An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a tool that keeps a computer operational for a brief period of time in the event of a power outage. As long as the grid is providing power, the energy storage is constantly being refilled and maintained.

With the practical restrictions that will be explained later, the longer electricity can be kept, the more energy can be stored. UPS systems vary in terms of the underlying technology that allows them to perform their functions.

Several distinct methods exist for storing energy. Most modern batteries are rechargeable ring energy. Most modern batteries are rechargeable. This essay will use that technology for the sake of simplicity in its examples and illustrations. Heavy, revolving flywheels are another option for storing kinetic energy, as is fuel.

Top 11 Ups Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

1:- Riello

The power molding division of Riello PCI India Pvt. Ltd. has been connected with the issue of high-performance static UPS available from 800VA to 6500KVA which frameworks is just stronger.

This organization has ties to Riello, which is based in Italy. This coordinated effort for Ups frameworks places a strong emphasis on reaching the best possible level of working efficiency while also placing a strong focus on creative work endeavors.

In addition to producing UPS frameworks, the company is also active in the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards, the production of power molding frameworks, optical examination and measuring systems, and a variety of other fields.

2:- V-Guard

After beginning as a small assembly unit for voltage stabilizers, the company moved quickly to widen its product portfolio to include batteries, online UPS systems, solar water warmers, electric water heaters, homegrown siphons, and other similar things in a short period of time.

This expansion occurred after the company began as a modest assembly unit for voltage stabilizers. In its research and development facilities in Cochin and Coimbatore, the company examines and reevaluates plans as well as products that are already in production.

These facilities are located in India. Your search should come to an end with V-Guard Industries Ltd. if you are interested in getting an online UPS at a price that is the most affordable among its competitors.

3:- Zebronics

An Indian company called Zebronics was established in 1997 in the city of Chennai. It provides mobile and lifestyle accessories, information technology and gaming peripherals, power solutions,comprehensive selection of audio equipment and a great deal more.

Because each of its goods is developed with superior craftsmanship and subjected to stringent quality controls, it is possible to rely on them for extended periods of time. This Ups manufacturers is offered at the most competitive pricing.

UPS is accessible. The Zebronics ZEB-U725 UPS is a fantastic method of providing power to and safeguarding your electronic devices.

This uninterruptible power supply (UPS) comes with an internal battery that has the capacity to deliver 725 watts of power, making it an excellent choice for usage with electrical devices such as computers, televisions, and more.

The Zebronics  UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that is reliable and powerful. It features a 240-volt input voltage and a 230-volt output voltage. The frequency range for the UPS is between 50 and 60 hertz, and the power output is 600 watts.

4:- Hitachi

Hitachi Hi- Rel has been one of the most successful uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufacturers in India because of their Ups price and quality. Everyone likes their Ups, both in India and throughout the world; during it’s nearly three decades of operation.

The business asserts that it is concentrating its efforts on mission-critical software for industries such as petrochemicals and refineries. The Indian government has acknowledged its research and development center in India.

This facility is responsible for the creation of a wide array of goods, including industrial online UPS, IT UPS, and medium and high voltage multi-level IGBT drives, amongst others. Sanand and Gandhinagar are both home to one of the company's manufacturing facilities.

5:- Eaton

Eaton has a complete selection of backup power and distribution hardware that may assist you in keeping up with the development of your company and preventing downtime.

These products can also protect you against a wide variety of risks, such as surges, power outages, and lightning strikes.

Eaton provides you with the ability to monitor and regulate the power infrastructure through the use of a series of devices called the Force Board.

6:- Su-Kam

Su-Kam, much like Luminous, is a well-known brand in the UPS industry, and it is the product that the vast majority of Indian customers choose to purchase.

The company has been functioning for more than twenty years, and it currently serves clients in over seventy different countries all around the world. The home Ups Dealers that Su-Kam manufactures are quite popular.

Su-Kam, much like Luminous, possesses seven manufacturing plants that are dispersed across the states of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana in addition to Nepal.

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7:- Microtek

Because of its highly usable UPS system for the computer, Microtek must be a fairly recognized name for the majority of the young people out there because of how widespread its use.

The good news is that Microtek has been in the forefront of India's UPS market with more than 300 service points and 50 service centers, which offers its customers a complete solution for energy storage, beginning with the purchase and ending with the servicing of the product.

In addition to this, Microtek is one of the most successful UPS manufacturers in India due to the fact that it has five production sites located within the country.

8:- Genus Power

The Kailash Group includes the ISO 9001 and 14001-certified Genus Power Infrastructures Limited business. Genus Power is a leading brand of UPS suppliers in India. In addition to being certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is a member of the Kailash Group.

Genus Power distinguishes itself from the other companies on this list because it possesses a staff that is qualified to carry out extremely high-level and complex research and development, a capability that has also been authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In addition to offering an online UPS system, Genus Power is a leading manufacturer of the most advanced UPS systems for desktop and laptop computers.

9:- Luminous

Luminous is yet another candidate in the race to be the most popular brand of UPS that can be purchased in India.

It is a well-known company that launched its business in 1988 with a comprehensive range of energy backup solutions, all of which were designed to ensure that your enjoyment of power and energy was not disrupted in any way.

Through the course of its history, it has evolved into one of the most successful brands in the world. A leader in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry in India, Luminous Power Technologies has been able to attain this position thanks in large part to the comprehensive range of energy backup solutions that it provides.

10:- APC

One of the most well-known brands in the Indian market, APC, also known as APC by Schneider Electric, is a pioneer in this sector of the business.

The company offers dependable and cutting-edge solutions that contribute to maintaining continuous data and electrical supply.

They help your house and business become more efficient, reliable, and connected in a number of ways, ranging from battery backups that protect against power outages at home to full-scale infrastructure for data centers.

That is a certainty in a world that is connected. They provide products that fall into two major categories: APC Back-UPS and APC Back-UPS Pro

11:- Swelect Energy Systems

Another pioneer in India's UPS market has joined the list. This company commands a sizeable market share thanks to the fact that its customers are located in more than 12 countries across the globe.

The company's eight manufacturing facilities, which are located in Chennai, Parwanoo, Pondicherry, and Maphe, contribute to its formidable manufacturing capabilities.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies, more commonly abbreviated as UPS, are a type of emergency backup power that can be used for shorter periods of time in the event that there are any disturbances or disruptions to the main electrical supply.

In the event that there are unforeseen issues with the input power source, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system will protect your computers, IT equipment, telecommunications networks, and other essential electrical equipment, infrastructure, and machinery.

FAQs: Ups Manufacturers

Q. What is a UPS and what does it do?

Ans. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a device that lets a computer keep going for at least a short time when the power goes out.

Q. What are the different types of UPS systems available?

Ans. UPS systems can be split into three types based on how power flows through.

  • Standby UPS
  • Line-Interactive UPS.
  • Online UPS, Double Conversion UPS.

Q. How long can a UPS keep my devices powered during a power outage?

Ans. Even if the power goes out, you can stay online for up to 90 minutes if your modem or router works with a UPS.

Q. Can a UPS work with other types of power sources, like solar panels?

Ans. Yes, UPS does work with other sources of power. The study shows that it is technically possible to have a system that uses both solar energy and a UPS.