Brass is a man-made alloy which can be formed by mixing an appropriate quantity of copper and zinc. Brass as a material has various properties that will be discussed in the next section which made it a good material for manufacturing various products and is to date one of the most widely used alloys for the manufacturing of various products. Many industries have taken advantage of the versatility of this material and in the modern days, there are a lot of industries that are specialized in the area of making brass products.

The Origin of Brass

The origin of this alloy dates back to the Iron age when copper was combined with Zinc to produce a whole new material. In the culture of the Egyptians, copper hieroglyphics are used to represent wellness and eternal life and hence copper is commonly used. Therefore, the use of brass as it contains copper. The properties of brass also attracted the ancient Greeks in using brass and they called its properties the Auric alum. The Greeks uses brass to make coins and various other items such as adornments, statues, and instruments that are generally needed for wars which include helmets and shields. Even before the Industrial Revolution, the textile industry utilized brass in woollen-products making and its use later grew drastically and reached the global market. In the modern day, the brass that is obtained from the metals that are extracted from the Himalayan regions is known to be one of the finest and the purest forms of metal. Apart from its purity, it is also known to have immense spiritual value and with this, it is believed to possess a good application in making home items that can bring about prosperity, and luxury enlightenment to many lives. However, it was just a belief by some ancient people.

Properties of Brass

Brass can be of different types based on the composition and the amount or proportions of copper and zinc. Hence the quality can be varied based on the amount of those metals and this creates a wide range of brass having different properties. This makes its properties non-universal as there is a variation in the properties of brass. However, this material or brass is well-known to be formed easily and can have good strength after forming i.e., they have good strength. Brass is also known to be very ductile, however, its ductility varies with the content of zinc. With a lower concentration of zinc, they are more ductile whereas with higher variations of zinc they are less ductile. Some of the well-known properties of brass are:

They are:

  • Ductile
  • Easily Formed
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Retains High Strength
  • Antibacterial icons

Brass is a very poor breeding field of microorganisms just like copper, hence making it an ideal material for making bathroom doorknobs, and fixtures and can be used for many medical applications as well.

Common Uses of Brass

Some of the common uses of brass are given in the section below. Brass is a well-known alloy which has a lot of applications due to its nature and properties. It is widely used in decorative and mechanical applications. The property of this material as mentioned above i.e., corrosion resistance, brass has common use in applications that need low friction. Such applications can include the making of fittings like connectors and fasteners, appliance parts and various other tools and components.

1. Decorative Applications

The first one is the decorative application. Due to its antimicrobial properties, the use of brass for making decorative items is a very good choice. Brass items can have colours ranging from light gold to silver and makes their way to almost red. Most Residential decorative items are made of brass like lamp fittings, doorknobs and so on that can be very appealing and resistant to bacteria.

Some of the decorative applications:

  • Lighting
  • Doorknobs
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Furniture
  • Bathroom Fixtures

2. Mechanical Applications

For mechanical applications, brass can be used in making shell casings for a rifle to other daily applications such as making bearings and gears etc. Many residential tools, equipment, fittings and connectors are made of brass and these are known to have a long and extended life span.

Some mechanical applications that use brass are:

  • Plumbing
  • Tools
  • Shell Casings
  • Bearings
  • Gears

3. Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments are made using brass. These musical instruments are commonly seen being used in marching bands, concert bands, or, is used even in a symphony. The instruments used here are likely to have brass around them. Some of the widely used and popular instruments that have brass are:

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • Tuba
  • French Horn

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About Brass Decorative Items That are Handcrafted

Brass Handicrafts are very popular these days and they represent an illustration of very grand and fine functionality. The brass-making items started in ancient times and today's brass-making items owe the ancient artisans who started this and helped in creating the most magnificent and interesting decorative items that are available in the market and can be used for various applications. These brass utility goods are well-known for their beautiful designs and with brass as the material the craftsman can create perfect items with perfect patterns. In earlier days, most of the materials made from brass can be utilized by many high-class people. Some of their uses are in royal houses, palaces, temples and many religious places. Later, as most of the items made from brass look very attractive, the kings started using brass on their clothes, ornaments, jewellery, crowns and so on which shows or represents power and authority. Hence many of these symbols are crafted from pure metals using mainly pure copper and zinc. The objects made from brass are highly long-lasting and durable.

Benefits of Using Brass

There are many benefits of using brass in products. This alloy is mainly used as it is highly resistant when it comes to corrosion and can be used in many products due to its anti-corrosive nature. The reason for its use in handicraft items is due to its features such as

  • weather resistance
  • durability
  • aesthetic features.

Brass can undergo one process which is known as the electroplating process which is generally done to get rid of layers that have the possibility of forming rust or corrode, thereby making it the best material compared to other materials. By using brass as the material there is also low maintenance of the product and ease of use. Brass also makes the products have good mechanical strength. Brass can give the artist a platform for making their arts and crafts part of the country’s culture. People can also start their businesses using this alloy and can utilize their talents in this area.

Different Handcrafted Brass Items Available In The Market

The alloy has been widely used in the preparation of various objects that are well decorated and also very functional. Some of the handcrafted brass items that can be easily purchased from the market and can be used as gift items are:

  • Pen Stand
  • Spice Boxes
  • Wall Decor
  • Tea-Light
  • Serving Trays
  • Table Diya
  • Wall Hanging Diya
  • Wall Hangings products
  • Wall Pillar Candle Holder

FAQs: Brass Items

Q. Is it safe to use brass metal products?

Ans. Brass has been made to use in the making of many utensils and the making of various items used in religious ceremonies. Therefore, it is safe to use brass in products for serving food items, however, the alloy when heated reacts when it comes in contact with salt and other acidic items. Hence, it is often not advisable for food to be cooked in brass utensils.

Q. What are some good handcrafted brass gift ideas?

Ans. Some good handcrafted brass gift ideas include pen stand, pooja bell and spoon, spice boxes, serving trays, table diya, tea-light, brass home decors, wall hanging diya, wall Pillar candle holder and many other wall hanging items.

Q. Which place is more famous for brass items in India?

Ans. Moradabad a place in India is well-known for its brass work and has made many products out of brass and is one of the best places for brass handicraft items and there are many handicraft industries. Moradabad brass items are even exported their brassware to different parts of the world.

Q. How are brass items manufactured?

Ans. First of all, brass is made by mixing two raw metals i.e., copper and zinc in a specific ratio and forming a molten metal. This formed metal is allowed to solidify. Based on the properties of the formed alloy or the brass stock, it is used in the preparation of various products with various designs and through a series of various operations an end product can be produced which is a brass-based product. Brass stock can then be utilized to prepare diverse forms of products and these include billet, tubes and pipes, wire, sheet, bar, rod and plate. One such process of forming the products is known as the extrusion process of forming cylinder-shaped brass items.

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