One of the most important things that students need is a reliable school backpack. To and from class, it carries a variety of items, including textbooks, a pencil case, a water bottle, and a lunchbox.

In addition, a child's things can be protected from the elements, such as the sun, dust, and rain, when they are stored in a school bag. Backpacks, sling bags, book bags, school rucksacks, and more forms are also available.

When first graders are given the opportunity to write five or ten lines about my school bags, they usually do their best to explain the value of their backpacks in clear and concise terms.

Top 10 Best School Bag Manufacturers in India 2023 Updated

1:- Sky Bags

Sky bags are a subsidiary of VIP Industries, which is one of the biggest backpacks and travel bags accessories brands in India. The company debuted in the year 1971, since its inception, the brand has sold approximately 115 million pieces of luggage across the world.

The school bags from Sky Bags are quite beautiful and come in various types of sweet colors.

Points to consider

  • The brand’s school bags are available in different colors
  • Comes with large compartments or space in which children can put more books, lunch boxes and notebooks.
  • Made from quality materials which ensure waterproofed and washed repeatedly

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Sky Bags brings its New Chester Plus Laptop Bag made from Polyester with 32L Capacity.

2:- Nike

Everyone Knows What Nike? It is one of the most prominent School Bags Manufacturers that deal with sportswear accessories and clothes. American Based Company has an outstanding reputation in India. The company debuted in the year 1964, and still it maintained its unique position in the sportswear market.

Nike Supplies satisfied School Bags at the lowest price. These bags are Environment Friendly and waterproof. These are unisex bags.

Point to Consider

  • Available in adjustable solution
  • Bags have pads which easily attach to the shoulders to keep you comfortable grip for a long period
  • Made from High Quality Polyester
  • Come with variety of colors and sizes as per Child’s age

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The "Nike" Shoe Company, a World Leader, Made $185M From NFT Sales.

3:- Fastrack

One of the best Indian Fashion accessory brands is here. Fastrack was established in 1998 as one of the most prominent retailer of Titan Watches.

Now, they are offering a lot of fashion accessories for children and youths such as Watches, Sunglasses, Perfumes, School Bags, Wallets, etc.  Their School bags are quite affordable in School Bags Price and look cool too.

Points to Consider

  • Fastrack uses high quality materials to make water-resistance and durable school bags.
  • The bags have three compartments one of books and another for some essentials.
  • It easily handles the weight of 15-20 books and notebooks.
  • Their bags are washable and available in multiple colors.

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Fastrack A0303NRD01AE Shoulder Bag and Fastrack Backpack A0578NBL01 are available on Flipkart with 30% discount

4:- American Tourister

American Tourister is one of the largest sellers of luggage and backpacks in the world. The company was founded by Samsonite in 1993 in Rhode Island, the USA.

The brand brings school bags with big compartments and hard side duffle bags. The brand produces backpacks, bags; wallets, luggage, and other accessories in different types of colors and designs.

Points to Consider

  • The brand provides quality school bags included with pad that easily carried out on the shoulder.
  • The bags come with one year warranty so don’t worry about its damage for a long time
  • Impress you with its elegant looks and style, the bag has many organizers so you can put books or notebooks together.

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American Tourister 32 L Backpack Fizz Sch Bag is available at Rs 1,219 with 47% off.

5:- HRX

Established in the year 2013, HRX is a sportswear clothes, footwear and bags brand launched by Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan with his co-founders Kamal Punwani, Afsar Zaidi, and Sid Shah.

Basically, it is an in-house brand that contributes in making high quality and affordable sports and fashion accessories. The brand has gained amazing popularity among the customers in a very short period.

Points to Consider

  • HRX is a well known brand for manufacturing cost effective and stylish school bags
  • Bags come with two or three organizers so you can put high weight books comfortably.
  • A Side compartment in HRX bag is big so you can kept large size bottles
  • Bags are available in various printed styles which attract children

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HRX's partnership with Baccarose is a competitive advantage and a precursor to emerging retail practices.

6:- Aristocrat

Since 40 years, Aristocrat has been surveying unmatched backpacks, suitcases, overnighters, luggage uprights, duffel, briefcases and trolleys to the customers.

The brand has millions of satisfied customers who always purchase their products without comparing others. They are part of VIP Industries Limited.

Points to Consider

  • The bags come with one-year warranty from Aristocrat so the bag will not be harmed for a long time
  • The pad stitched in the school bags allows you to carry on the shoulder for a long time
  • The brand’s school bags are available in fashionable and functional features, and it has three organizers so you can carry a lot of books and notebooks along with Lunchbox.

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Now, ARISTOCRAT Medium Backpack Drift Backpack is available in three Colors (Black, Blue & Sky Blue)

7:- Puma

Puma has an unreached reputation in the International market. This is a multinational Corporation founded by Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler in the year 1948 in Bavaria Germany. At Present, the School Bags Dealers has reached the World's largest sportswear company position.

Points to Consider

  • Puma school bags are available in India’s biggest online portals such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Meesho, and Myntra.
  • The bags come with three compartments for carrying a large weight books and other essential things
  • The Puma’s school bags quality is famous worldwide and the bags' materials are so strong that they don't easily get damaged from regular washing with water.
  • It has a really comfortable pad that lets you put the bag on your shoulder easily.
  • It is lightweight and stylish.

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Agilitas Sports Founded by Three Top Departing Puma India Executives, Raising Rs. 430 Crore

8:- Safari

Safari is a Partnership brand incorporated in the year 1974 as the plastic molded luggage manufacturer in the market. They provide highest quality school bags for students covering everything from laptop backs, overnighters, to casual backpacks.

Points to Consider

  • The brand has durable & long lasting school bags
  • The bags are manufactured with quality polyester for ensuring waterproofing
  • Bags come with multiple compartments that let you carry a variety of necessary things.

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Safari announces a special discount 36% OFF on its Wing School Backpack with Pencil Punch.

9:- Wildcraft

Wildcraft is a brand that debuted in the year 1990, deals with a variety of backpacks, school bags, travel bags, trolleys, and luggage. The brand was founded by a group of friends at Jayanagar, Bengaluru, and presently, they have established 130 exclusive shops and over 4,000 multi-branded showrooms across the country.

Points to Consider

  • The bags have numerous compartments to carry a range of notebook and Scrapbooks
  • An Adjustable size of the school bags is the perfect for any age group
  • Made with 100% good Polyester for water-resistance
  • The shoulder pads add extra safety and comfort when you carry them.

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Wildcraft claims durable, long lasting, stylish, and water-resistance school bags.

10:- Quechua

The company was established in the year 1997, Domancy, France. This is one of the largest international School Bags Suppliers in India.

They have quite an inspiring story behind their journey. They produce quality school bags for Students.

Points to Consider

  • The bags designs highest quality polyester material external and internal
  • The support of pads will allow you to easily carry the bags on your shoulder.
  • It has a strong stitching to handle weight of numerous books and notebooks
  • The bags are quite affordable

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Quechua Hiking Bag 20 Liter now comes with Khaki Color


So, we have reached our end of the discussion on the top 10 best School bag brands in India. These brands have a lot of trusted customers who always prefer to buy school bags from their favorite Brands. We would recommend you to go with Nike, American Tourister, and Sky Bags.

FAQs: School bags

Q. Can backpacks be washed in a washing machine?

Ans. Yes, it can be washed in washing machines because of its nylon and canvas material’s durability.

Q. Are there any eco-friendly backpack options available?

Ans. Yes, buy Puma, American Tourister, and Wildcraft eco-friendly backpacks online.

Q. What size backpack for a 6 year old?

Ans. To a 6 year old Student, you need to buy a 15 inches in height backpack.

Q. What are some features to look for in a school backpack?

Ans. Lots of Compartments, Adjustable Pads, Water Resistance, Durable and Long Lasting are some features of School bags.