Marble is a naturally produced metamorphic form of rock. It is an extremely popular stone structure that is being used as tiles and slabs on floors, countertops, and walls. The rock is prized for its great quality, natural lustre, and stone-like appearance. Marble is a great flooring option that is seen in mosques, cathedrals, temples, hotels, restaurants, and luxury homes. Marble, often regarded as an endurance material that can be used in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Because of its smooth and glossy surface, it has a sparkling brilliance.

Marble flooring

Marble flooring is resistant to wear and is resistant to fire, as well as being extremely easy to maintain. Marble tiles are simply stunning with them being one-of-a-kind, unique, and extremely durable. They're also a lot of fun to work with. Chemical treatment is not required in any of the processes. Marble tiles are simple to install and care for. They also exemplify the beauty and richness, and marble makers in the country.

Why would a Person Go with Marble?

It's all about bringing your dream home to life with the help of marble floors. If properly cared for, marble matures gracefully. Marble maintains its dazzling polish with the application of a layer of sealing varnish every now and then. The cost of keeping marble is a fraction of the value it delivers in terms of appearance. The stone also has an authentic appearance to it. The best feature of marble from India is its cleanliness, which is devoid of any significant contaminants or minerals. Indian marble's natural gloss makes it gleam like a shiny mirror and shimmer from afar. One other advantage of marble is its toughness, which far outweighs that of tiled or other types of flooring. Tiles are always evolving, but they require a lot of upkeep. Apart from the maintenance factor, tiles cannot be sculpted to match the interior décor as marbles can.

Now let’s have a look at the some of the best marble manufacturers in India:

1- A-Class Marble India:

This is a private company that commenced its operations on July 1, 2005. In the country's domestic market for top-quality marble tiles, the company is a leading importer and one of the top marble suppliers. Different varieties of granite, stone, marble tiles, as well as more materials from sources and manufacturers all over the globe as a prominent marble company. Their ties with numerous countries have become stronger as a result of high-end marble tile imports, primarily from Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Turkey, Portugal, Iran, China, and Vietnam. The company is now engaged in the trading and manufacturing of marble tiles, and it is a growing company.

2- Classic Marble Company Pvt. Ltd.:

This rock manufacturing was founded in the year 1994. Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, and other countries are part of the company's global network. The company manufactures and supplies stones, granite, marble, slabs, natural marble, Italian marble, and composite marble. Processed granite, Natural marble, and other structural stones are some of the choices which the company trades in. In recent years, as a prominent marble manufacturing firm and one of the key marble providers, it has been able to make significant profits. Classic Marble Company's operational sales for the fiscal year that concluded in March 31of 2019 have exceeded 500 crores in Indian rupees.

3- Indian Marble Company:

The Company was founded in the 1970s and is among the oldest brands in the county's marble tile industry. Its position as one of India's leading ten firms is bolstered by its dominant position in the Indian tile sector and formidable global presence. Indian Marble Company is a marble manufacturer that also sells limestone, quartzite, slate, and granite. Operating with India's main construction residences for nearly five decades, the company has earned the distinction in this industry. The company's high-quality goods, which merge ancient artistry with the latest form of technology and improvements, have benefited importers, exporters, manufacturers, builders, architects, and house owners.

4- Kushalbagh Marbles:

This marble manufacturing business was established in 1985 as a privately owned company. The company also sells sandstone, slate, granite marble, limestone, and also Quartzite. Its position among the country's leading marble Companies is owing to the excellent quality of its marble floors and slabs, which are produced in state-of-the-art facilities with great equipment. The company is solely committed to providing top-class products manufactured in the company's newly renovated plant. It is one of India's most important natural stone suppliers. This company harbours the planet's largest stone manufacturing facility is located there. It is India's leading maker of polished on-deck tiles and one of India's leading stone slab producers.

5- Maruti Granites and Marbles Private Limited:

On December 3, 1987, they were established as a private company. It functions out of the most advanced facility for manufacturing. of the area in the centre of Udaipur's commercial area called Sukher. This company is in the marble processing business, with a plant at Udaipur, Rajasthan, Sukher, with the ability to integrate 2,00,000 sq. ft of marble slabs and tiles every month. Maruti Granites and Marbles Private Limited gets marble blocks and tiling from the local market, as well as gets products from Turkey and Italy via a Government of India import licence (GOI). The marketers have vast experience in the marble industry, solid team backing, and a location advantage in relation to resources and labour availability.

6- Madhav Marble & Granites:

This marble manufacturing company was established in 1989 to produce blocks, marble tiles, and slabs. This company also makes related items like tiles and also granite. The company is a known high-standard granite and marble maker and dealer. The company's Granite Division is situated in Salem. It bought the most modern and ecologically friendly granite manufacturing machinery from Italian sources. Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd.'s key products and earnings segments include Property Development, Marble Slabs & Tiles, Granite Slabs, and Granite Tiles. With over 30 years of experience in the tiling industry, Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd. has applied its knowledge and expertise to its continuously improving processes, which have expanded from its southern base to an all-India level, garnering them a spot among India's top 10 marble enterprises.

7- Aditya Stonex:

This company is a renowned marble, granite and sandstone, and manufacturer, supplier, and distributor. Because of its everlasting dedication, they have managed to cement its spot on the list of being among the leading marble firms in the country in a short period of time since its inception in 2014. Lightweight design, excellent toughness, versatility, regulated elongation, increased resistance to abrasion, and flame resistance are all attributes of their goods. Aditya Stonex is a renowned name in the marble industry, with an unmatched variety of products. Indian Marble, Granite Stone, and Imported Marble are all part of their product portfolio. They have accessibility to a big infrastructure base with the finest industrial technology.

8- RK Marble Pvt. Ltd.:

This private business was established in 1989. RK Marble Pvt. Ltd., the flagship company of Rajasthan's R K Group, has a thirty-year strong reputation in the marble industry. Domestic energy activity combined with a strong performance from its operations in Vietnam resulted in a 25% increase in the consolidated scale of production while retaining profitability. The RK Group is a major marble mining firm with holdings in Rajasthan and Vietnam. The company’s processing factory in Kishangarh processes over two million cubic feet of natural marble every year for clients from all around the globe, and its marble, which is highly appreciated both worldwide and locally, is transported to over 50 countries. There are 161 million tonnes of mineable marble deposits in the company's reserves. R K Marble is known for its perfect white, marble, and other related items all over the planet.


Marbles are scratch-resistant and last for a long period of time with many elegant designs and aesthetic design patterns to suit the consumer’s needs. Cleaning is also a breeze when it comes to this particular stone. Furthermore, as a result of the superior indoor air quality, marbles would not result in any allergies to the users. It also comes in a variety of colours and patterns for visual pleasure. So, you have got the idea about marble and its manufacturers in India.

FAQ’s: Marbles

Q. Is marble considered a crystal?

Ans. Marble is a metamorphic form of rock composed mostly of once again crystallized minerals such as dolomite and calcite. Marble is a carbonate mineral, which means it is related to limestone and magnesite.

Q. What makes marble so unique?

Ans. Marble is a softer stone than granite as well as other natural occurring stone varieties. Marble is permeable by nature, which gives its softness properties. It's an excellent material for sculptures because it's finer than other stone varieties.

Q. Is black marble a genuine material?

Ans. Many stones that are labelled "black marble" are just limestones which are black. This is especially true for dark-coloured stones like Dynasty Brown, Nero Portoro, China Black, which have sharp white veins.

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