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In the last decade, the Indian roofing business has experienced a fundamental transformation. There are two main reasons for the developments within the roofing sheet sector. Concerning the Indian market, there has been an increase in industrial uses. As a result, there is a greater demand for different kinds of sheeting to cover the ceilings and walls of buildings. Here's a quick rundown of the most prevalent roofing materials, along with where they're utilized.

Various Types of Roofing Sheets

Different varieties of roof sheets have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. They may considerably extend the life of whatever type of roof if installed properly.

1. Roofing sheets with corrugations: Corrugated roofing sheets have repeating folds on their surface and are commonly employed in agricultural structures. They provide years of dependable use and increased strength due to their distinctive design. They are stronger than previously because of their perforated design featuring ridges & grooves. Increased strength over smaller surface areas is possible because of the wavy design. Thin & light materials like aluminum may also be fitted to withstand years of weather beating thanks to the particular corrugated design. Corrugated sheets must be serviced every 5-10 years, depending on the pollution levels in the area where they are put. Such roofing sheets are great for shielding garages, porches, and sheds since they are extremely durable and environmentally friendly.

  • Galvanized steel sheets serve as the foundation for a variety of corrugated sheets, including those painted with synthetic paint or covered by PVC plastisol-covered roof sheets.
  • Polyester-coated sheets are commonly used in agricultural structures due to their long lifespan and cost-effectiveness.
  • Corrugated sheets with a PVC Plastisol coating are extremely durable. They are made out of steel sheets that have been primed and have PVC rolled on top of them. These roofing sheets are not readily scratched or faded, and they may normally endure for 25 to 30 years.

Standard corrugated sheets seem to be commonly available in India for between Rs 250 and Rs 500 per square metre.

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2. Roofing sheets made of polycarbonate: Throughout India, polycarbonate roof sheets are commonly applied in industrial as well as major commercial structures. Its extra strong quotient and insulating qualities make them ideal for such uses. Polycarbonate sheets come in a variety of patterns and styles and are simple to implement, fully weather-resistant, & incredibly durable. Roofing sheets made of polycarbonate may be utilized for several applications.

  • Polycarbonate roofing sheets, due to their durability and strength, are used in industrial structures like warehouses. They are used by homeowners to construct shelters, carports, as well as roofs with a low slope.
  • Clear polycarbonate sheeting can be used in patios, verandas, and other areas where natural light is required. These roofing panels frequently have protective film layers that block off the sun's damaging UV rays.

Polycarbonate sheeting is Ultraviolet resistant as well as fire resistant and is made from high-impact polypropylene resins of the highest grade. Such roofing sheets, though, are not scratch-resistant. As a result, installers must exercise extreme caution when doing their work. Polycarbonate roofing sheets' price is between 800 and 1500 dollars per square metre.

3. Roofing sheets made of metal: Tin, Copper, Zinc, and Aluminium are most utilized in metal roofing sheets. They may be tailored to build roofs that differ in price, sturdiness, design, fuel efficiency, lifespan, and aesthetic appeal. They are less curvaceous than perforated roofing sheets as well as come in a variety of shapes, textures, and colours. Torrential rains, fire, hail, high winds, and snow are survivable for these as they don't split, break readily, fracture, or decay in most cases. Insect and pest assaults are also resistant to metal sheets.

Cost: Metal roofing sheets are normally priced between 250 and 350 rupees per square metre in India.

4. Roofing sheets made of plastic: In most parts of the country, such sheeting seems to be the least desired alternative for roofing applications. They are mostly used as garden shelters or to cover temporary constructions since they are less robust than some other roof types sheets. The higher the value of the roofing sheet, the higher is the efficiency of the plastic.

The entire cost of installing plastic roof sheets rises as a result of this. Here, the plastic roofing sheets price is between Rs 500 and Rs 1000 per square metre.

For individuals who are wary of their old roofs, the approaching years will provide additional varieties of metal roofing possibilities. RCC roofs, GI roofing sheets, as well as asbestos-cement roofing sheets are still in use and will continue to be so. The cheap cost of the GI sheet continues to draw purchasers' interest for a variety of reasons. Clip-on methods, fasteners, trims, and hardware fixes have all improved in quality, making roofing structures seem neater and much more appealing than before. To add additional value to their constructions, buyers are now selecting roofs with FRP skylights, and novel designs, including roofs with long life spans. Tiles & shingles are also popular, rendering fibreglass & metal roofs a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings in India.

Starting A Roofing Sheets Manufacturing Business

Metal roof sheets, that are extensively seen as a roof and walls of factories, warehouses, cinemas, garages, and exhibition centres, and are corrugated in tides as well as folded by rollers all over their length and width, have been in high demand due to the growing donation of construction & real estate to India's GDP. Such corrugated roof sheeting is a prime requisite, meaning that the requirement for these roof sheets is generated from and dependent on the performance of its primary end-user, the construction industry, which contributes 2.7 trillion to India's GDP. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to become a roofing sheets manufacturer.

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Market Potential

Such corrugated roofing sheets are composed of mild steel that has been galvanized for further durability.

  • Anti-corrosion resistance
  • Its serviceability has been extended.

Such galvanized sheets are used as a basis for other sheets, such as PVC plastisol-covered roof sheets. These sheets are used in agricultural structures because of their long lifespan and cost-effectiveness. For its restricted supportability, such as once every 5-10 years, industrial operations such as factories and warehouses employ the others as roofs and walls. Because of its economic effectiveness in India (i.e., the price range of 250 sq. metres to 500 sq. metres), these roof sheets are used commercially to provide walls and ceilings in workshops, porches, pavilions, as well as other structures.

Investment Required

  • Plant capacity: 20 MT/ DAY
  • Land and building (1500 sq. Mt): ₹90 lakhs
  • Plant and machinery: ₹26 lakhs
  • Working capital for 2 months: ₹7.26 crore

Target Consumers

Clients who are intrigued by corrugated roof sheets and maybe potential users can be classified as follows:

  • Industrial customers, who require corrugated sheeting due to the structure of their manufacturing method, shed for stores, factories, and other structures.
  • Commercial customers want to save money and utilize corrugated roof sheets as roofs for garages, patios, barns, and other structures.
  • Governmental customers, facilities, and agricultural labs that need polyester-painted corrugated roof sheets as a shelter to carry out their activities.


The industrial and agricultural industries have propelled the need for corrugated roof sheets. Due to the obvious development in the production capabilities of the Indian country's economic constructional sector & domestic needs such as walls and ceilings for factories and warehouses have been expanding. The construction sector's current contribution to India's GDP is estimated to be 2.7 trillion dollars. This is expected to rise by 2027, indicating that the need for corrugated roof sheets would rise at the same time.


To sum it up, manufacturing corrugated roof sheets is a flourishing industry with high demands from corporate, industrial, and farming customers. This firm, while it may demand a significant amount of investment, has a low requirement for maintenance, a precise profit margin ranging from 60% to 80% each fiscal year, and a sufficient return on capital. Finally, this company caters to a certain demographic of customers, with consistent demand and a simple local and worldwide reach.

FAQs: Roof Sheet

Q. What is the best type of roofing sheet?

Ans. Corrugated sheets with a PVC Plastisol coating are extremely durable. They are made out of steel sheets that have been primed and have PVC rolled on top of them. These roofing sheets are not readily scratched or faded, and they may normally endure for 25 to 30 years.

Q. Is it possible to utilize air conditioning in a sheet house?

Ans. Is it feasible to have air conditioning installed in a sheet metal structure? Yes, you certainly can. The heat load would be significant, leading to higher tonnage and higher operating expenses as a result of increased energy usage.

Q. What does a roof sheet cost?

Ans. Metal roofing sheets are priced between Rs. 250 and Rs. 400 per square metre.