The challenge of selecting tiles for a home or business building has always been enormous. The challenge is choosing the finest tiles from among the many tile producers on the market. Do you know that Morbi is regarded as the centre of India's best tile manufacturers? The Gujarati city of Morbi is well known for producing and exporting tiles of the highest quality. In addition to being the centre of expertise for porcelain and ceramics in India, Morbi also shows its value by exporting these products through the Mundra port, which is the closest shipping port. The strong completed ceramic tile products are sent with care and tact, making sure they have all the necessary papers for the exporting nation. Most of the companies on the list also operate there.

The best ceramic tiles manufacturers are given below. Use the list to find the best one for you.

1. Kajaria Ceramic

This business is at the top of the list if a requirement arises for premium vitrified kitchen or bathroom wall tiles. Since 1985, Kajaria Ceramic has been a success in the wall and floor tile industry. Platinum's word is the basis for Kajaria Ceramic, and they demonstrate the true meaning of their company name. The company's mission is to provide distributors, large dealers, small retailers, and customers with the highest and best quality items. They are renowned for producing long-lasting effects. They are:

  • Wall Tiles For Commercial Spaces
  • Bedroom Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Living Room Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Outdoor Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Kitchen Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Bathroom Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer
  • Glazed Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
  • Floor Tiles For Commercial Spaces Manufacturer
  • Ceramic roof tiles
  • Kitchen Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Stairs Tiles Manufacturer
  • Bedroom Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Outdoor Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Living Room Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Polished Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
  • Floor Tiles Manufacturer

2. Asian Granito India

If aesthetics and contemporary tile printing are essential to your project, then this business is the one-stop-shop for the same. Asian Granito uses the most up-to-date technology to make ceramic tiles as well as porcelain tiles; they adhere to a strict 100 percent quality standard while making ceramic tiles in India. Their ceramic tiles prices aren’t too high either. Looking for more information about Asian Granito? View their most recent and updated merchandise on their website. They are:

  • Eco Blanco Marble Tiles Manufacturer
  • Grandura Manufacturer
  • Grandura Plus Manufacturer
  • Hd Polish Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer
  • Kitchen Tiles Manufacturer
  • Outdoor / Parking Tiles Manufacturer
  • Bathroom Tiles Manufacturer
  • Digital Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Ceramic roof tiles
  • Natural Wooden Planks Manufacturer
  • Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
  • Glister Polished Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer
  • Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Anti-Bacterial Tile Manufacturer
  • Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Porcellanto Tuff Guard Manufacturer
  • Parking Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
  • Polished Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
  • Double Charge Tile Manufacturer
  • Fasttrack Series Manufacturer

3. Hindware Homes Limited (Hsil)

For obtaining distinctive and high-end wall tiles makers in India, turn to our business. Hsil is the fortunate proprietor of a staggeringly massive manufacturing facility with an annual production capacity of 3.5 million square meters. They offer affordable ceramic tiles prices too. They are skilled in using the most recent Kerajet 4K 720 dpi digital printing system with the Xaar 2001+ printing head. Are you looking to purchase some strong, limited-edition ceramic tiles? Check out their site.

4. Nitco Ltd

This business has over 68 years of expertise in producing exceptional digital tiles, and throughout that time it has completed thousands of projects. They are waterproof and feature exquisite patterns that bring out the elegance of the tile anywhere it is used. Nitco is renowned for its range of tiles with European styles at reasonable prices. Visit their website to see the extensive selection of Nitco Tiles. They are:

  • Signature Collection Manufacturer
  • Naturale Collection Manufacturer
  • Magnum Opus Collection Manufacturer
  • Frame Collection Manufacturer
  • Decor Collection Manufacturer
  • Crust Collection Manufacturer
  • Mosaico Tiles Manufacturer
  • Vitrified Elevation Tiles Manufacturer
  • Granite Tiles Manufacturer
  • Marble Collection Manufacturer
  • Onyx Tiles Manufacturer
  • Quartzite Tile Manufacturer
  • Marble Tiles Manufacturer
  • Glazed Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer
  • Wall Tiles Manufacturer
  • Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Made In Italy Manufacturer
  • Vitrified SST Manufacturer
  • Vitrified Heavy Duty Tiles Manufacturer
  • Ceramic Wall Tile Manufacturer
  • Vitrified DCH Manufacturer

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5. Somany Ceramics Limited

The goal of this organization is to provide top-notch goods under strict and even constrained timeframes. They have a reputation for responding quickly to the many requirements for living spaces and contemporary design. They have a comprehensive staff of qualified consultants who are adept at offering the finest guidance for any project, from modest domestic endeavours to huge business or retail establishments. They are sure to show up if you look up ‘ceramic tiles near me.’ They make it easier for you to choose among the top ceramic tile manufacturers in India for every sort of tile you need, all while staying within your set spending limit. Visit and browse Somany Ceramic's website if you believe their catalogue to be what you are looking for. They are:

  • Terrace Tile Manufacturer
  • Outdoor Tiles Manufacturer
  • Bathroom Tiles Manufacturer
  • Kitchen Tile Manufacturer
  • Living Room Tiles Manufacturer
  • Bedroom Tiles Manufacturer
  • 1200x2400mm Manufacturer
  • 1200x1800mm Manufacturer
  • 1200x1200mm Manufacturer
  • 1000x1000mm Manufacturer
  • 800x1600mm Manufacturer
  • 800x1200mm Manufacturer
  • 800x800mm Manufacturer
  • 600x1200mm Manufacturer
  • 605x605mm Manufacturer
  • 600x600mm Manufacturer
  • 450x900mm Manufacturer
  • 400x400mm Manufacturer
  • 396x396mm Manufacturer
  • 300x1200mm Manufacturer
  • 300x750mm Manufacturer
  • 300x600mm Manufacturer
  • 300x450mm Manufacturer
  • 300x300mm Manufacturer
  • 296x1200mm Manufacturer
  • 250x375mm Manufacturer
  • 200x1200mm Manufacturer
  • 200x1000mm Manufacturer
  • 148.5x450mm Manufacturer
  • 200x300mm Manufacturer
  • 196x1200mm Manufacturer
  • 148.5x600mm Manufacturer

6. H&R Johnson (India)

Since 1958, this business has shown its value and has provided fierce competition for newly emerging and expanding tile producers. Their popularity ensures that they are always in contention when looking for ‘ceramic tiles near me’. With a broad variety of goods in tiles, bathroom products, engineered marble, and quartz, it has a wealth of knowledge spanning 60 years in meeting client needs and ensuring that they are delivering the best living solutions. It is backed by the most aesthetically beautiful R&D facility in the nation and their preference for comprehending consumer pain points. The majority of the inventions and distinctive characteristics have been introduced by the first, including germ-free tiles, commercial floor tile makers, certain anti-skid and water-repellent bathroom tiles, and sanitaryware joint-free tiles outside. They are:

  • Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers
  • Wood Tiles Manufacturer
  • Marble Tiles Manufacturer
  • Fabric Tiles Manufacturer
  • Brick Tiles Manufacturer
  • Stone Tiles Manufacturer
  • Metallic Tiles Manufacturer
  • Monochromatic Tiles Manufacturer
  • Flower Tiles Manufacturer
  • Concrete Tiles Manufacturer
  • Rustic Tiles Manufacturer
  • Abstract Tiles Manufacturer
  • Geometric Tiles Manufacturer

7. Orient Bell Ltd

This business is a reputable and well-known maker and exporter of ceramic tiles that are simple to install in high-traffic sections of apartment buildings, bungalows, business complexes, and public facilities like IT parks, airports, and offices. For more than 50 years, they have been providing excellent service and placing a great focus on their clients' pleasure. Visit their website if you're seeking the finest, long-lasting, strong, skid-free parking tiles for your project. The products they make are:

  • Swimming Pool Tiles
  • Balcony Tiles
  • Living Room Tiles
  • Terrace Tiles
  • Outdoor Tiles
  • Ceramic Wall Tiles
  • Bedroom Tiles
  • Elevation Tiles
  • Parking Tiles
  • Kitchen Tiles
  • Bathroom Tiles
  • Lapato Finish Floor Tiles
  • Reactive Finish Floor Tiles
  • Glossy Finish Floor Tiles
  • Matte Finish Floor Tiles
  • Brick Wall Tiles
  • Geometric Wall Tiles
  • Floral Wall Tiles
  • Vitrified Wall Tiles
  • Texture Wall Tiles

8. Varmora Tiles

This business, which was founded in 1994, is a newcomer to the tile business. They provide an astounding selection of ceramic porcelain tiles in sizes 900 X 1800 mm, 800 X 2600 mm, 800 X 1600 mm, 1200 x 2400 mm, 1200 x 1800 mm, and 1200 x 1200 mm. You may choose between two finishes, matte and glossy, to get the ideal product for your needs. By producing top-notch goods and effectively delivering them to customers globally, including that outside of the home market, Varmora aims to surpass all other manufacturers as the industry leader. Visit the company’s official website to see the most recent discounts. The products they make are:

  • 800X800MM
  • 600X600MM
  • 600X1200MM
  • 400X400MM
  • 200X1200MM
  • 300X300MM
  • 200X1000MM

9. Simpolo Tiles

This business has been serving its clients with the philosophy of perfectly beautiful, unbelievably clever for ten years. They include magnificent, long-lasting Italian designs that were painstakingly created using cutting-edge machinery and techniques in a vast infrastructure. Their manufacturing facility has effectively completed dozens of local and foreign projects and has a production capability of 33 lakh square meters in 2020 and 2021. The products they make are:

  • Elevation Tiles
  • Staircase Tiles
  • Balcony Tiles
  • Outdoor Tiles
  • Kitchen Tiles
  • Bathroom Tiles
  • Livingroom Tiles
  • Decor Tiles
  • Double Charge Tiles
  • Fullbody Tiles
  • Rustic Tiles
  • Metal Tiles
  • Wood Effect Tiles
  • Bookmatch Tiles
  • Stone Look Tiles
  • Concrete Look Tiles
  • Marble Effect Tiles

10. Cera Tiles India

This is among the best manufacturers of high-quality, excellent Italian ceramic floor tiles in sizes, 600x600 mm and 600x1200 mm. Their items come in a huge variety of colours and textures and have CC and ISO certifications. They are among the top porcelain tile producers and suppliers in India, offering goods with high-end qualities including durability and minimal absorption rates. For the greatest items at the best prices, look into Italian porcelain tiles.


With a century of history, ceramic tiles manufacturers in India have developed into important industrial players. Due to recent product profiles, improvements in quality, and advancements in design, the market has grown into a cutting-edge, globally competitive industry.  The Rupees 26,500 crore ceramic tile market in India, which is controlled by ceramic producers there, is anticipated to grow by above 9% this year as opposed to 3-5% the previous year. Use the list given above to choose the best brand for you.

FAQs: Ceramic Tiles

Q. Which Indian company makes ceramics the most?

Ans. According to overall sales, Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. is India's top ceramic company.

Q. Is the manufacturing of ceramic tiles viable in India?

Ans. Yeah, it is. For producers of tiles, the usual operating margin could be between 8% as well as 13%.

Ans. The top five tile categories are as follows:

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