Everyone wants a tidy, attractive bedroom, and a closet is the best place to start. You may store your clothing, jewellery, bedsheets, paperwork, books, and other necessary items in a cabinet. The style and ambience of your room may be created with a contemporary cupboard design from 2022 furniture. You can choose a modern glass wardrobe or a sliding cabinet for smaller bedrooms for more oversized bedrooms with more to display for design purposes. We've compiled a collection of several 2022 contemporary cupboard designs in this post to accommodate various bedroom layouts, dimensions, and storage requirements. We are aware of your situation. In a limited area, adding extra storage may be challenging but not impossible. You may create the wardrobe of your dreams with a bit of imagination and expert assistance. Here are 20 creative ideas for small bedroom cabinets that are both functional and inexpensive. While each of these was created with the idea of a little Indian bedroom, you must choose the one that best matches your taste.

Essential Considerations Before Deciding on Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Due to the various sizes and types of homes in India, interior designers have created fully individualized and adaptable modern bedroom wardrobe ideas. Before you look into the newest bedroom almirah designs, it's crucial to understand that lavish mansions and villas will require a different style of wardrobe than a small studio apartment.

Knowing the Bedroom's Space

Your bedroom wardrobe design ideas could be the finest and craziest, but if there isn't enough room in the room, your dreams will never come true! Before selecting a wardrobe, you should measure the area in your bedroom you want to dedicate to it and look up the measurements to see how much floor space it will require.

Know Your Environment

The sort of furniture you want in your home depends heavily on its surroundings, which may astonish readers who are unfamiliar with interior design. If you live in an area where there is building work and dust, you should be aware of the bedroom almirah design and determine in advance whether the wardrobes require a dust-free coating. Similarly, you must conduct a comprehensive inspection of any potential leaks, lofts, and odours before investing in high-quality bedroom wardrobes.

Knowing some of the greatest, most modern bedroom wardrobe designs will make it simple to evaluate the one you like and compare it to the available space. The bedroom is among the most personal and private rooms in the house, regardless of the size, and since wardrobes occupy lots of space in the room, everyone should be aware of the styles and designs that are now popular.

Latest Cupboard Designs

Cupboard, Including A Glass Top For A Luxurious Bedroom

This white or beige cupboard design concludes the modern bedroom of your dreams. To provide additional storage, the cabinet extends to the ceiling. The handle-less closet contributes to the air of elegance. Utilise the nook by converting it into a dressing table. All you need is a chair and a tiny mirror. Install illumination near the mirror so you may get ready in the correct lighting.

Wall-To-Wall Cabinets Maximise Space

You will have plenty of room to keep organised if you have a fitted wall-to-wall cabinet. Since the cabinet occupies the entire wall from floor to ceiling, the bedroom appears larger. Due to the storage space, this 2022 modern cupboard design is also perfect for a shared closet.

Fiberboard Cupboard

A fiberboard wardrobe is a modern almirah layout for bedroom ideas that perhaps you should check out if you enjoy living in a minimalistic style and don't want hefty furniture tasks completed in your bedroom! These are frequently more affordable than a conventional wooden closet and lighter, easier to install. You may pick gorgeous natural hues and colours to give them a natural appearance.

Loft or Elevated Wardrobes

Since we are talking about tiny bedroom ideas, using a lift or raised area to build the closet in the bedroom is another popular wardrobe design. The loft can be used to make a readily available wardrobe and saves space, making it a really contemporary wardrobe design for said bedroom. People who want to emphasise huge beds but don't have floor space for storage can utilise the raised area like the loft to create a wardrobe.

Metal Wardrobe

Want to save money but require a wardrobe? A metal wardrobe is the practical almirah architecture for a room that will offer you lots of space and won't break the bank, so it's an alternative that will never go out of style! The best thing about these wardrobes is that you can buy them already created, and they frequently come in dimensions that are ideal for your needs! These wall almirah designs for bedrooms are typical in Indian houses.

Multipurpose Wardrobe

A multi-functional cupboard layout is the finest choice you can make if you're looking for modern wardrobe ideas for master bedrooms and have a vast wall that could be used entirely for massive storage! The critical distinction between this and a typical wardrobe is how readily a carpenter can build a TV unit and secure storage for goods, drawers, etc., inside the enormous closet.

Vintage Cupboards

Any mansion, condo, or penthouse owner who reads this post will like the possibility of giving the bedroom a traditional appearance. Just look for some of the newest bedroom wardrobe designs constructed using old design ideas. If you are in an urban area, explore stores that sell vintage furniture and gain ideas for wardrobe designs that are contemporary yet give the space a rich vintage feel.

Glass Closets

Do you dislike the bedroom having too much wood? Then you should look at the Glass wardrobes, which bring a new book into the bedroom and provide a unique personality that can only originate from a contemporary closet design. These wardrobes are lighter, easier to handle, and far less expensive than regular wardrobes. Many individuals combine the panes to create sliding wardrobes, enhancing the entire space's aesthetic appeal.

Top Cupboard Manufacturers

Godrej Interio

India's top furniture manufacturer is Godrej Interio. Godrej produces a wide range of furniture, including executive series office furniture, bedding and cupboards, couches, kitchenette, coffee tables, and wall units. Godrej has more than 52 upscale stores spread across 19 important national cities. The cost of its items might vary based on the sort of furniture you choose, from INR 1500 to 50,000.


On our list after that is Zuari Furniture. Zuari was founded in 2001 and is a division of the Birla Group. Twenty-five distributors, 15 wholesalers, and more than 475 dealers make up the nationwide network of Zuari furniture. It provides a large selection of furniture, including office supplies, TV carts, cupboards, computer tables, dining room and kitchen furniture, and bedroom accessories. Determined by the size of the furniture, the cost might vary from INR 2000 to INR 75,000.

Usha Lexus Home Decor

A Gurgaon-based business named Usha Lexus Furniture was founded in 1983. It is the Shriram Group's flagship business. Usha Lexus Furniture is distinctive in providing a one-year replacement assurance for its broad selection of items. They provide furniture for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Additionally, the business offers its clients unique services.


Damro is a 1996-founded firm with headquarters in Chennai and operations worldwide. Damro's has stores worldwide, with one-third of them in India. There are 55 stores in India out of 160 total. Furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, workplace, and table are among its offerings. The greatest, though, are sofas because they are reasonably priced.


This is the last firm on our list. The largest producer of material handling systems and moulded furniture in the world is Nilkamal. The best part is that the products are much more reasonably priced than those offered by other businesses on this list. There is no fixed price or a particular range of cupboard price since the dimensions, functionality, and another aspect decide the merits. The prices start to form a mere INR 1000 and can go up to hundreds of thousands.


An excellent cabinet will be practical and attractively constructed to complement your home's interior style. We've selected a few different types of cabinets in this article that may both help you manage your belongings and add attractive décor to your house.

Top Cupboard Price List

Expected Price (₹)

Wooden Double Door Cupboards With Key Locked For Office Use


36x78 Inches Rectangular Matte Finished Mild Steel Cupboard For Bedroom


6 Foot Rectangular Modern Corrosion Resistance Mild Steel Cupboard


Modern Style One Piece Eco Friendly Matte Finish Plastic Iron Cupboard


7 X 3 Feet Rectangular Plain Polished Wooden Modern Style Cupboard


78x36x19 Inches 3 mm Thick Rectangular Paint Coated Mild Steel Cupboard


Durable Eco Friendly Rectangular Modern Wooden Slider Cupboards


Elegant Look Termite Resistant Indoor Cupboard With Large Storage Capacity


Corrosion And Rust Resistant Color Coated Double Door Cupboard Locker


88.1x191x54.5 Cm Matt Finished Wooden Bedroom Cupboard For Indoor Furniture


FAQs: Cupboard

Q. How reliable and secure are glass bedroom wardrobes?

Ans. Yes, glass wardrobes have undergone extensive research. They have an additional layer of durable glass coating that guarantees the glass is secure for use by everyone, including children and older persons.

Q. Do ready-made antique bedroom wardrobes exist?

Ans. Vintage wardrobes are in style and a standard option for storage. Vintage cabinets are simple to get on the market, or you may have one constructed to order with a retro vibe.

Q. Which bedroom wardrobe design is the lowest and most cost-effective?

Ans. Choose the Iron wardrobe, which is ready-made, affordable, and gives lots of storage space. It is also available in several sizes as well.