Though organic and natural products have come to the fore in the recent past, ayurvedic products have been in the picture for a long time, but never did get the recognition it was supposed to. Ayurveda has been tried, tested and refined for many years since ancient times to reach the stage it is in today. Recently, there has been an influx of a lot of ayurvedic cosmetics manufacturers in India and consumers are now aware of what’s best for them.

Consumers are now shifting from conventional products because of the chemical concentration and the harmful effects they can have in the long run. The Ayurvedic cosmetics products are free from chemicals and as effective if not more as compared to chemically created products. Ayurvedic products have been known to be effective against skin care, damage due to pollution, premature ageing and so on. After Make in India gained momentum, consumers have been eager to try out local brands and experiment with the result.

Let’s look into some of the popular ayurvedic cosmetics manufacturers in India:

1. Kama Ayurveda

One of the ayurvedic cosmetics manufacturers in India today, Kama Ayurveda, with headquarters in Delhi, formulates its products using Ayurvedic principles. It was established in 2002 and offers various products for the body, face, and hair. Together with the 100-year-old Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Kama Ayurveda sources its natural and entirely organic components from small farmers and indigenous forest tribes in the area. On this basis, they empower tiny communities and support organic farming practices. Customers trust their products, and they have received EU certification. As a result, the products are entirely free of all dangerous chemicals, including parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic scents, and artificial colours. Their serums, oils, scrubs, and masks are entirely prepared using herbs, yet they aren't made in such a way that would terrify anyone but a fervent devotee.

2. Biotique

It is one of the best ayurvedic cosmetics brands in India that quickly dominated the industry with its outstanding offerings. The company bills itself as "Advanced Ayurveda," which indicates what they have incorporated. The best fusion of science and tradition that may do wonders for your skin and hair was produced by Swiss biotechnology and Vedic knowledge of Ayurveda in Biotique. It offers numerous product lines for your skin, hair, and makeup. They offer a large selection of highly efficient skin treatments that can significantly reduce pigmentation, acne, etc. The hair care product line is likewise highly diversified and offers particular items for a particular need. In addition, the prices are fairly competitive with those of other organic Ayurvedic brands.

3. Forest Essentials

Mira Kulkarni established the upscale Ayurvedic skincare line Forest Essentials in New Delhi in the year 2000. The guiding principle of Forest Essentials, one of the top skincare product companies in India, is "If you can't eat it, you cannot apply it on your face." This tactic guarantees that only edible ingredients are used to create Forest Essentials' products, giving them a distinctive flavour. In contrast to many Indian beauty businesses, Forest Essentials prides itself on being cruelty-free. The components are pure because they are taken from the Himalayas. You may purchase their items straight from their websites, where they have a variety of combos and the products are divided into categories such as men's kits, body care, hair care, and makeup.

4. Ohria Ayurveda

The company's founder studied Ayurveda in Rishikesh and his tutor, whose forefathers were prominent figures in ancient India who served the regal family, taught him the ancient Ayurvedic techniques. He gained knowledge in the use of plants and the making of various Ayurvedic formulations, including oils, butter, and salves. He decided to put his skills to use by developing products that are very soft on the skin and organic. From head to toe, there are products for every area of your body. The "Kansa massage wand," which is composed of pure copper and tin and is one of the greatest skincare brands in India, may be used to massage facial and body oils for maximum penetration into the skin and to induce deep relaxation. It guarantees the product's high level of effectiveness because Ayurveda relies on a healthy body and mind.

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5. Soultree

Vishal Bhandari, who had recently left the merchant navy to pursue a new beginning through Ayurveda, started Soultree. Considered one of the best ayurvedic cosmetics brands in India today, Soultree is based in Haryana and has established a solid customer base thanks to BDIH Germany's accreditation. Each year, they renew their certification, giving them an excellent reputation for their products. All of the ingredients used to make the items are entirely organic and were obtained legally and morally. The products are free of any chemical pollution, and they sell a variety of goods. You must try their inexpensive, everyday beauty goods like lip balms, kohl, and mascara! The kajal is infused with almond oil and has a creamy texture. The products are safe to use every day without fear of negative side effects. They operate as a calming agent rather than drying out your skin like products from other Indian beauty firms.

6. Mantra Herbal

The Baidyanath Research Foundation, which has a long history of producing wellness and health goods, served as the foundation for this company. Expert Ayurvedic physicians assist in the preparation of the items, which are created to balance the three major bodily energies—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. As a result, there is a perfect equilibrium between the mind, body, and spirit and the key to achieving excellent health is to keep this balance.

This Indian cosmetics company doesn't use any chemicals like SLES or paraben, and none of its products is tested on animals. The FDA and GMP have approved the brand. One of their unique products is the "Anantam Series," which employs stem cells and gold to stimulate the skin's capacity for regeneration. Additionally, they provide a huge selection of skin, hair, and body care items.

7. Khadi Natural

One of the best Ayurvedic cosmetic brands in India, Khadi Natural serves 18 Indian states. The company previously sold Ayurvedic shampoos, soaps, and cleansers but has since broadened its product line to include high-quality moisturisers and conditioners. Ayurvedic specialists with advanced training oversee the manufacturing of the items to ensure appropriate execution of all steps. All of the items are prepared using only natural, pure ingredients. Customers have grown to trust the brand, and its goods are WHO, GMP, and ISO approved. Each item is delicately and lovingly crafted by hand. Animals are not used in product testing.

8. Blue Nectar

With the aid of more than 150 distinct potent Ayurvedic herbs, Blue Nectar, an Ayurvedic cosmetic company with its headquarters in Gurgaon, creates effective skin care products. Many of these plants, like saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, and honey, are common ingredients in kitchens, but only people who are familiar with Ayurveda are aware of their tremendous properties. These herbs are combined in the right ratios to produce highly efficient Ayurvedic skin care products. This well-known Indian ayurvedic cosmetic brand offers a wide range of items, including face serum, toner, creams, face wash, oil, and body wash. All of these are created with premium herbs and are sulphate- and paraben-free. There is no room for any hidden components because all the ingredients used to make the items are disclosed on the packaging. The company also practises animal cruelty-free practices.

9. Ananda Himalayas

A few kilometres from Haridwar and Rishikesh, on the lovely Himalayan foothill, is where you'll find The Ananda Himalayas. This lovely wellness centre is well known and frequently used by visitors looking for spiritual elevation. One of the most delightful experiences in the health centre, aside from the yoga, Vedanta, and ayurvedic activities, is the spa, where specific products created by the knowledgeable aromatherapists of this wellness centre are employed. Visitors to the wellness centre have come to love these products, which are now known as one of the best ayurvedic cosmetics brands in India and have been in business for more than 16 years.

10. Sheesha Naturals

The company started small, offering just a few items, one of which—"Virgin Coconut Oil"—became well-known due to its content and widespread use. The "Kasturi Manjal Face Pack" is currently one of the brand's best-selling cosmetics. This face pack's main component, turmeric, has many advantages. To attain the greatest benefit without experiencing any negative side effects, the other items are also boosted with organic substances in very precise quantities. The purity of the items is guaranteed by the fact that they are produced in Kerala labs with GMP certification.

There are many other companies in India manufacturing ayurvedic products especially a lot of MSMEs are coming into the picture. Therefore as products flood the market, customers are expected to become more aware and the demand for these product categories is only set to increase.

Top Ayurvedic Cosmetics Price List

Expected Price (₹)

Herbal Mouth Wash


Herbal Mouth Wash


Mahabhringraj Oil


FAQs: Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Q. Which Ayurveda ingredients are good for glowing skin?

Ans: Some of the ingredients that would help in skin brightening are vetiver, Indian madder, Indian sarsaparilla, Gotu kola and sandalwood.

Q. How do you normally store Ayurveda products?

Ans: It is advised to store Ayurveda products in dark, dry and cool places. Normally after opening it, you should store it in a cold place.

Q. Does ayurvedic cosmetics work better than organic or natural products?

Ans: Ayurveda is a part of organic/natural products as it is sourced from natural ingredients. Therefore the utility that one may get from them will be similar.

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