Those blank walls are full of opportunities, and a few upgrades may transform a space into a business. If you are willing to transform those drab as well as barren walls into something exciting then keep on reading. Well, we will try to come up with the techniques that would make it possible in amplifying your walls and highlighting your uniqueness. It will define your work culture, blend with the people and make you stand socially among your adversaries.

Interior design is becoming a hot topic nowadays and you always want to be different from your competition. Just visit campuses of companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon or any other conglomerate and you will understand why such companies stand out. Wall design is being looked into seriously by many business entities and should be considered whenever there is a chance to revamp the workspace. But as usual, people are spoilt for options nowadays so let’s look into some of the trending wall design ideas that you can proceed with.

1. Wall Decals

Wall Decals have become so popular nowadays that customisation options have increased manyfold. They are available in many sizes, sheens and modifications that will make your space stand out. Wall decals are rising to the top of the list for chic interior design, not just for residences but also for commercial settings. Decals are created on unique paper that is simple to transfer to another surface. They use a unique adhesive on the underside that enables several repositioning if necessary. Without using hooks, nails, or paint, wall decals provide a simple method to decorate a room. As their name suggests, they are not just limited to walls. They have been used on windows, doors, and even furniture in restrooms. Wall decals are a terrific temporary décor option that won't break the bank and are great for seasonal upgrades.

2. Wall Décor

Business owners may use wall decor and make a welcoming environment while providing information or messaging of any kind with custom printed walls. The beautiful thing about educational wall art is that it can be placed anywhere—even on the floor! You may revamp a whole white wall with an eye-catching display while providing your consumer with a wealth of information by using interesting fonts and large graphics.

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a strong comeback. The best part about having graphical media as your wallpaper is that, unlike traditional wallpaper, you can easily alter it. With the developments in technology today, accurate colour and precision aren't just for little prints. Large multi-panelled wall art that mimics wallpaper but is easily removable when you wish to change the design is now possible thanks to brands. The possibilities are unlimited. You may turn a dull office into a dynamic place for your staff to work in a matter of hours or you may turn a blank bathroom wall into a talking point. The best thing is that when it's time to remove it, the wall is unharmed, and you're prepared for your next application!

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4. Outdoor Wall Décor

Remember to think creatively when developing your applications. The commercial use of outside space is already significant and is expected to grow. Out-of-home advertising (OOH), the only form of advertising other than internet marketing that has consistently grown since 2008 and is anticipated to grow over the following five years, is the subject of a recent report from the media research firm Borrell. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America predicts that, as in previous years, outdoor advertising revenue will continue to rise in the coming years.

Businesses are now considering using transit and bus shelters, as well as outside sidewalks, for advertising in addition to billboards. This is an excellent technique to get people's attention in the typically crowded digital environment. You can deliver an exclusive marketing message that will be seen repeatedly by a captive audience by providing opposition to the digital noise, typically for less money than a digital ad.

5. Large Scale Art

A super-sized art can change your space. A single piece of art sprawling across the entire wall can not only throw positive vibes but at the same time share something informative. These pieces of art can work great for motivating people in a work setting. Large-scale work of art is also very easy to source from local dealers and printers and could be a perfect wall design. If you need some professional help, several wall designers in India can recommend various options. Since they come relatively cheap as compared to many other wall design options, you can easily replace them as you please to keep the place trendy.

6. Unique Shelving

Another wall design idea that will help your workplace transform is unique shelving. Let’s say you require many shelves in your office and are not able to decide a proper way to handle so much documentation. A perfect solution for this can be unique shelving which can transform your shelving solutions to a whole new level. It will not only make your office space look more happening but at the same, it will make your office a fun place to work in. Many retailers can customize based on your shelving needs or you can directly make one from scratch.

7. Murals

Murals were very popular in ancient times and were used to refer to arts that were painted directly on walls. Several forms of antique art are still popular in India as well as abroad. Paintings in Ajanta Caves, and St Lawrence Church of Lohja are some of the famous mural types that are still popular. Nowadays murals have modernised a lot. Indians should know about the Asian Paints campaign which sponsors mural painting in various cities across India. Along the same lines, a mural presents an interesting wall design option that can let you have the freedom to do whatever you want with the paintbrush. Wall design prices for murals can vary depending on the size of the area and the colour palette but it's a cheaper option.

8. Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are very colourful and can be customised very freely. There can be various types of wall hangings such as painted, woven, handcrafted, knitted and so on. Therefore, depending on the style, you can set up your space accordingly. Theme-based designs work best when reinforced with wall hangings.

9. Board and Batten

Though the name sounds fancy, these are mainly designer wooden boards that transform your walls differently. The cuts can be made as random as possible and the whole thing when completed looks like a solved puzzle on a wall. Normal glue can be used to stick these boards on the wall and the wall design when completed looks sophisticated and premium.

10. Feature Walls

Feature Walls only uses washi tape to ramp up your wall and give off that trendy feel at pretty low convenience. The wall design price for this is pretty low as you only need to source raw materials which include tape and then you need a person who can put that to good use and give you the wall design. Wall designer and interior designer entities have trained personnel in place who are well qualified to carry out this work.

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11. Wainscoting

Wainscoting, a centuries-old wall design idea which is a union of form and style, consists of ornate boards or panels and mouldings that stretch halfway up a wall's face. It was first used by the Dutch in the 1300s to protect the bottom half of plaster walls from potential hazards like jostled chairs, riding boot spurs, and possibly even carelessly swinging scabbards.

Wainscoting still protects our walls, but now it's from mud-covered gardening boots in mudrooms, olive oil fingerprints in kitchens, and the inevitable scuffs in the little spaces along corridors and stairways. If anyone knows how to use a chop saw, covering your walls with wainscoting made of stock boards, or "sticks," and panels is simple to do yourself. If not, there is wainscoting that is already completed and prepared for installation when it shows up at your door.

12. Potted Plants

By attaching small, potted plants to a huge wall, you may bring nature indoors and increase the amount of fresh oxygen in the room. You can look forward to pre-made wall-mounted planters that are available in the stores, but at the same time it is easy to install small floating shelves by painting in the same colours as your wall and putting the plants on top of them by yourself. This is bound to add an extra level of freshness to your workspace.


Presented here are some of the many options that can help transform your office space into something exciting, trending and attractive which will act as a magnet for your employees. People like to work in a healthy work environment and more so when efforts are being taken to help the employees feel relaxed and also stand apart from the competition.

FAQs: Wall design ideas

Q. What is the difference between stickers and wall decors?

Ans. Wall decors are stickers that are the same thing and provide an innovative, exciting and inexpensive way to ramp up the look of your walls and the room.

Q. What is the life span of these wall designs mentioned above?

Ans. The decors, wallpapers, and decals can last up to more than 5 years and those that are painted directly can last a lot more.

Q. Can these wall design ideas shared above be cleaned?

Ans. Yes, most of them can be cleaned with wet cloth.