9 Best Silver Articles Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers In India

1. PC Jewellers India

PC Jeweller is India's top fine silver articles discovery site, and its primary mission is to provide customers like YOU with an exceptional jewelry shopping experience. At PC Jeweller, the company’s goal is to offer you the broadest selection possible of carefully picked designs appropriate for every event.

They are not only selling jewelry but also providing you with an unmatched shopping experience for jewelry right at your fingertips.

PC Jeweller is able to meet the expanding expectations of today's consumers who are constantly on the go to find, explore, buy, and learn more about their jewelry because they have a youthful staff that is laser-focused on innovation, the satisfaction of their customers, and transparency. PC Jeweller is bright.


  • PC Jeweller 925 Silver Shree Laxmi Ji Murti
  • The 925 Silver Diya with Handle - Combo
  • The 925 Silver Glass AUGGS00004

Their rules allow for hassle-free returns, free delivery, a BIS Hallmark, 100% certified jewelry, a lifetime exchange, the best and most transparent rates, and one-of-a-kind designs, all of which are accessible from a single location.

2. Momentz

Since its founding in 1985, Kalra has never wavered from its commitment to creating items whose practicality and luster last not just for a season but for a lifetime of shared memories full of warmth and excitement. They are the most popular Silver Articles manufacturers in India and have a staff of highly experienced artisans who take the concept or feeling behind their line and translate it onto a tangible canvas, placing a premium on quality construction and expert craftsmanship.

House of Momentz offers a wide variety of luxurious gift options, so you can show off your exquisite taste and thoughtfulness when selecting a present for someone special.

Under the section of the silver item, you can shop online for a wide variety of silver gifts, silver plated gifts, and corporate silver gifts that have been artfully crafted to give the impression of being extremely valuable and attractive, although being, in fact, quite reasonably priced.

The germ of an idea planted by Veresh Kalra. Clients' lives have been enriched by the indelible moments and memories Momentz has helped them create by staying true to their aim of encapsulating the variety of many potential occasions in the texture and hues of the premium gifting collection.

3. Theoneshop

They have return gifts for any event you can think of, including weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, and more, all in one convenient location.

They have a large selection of high-quality silver articles. When sending a return silver gift article to an Indian person living abroad, they are the go-to people to work with. Branded German Silver articles for Executives are available online from Indian manufacturers and suppliers.

The One Shop was established in 2014 as a one-stop shop for all corporate and holiday gift-giving needs. For the gift-giving occasion, they provide a curated selection of authentic Indian handicrafts and handlooms.

The mission of The One Shop is to provide a convenient way for people all around the world who identify as Indian to order and receive beautifully crafted goods as presents for any occasion.

Through direct collaboration with craftspeople whenever possible, The One Shop seeks to improve their standard of living at the ground level. Since its inception, they have been committed to supporting the "Make in India" movement.

4. Patel and Co.

Due to their skill in the field, they are able to produce and sell a wide variety of Silver Articles and Silverware items.

They carry a wide selection of products, such as

  • Silver Kitchen Cutlery
  • Silver Thali
  • Silver Cutlery Set
  • Silver Plate
  • Dinner Set
  • Silver Purse
  • Silver Box
  • Silver Dinner Set
  • Punch Bowl
  • Silver Pooja Articles
  • Silver Jug Sets
  • Silver Bowl
  • Silver Chowki
  • Decorative Silver Bowl
  • Royal Jug Set

In the many years, they've been in business, they've amassed a significant and loyal customer base all across the globe. They have a staff of outstanding craftsmen and creative professionals to help them create beautiful silver products.

Patel and company is well-respected for the innovative ways in which they accommodate customers' individual needs while still ensuring that all orders, no matter how big or small, are delivered promptly. This group is primarily interested in responses to questions about domestic matters.

5. Sagar Silver

Sagar Silver was founded in 1992, and ever since then they've been producing and exporting high-quality silver products like god frames, decorative statues, yantra frames, plates, bowls, and more. Under the strict supervision of their seasoned employees, they carefully design and manufacture these items using only the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology in mind.

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6. ABC Handcraft

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Supplier of a Perfect Variety of German Silver Articles Products, Metal God Statue, Brass & Copper Hand Carving Products, White Metal Products, and More.

Located in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), this company was founded in 2018 and manufactures its products in accordance with the standards of its sector.

All of their success may be attributed to the hard work and dedication of their skilled employees. They have been picked due to their extensive expertise and knowledge. They also have a cutting-edge infrastructure to back them up.

Their gold and silver plated presents are also delivered on time to ensure full customer satisfaction.

7. Mangalraj Jewellers

In 2010, Mangalraj Jewellers opened for business in the city of Palghar in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mr. Prafulla B.Bokand (M.D.) founded the company with the intention of providing customers with a genuine selection of jewelry. Besides running a successful company, they also devote time to improving the community in which they reside. Three schools serving the community as a whole contribute to the betterment of humankind.

They are transporting GOLD from the mines in Jalgaon, Baramati, Pune, Sangali, Coimbatore, Kolkata, and Mumbai. In terms of infrastructure, they are well-equipped with cutting-edge machinery and tools.

Thanks to their massive output, they are able to fulfill even the most ambitious bulk orders. Additionally, the Jewellery Pieces are examined in their robust testing facilities.

8. Handicraft Hub India

Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), home to Handicraft Hub India (HHI), was established in 2015. HHI is a Proprietorship, and it is a thriving business that manufactures and exports a variety of products, including German silver bowl sets, brass bowl sets, copper bottles, white metal crafts, and more.

They produce them in accordance with current market tendencies and have them delivered to customers' locations before the agreed-upon deadline. They have achieved remarkable achievement in this area thanks to Mr. Manoj Yadav's (CEO) leadership.

9. B.R Gems & Jewellery

Skull Rings, Silver Bowls, copper bottles, Brass, silver articles online, Band Rings, Silver Pendants, Silver Earrings, Stone Rings, etc. are all products of B R Gems & Jewellery, a Sole Proprietorship that has been in business since 2005.

Located in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), the company has invested much in building a robust infrastructure system that supports the expansion of the business.

They provide these goods at fair prices and on schedule. Since having "Mr. Ram Ratan Kudi" at the helm, they have amassed a vast clientele all throughout the country.


Silver Articles are the major items that you must have at your home. Festivals like Diwali, and Dussehra are two main festivals in which you need Silver articles such as bowls, Agarbatti silver stands, Silver cups, brass bow sets, Spoon sets, and others.

I hope this list of the top 9 leading silver articles manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India would be helpful for you if you’re going to shop for the top best silver articles this Dussehra 2022!

FAQs: Silver Articles

Q. Is silver good for Pooja?

Ans. Traditional silver items for pooja are usually made from gold or silver due to their lustrous sheen. Gold and silver are both shiny and precious, but gold is somewhat softer. This is why silver is ideal for making objects used in religious rituals.

Q. What are the silver pooja items?

Ans. Here are the main silver Pooja items:

  • Silver Antique Sandhana Kinnam.
  • Antique Kumkum Box
  • Antique Bathi Stand in Silver
  • Haldi Kumkum 4 bowl set in Silver Antique workmanship
  • Silver Flower Basket
  • Sambrani Dhoop Stand
  • Bathi Stand in Silver
  • Auspicious Thulasimaadam
  • Jadari in Silver

Q. Is silver plated real silver?

Ans.  The Silver plating adds a beautiful shine to some objects by coating them in a thin layer of sterling silver. Silver-plated jewelry is often of decent quality for the amount that you will pay, but if you want something that will last for years, you should get an actual silver item.

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