Swimming pools range from little home versions to massive wave pools at water parks, but they all function in essentially the same way. They continuously clean a great deal of water by using a combination of filtration and chemical treatment.

The goal is to have a continuous loop where water is pumped out of the pool, treated with chemicals and filtered, and then pumped back in. The pumping system helps maintain generally clean and bacteria-free pool water. The water in the Swimming Pool can be heated to maintain a consistent temperature.

List of Top 10 Swimming Pool Manufacturing Companies in India

1:- Millennium Pools

Millennium Pools is one of the oldest swimming pool designers in the industry. They have 30 years of experience in designing and constructing every type of swimming pool. They have equipped approx 5000+ Swimming pools across the country.

The team of experts is highly trained in handling the crucial projects from the foundation to the end. They are dedicated to design beautiful and excellent quality pools with no complaints.

They are celebrating 7,500 trustworthy and reliable clients across the country. They have a qualified and experienced in-house team of designers, architects and engineers that come up with innovative ideas and technology in swimming pool design.

Millennium Pool has a goal to amazingly reach for higher standards. They ensure the quality construction process, valuable optimization and standards in technology for the customers.

2:- Swimwell Pools

Swimwell Pools is a popular name for its premium construction and renovation of swimming pools in India. Founded in the year 2005, as one of the best Swimming Pool Manufacturers, it supplies optimum grade products, amazing installation services and effective solutions for your swimming pools.

Their well experienced and talented team enjoys their own process: Streamline, prestigious clientele and reliable service. They pride to offer you unbeatable and realistic swimming pool construction and renovation services.

The founder Mr. Aslam Sheikh has fantastic knowledge about the swimming pool installation and production. He has trained in handling the difficult project as per the client’s need.

The brand always focuses on providing customer-satisfied services which is the company's priority. They have innovative techniques for the production.

3:- NETSOL Water Solutions

Netol-is a company that deals with swimming pool fabrication, design, installation and maintenance services. They are one of the pioneering vendors for waste management solutions. The company smartly hired management staffs will provide solutions and quickly respond on the requirement basis.

The company’s customers inform it how they get advantages from their high quality swimming pool services. Netsol has depth experience to manage, analyze and research the complete process of wastewater treatment.

Their goal is making the world waste free. Their affordability, sustainability, and energy-efficiency beat their competitors highly contributed swimming pool solutions.

The market quietly demands the brand’s water treatment, sewage treatment, industrial and municiap wastewater treatment, and commercial reverse osmosis.

Plus, their swimming pool construction science it extremely safe and environmentally and enjoyable

4:- Prime Water Corporation

Incorporated in the year 1992, Prime Water Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers, traders, suppliers and retailers of a wide range of premium quality Swimming Pool, Filtrations Plants, Accessories, and Swimming pool pumps, etc.

Manufacturing the best quality Swimming pool and accessories, the designers, engineers and technicians only employ the advanced machinery & Tools.

Their swimming pools are designed as per hotels industry laid norms and rules, these swimming pools are quite popular for its premium specifications including sturdy construction, effective pricing and low maintenance.

They provide these elegant swimming pools and accessories as per client’s sizes and designs as they meet the tough demand and needs of the patrons.

5:- Pool Masters

With its predecessor Water Rhymes, Pool Masters has gained popularity as the important key player of swimming pool & Accessories manufacturers in the industry. They have installed approx 1000 Swimming pools and 10 water Parks across the Country.

They have a great range of infrastructure facilities, architects, designers, and powerful machines along with the delivery of water-based recreational systems that amazingly meet International Standards.

The complete swimming pool solution allows its customers to relax, focus on other activities and make the spot child friendly. The pools not just provide a beautiful and comfortable swimming experience but are also reasonable Swimming Pool Price.

This is one of the oldest companies with 30 years of experience in innovative ideas and dynamic deliveries.

6:- Rainbow Innovations

Rainbow Innovation is highly focused on Technical design of Swimming Pools, Structural & Hydraulic Fountain Technology, Irrigation System and Jacuzzi Pools over the 20 years. Along with designing the pools, the company is also contributing in implementation of the above.

Their basic concept of designing swimming pools is aesthetically and technologically, meaning they come up with all the necessary ideas making your swimming enjoyable.

They provide commercial and residential service. The pool construction was made as per client requirement and architect's knowledge. To get more comfortable swimming, the company has designed and executed Jacuzzi and Halting Pools.

They also provide Water Fountain solutions to the commercial and residential areas. They have an untouched reputation in the market with a huge list of Swimming pool choices.

They pride themselves on carefully designing and implementing Landscape Irrigation System design as per client niche. For all their developments, consultancy and research plays a big role to ensure the utmost service.

7:- Almas Pool

The brand provides such a fantastic formulation of swimming pools. All of their products are constructed with quality materials under the supervision of specialists, architects and designers in the field.

Durability, corrosion Resistant, Eco-friendly, minimal maintenance service, affordable, and proving are the factors why Almas Pool is known as one of the best suppliers of Swimming pools & accessories.

The clients love their sophisticated and comfortable swimming pool designs. They have big clients across the country. Despite the above-mentioned services, Almas Pool provides Turnkey Project in Swimming Pools, Filtration Systems, Project Management & Consultancy, Swimming Pool Equipment, Annual Maintenance, Pool Chemicals, and readymade Swimming Pools at reasonable prices.

The company operates under the guidance of the Chairman Mr. Rajehs Mauray who inspired the most experienced and talented swimming pools brands across the world.

8:- SS Aqua Technologies

With the broad range of Services including Swimming pool Construction, Swimming Pool Builders, Ready Made Swimming Pool, and Swimming Pool Contractors, SS Aqua Technologies are the favorite Swimming Pool Dealers for the different industries.

Chennai Based Firm has its own technique for pool configuration works when the general contractors on the different kinds of development task.

SS Aqua Technologies has experience in new pool constructing and designing the foundation of the new pool with its general contractors.

The reason why you should go with SS Aqua Technologies Swimming pool is that its general contractor is never compromised with the quality if you have a budget issue.

Furthermore, they have different types of swimming pools for various applications.

9: Arrdev Pools

Make your readymade Swimming pool easier with Arrdev Pools. The company produces the highest quality Readymade Swimming Pools in new or trendy homes and hotels.

These pools can be easily installed anywhere like the basement, lawn, bathrooms and rooftop. If you are worried about installing a big size pool where the single piece swimming pool doesn’t fit, they have a prefabricated solution of swimming pools.

They offer an Aquatic Swimming Pool for the Aqua Gym. Their pools are easily available at a reasonable price. They are the prominent swimming pools manufacturers with various sizes and shapes.

10:- Hydro Plus

Hydro Plus is one of the best Swimming Pool Suppliers in India for the buyers who are looking for the comfortable, durable, long term, and customizable Swimming pools. They have a wide range of Spa Bath Tub, Bath Tub, Swimming Pools, Whirlpool System, Steam Bath, BathTub Accessories, etc.

Their products are manufactured with high innovation techniques that meet the industrial Standards. The company understands the clients need and turns their production as per them to satisfy the solution.

They offer high class swimming pool design and swimming Pool Construction. They are inspired by the Indian Culture and healing solutions of European Countries.

Hydro Plus is a group of professional engineers and researchers who develop and export extra safe swimming pool with the complete pool accessories.


Swimming in a pool is an enjoyable moment and it removes your stress and tiredness. So, Installing a Swimming pool at home or hotel and other places is quite easy today, you just need to select the right supplier of a swimming pool with the complete installation solution.

We have mentioned the top 10 swimming pool brands in India. Pick your favorite one and deal with them with full confidence.

FAQs: Swimming pool

Q. What is the best time of year to install a swimming pool?

Ans. Install a swimming pool in fall and winter. It would be the best time to install.

Q. What size swimming pool is right for my family?

Ans. 18 foot by 36 foot swimming pool can be the perfect set up for the family.

Q. How much does it cost to install a swimming pool?

Ans. The cost of installation of a swimming pool is around Rs 1500- Rs 4000 per square foot.

Q. How often should I clean my swimming pool?

Ans. Clean your swimming pool once a week.