X-Ray Machine Manufacturers in India - Top 10

Individual x-ray waves are transmitted through the body by an x-ray machine. The visuals are captured on film or a computer. Bone and other thick structures will appear white because they absorb most of the x-rays. The same holds true for metals and contrast media (a specific dye used to highlight regions of the body).

1:- Uni X-ray

Uni X-ray Technology Limited is committed to expanding its position as an industry leader in the design and production of industrial X-Ray Machine and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment.

Because of this, the company is committed to providing only high-quality X-ray products and equipment that consistently outperform the market average.

Doctors Prefer Uni X-Ray Machine, Why?

Everything you need and want is right at your fingertips with Uni X-ray.

They give the moniker "Unique X-ray," or "Uni X-ray," because of the numerous original inventions and technology that they have developed in the x-ray sector.

Uni X Ray launches Industrial X Ray Machines for Lithium battery, Security, Solar Panel, Electronic and Automotive Parts.

2:- Maha X-Ray Equipment

Maha X-ray Equipment Limited is unparalleled among well-known companies that produce, import, supply, and export an assortment of X-ray machines.

The company has been a frontrunner in the provision of high-quality industrial X-ray machines and inspection equipment since its inception in 2011. They also produce medical instruments.

Doctors Prefer MahaX-Ray Machine, Why?

They make these high-tech machines in order to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change in the medical equipment industry.

Their machines have a solid reputation for their reliability, speed, accuracy, and longevity since they are made with only the highest quality raw materials and components.

Maha X Ray is ready to introduce MIX1602FP4343 X Ray Machine monitors random parts from your production unit. It has manual testing options for accurate testing.

3:- Recorders and Medicare Systems

Recorders and Medicare Systems has been producing and developing X-ray machinery for a wide range of industries in India since 1975.

The company's success since its inception can be attributed to the foresight of its founders. By consistently be a best X-Ray Machine Manufacturers dependable industrial X-ray machines and inspection equipment, it has set itself apart from the competition.

Doctors Prefer Recorders and Medicare SystemsX-Ray Machine, Why?

All the Recorders and Medicare Systems machines are manufactured in high quality manufacturing Facilities.

They are in line with all relevant International Product Standards and pass all necessary Regulatory Testing.

Quality Objectives, including those required to meet product requirements, are defined at all relevant functions and levels of the organization thanks to the efforts of RMS management.

With 100mA, 100KVP, Electronic Overload Protection Device, Anode X-Ray Tube, Mobile X-Ray, Counter Balanced Mobile Stand, Meet Recorders and Medicare System MDX-100 X Ray Machine.

4:- JAYM (India)

The year 1974 marked the beginning of business operations for JAYM (India). Within the X-ray production industry in India, the company has established a strong reputation for itself, becoming one of the most well-known names in the industry.

The X-ray technology that JAYM (India) has developed and manufactured is utilized extensively in Indian hospitals as well as a variety of other industries.

Doctors PreferJAYMX-Ray Machine, Why?

All of their machines processes are certified as ISO compliant. They've got a crack team of quality controllers on staff to oversee everything about the product's quality.

They do a thorough inspection of all the raw materials they purchase and keep a tight eye on the manufacturing process.

JAYAM Launches X Ray Dental Unit with Digital Indication, Microprocessor Controller, Touch Membrane, Electronic Timer,  Spring Counterbalance Mechanism and 0.5mm focus.

5:- Vision Medicaid Equipment

Vision Medicaid Equipment Limited is one of the oldest Industrial X-ray machine and medical equipment manufacturers in India, with experience and knowledge of X-Ray Machine Price in the real market.

Established in 1967, As a result, it has established a stellar reputation for consistently delivering first-rate industrial X-ray machines, NDT inspection goods, and medical equipment to a wide range of satisfied customers.

Doctors PreferVision Medicaid EquipmentX-Ray Machine, Why?

Their highly trained experts oversee a cutting-edge infrastructure that makes their work possible.

In order to guarantee that each machine they sell is up to par with their customers' expectations, they employ a staff of quality controllers who run a battery of tests on each stage of manufacturing.

300mA X Ray Machine from Vision Medicaid Equipment has 440v Supply, 50-60Hz Frequency.

6:- Krystalvision Image System

Krystalvision Image System's primary goal is to supply the expanding Indian and international markets for industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) and security scanning with cutting-edge, high-quality products and solutions.

The company has always prioritized serving both the public and private sectors by offering goods that are both technically advanced and competitively priced.

Doctors Prefer Krystalvision Image System X-Ray Machine, Why?

Krystalvision X-ray machines have higher throughput and consistent performance in addition to their best-in-class imaging and threat identification capabilities.

Maintaining a secure environment is essential, but that does not have to take a lot of time. Their equipment is developed with consideration for a variety of working conditions.

Krystalvision Image System x-ray inspection equipment for food offers answers for finding contaminants.

7:- Alerio X-ray

Iatome Electric manufactures and sells the Alerio X-ray line of industrial X-Ray Machine Dealers.

The company has a long history of supplying high-profile clients in India and abroad with cutting-edge industrial X-ray inspection systems and NDT solutions that have won prestigious awards.

Doctors Prefer Alerio X-rayX-Ray Machine, Why?

All of their machinery is developed and produced in India using cutting-edge, internationally recognized Indian technology.

There machines are tested and certified by third-party organizations to ensure they adhere to worldwide IEC standards.

Intra-Oral X-ray with high frequency DC output is available in the PRIME system, and it can be used with any film, phosphor plate, or sensor type.

8:- East West Engineering and Electronics

East West Engineering and Electronics has been in business longer than almost any other Indian maker of industrial X-ray machines.

A variety of industrial X-ray machines and other Non-Destructive Testing equipment and supplies have been developed, manufactured, and supplied by the company throughout the course of those many years.

Doctors PreferEast West Engineering X-Ray Machine, Why?

They Have quality assurance labs stocked with cutting-edge testing equipment.

The professionals and quality controllers who run their infrastructure ensure that all of the machines pass the most demanding quality tests.

Their machines are also remarkable because of their durability, precision, portability, and simplicity.

East West Engineering and Electronics introduces a new X-Ray Film Viewer with Automatic, 500W Power, and Electric Start features.

9:- Thermo Fisher Scientific

The year 1956 marked the beginning of operations for the business, with the X-Ray Machine Suppliers in India, they also had headquarters in the state of Massachusetts in the United States.

Products such as scientific instrumentation, software services, reagents & consumables, and consumables are among those offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Doctors Prefer Thermo Fisher ScientificX-Ray Machines, Why?

The company offers X-ray systems for the installation of radiographic examination envelopes, ubiquitous X-ray inspection systems that are based on fully shielded devices, and efficient solutions for its clientele.

Thermo Fisher Scientific  is ready to beat the competitors with its innovative X Ray Machine for vehicle parts.

10:- Nikon

Nikon Metrology officially opened its doors in Brighton, United States, in 1998 after it was incorporated. The company has made a global impact with its widespread network of offices in Asia, Africa, Europe, and other continents.

When it comes to electronics, dimensions, industrial microscopy, shop-floor inspection, service & support, and X-ray & CT inspection, this firm is typically the go-to for specialized solutions.

Doctors Prefer Nikon X-Ray Machines, Why?

All of Nikon's X-ray machines are driven by micro focus sources with an output voltage of up to 450 kV that were developed and manufactured in-house.

Configurable X-ray and CT systems with a vast inspection envelope, supporting various sources and detectors, to meet the most stringent inspection needs


X-ray machines are crucial in modern medicine. This is due to the fact that these items are frequently put through rigorous inspection and testing to ensure their safety for use in or around human beings.

Finding the best Industrial X-ray machine manufacturers in India is made easier with the help of the following list.

FAQs: X-ray machine

Q. What is an X-ray machine, and how does it work?

Ans. The machine sends out a heavy beam of electrons called an X-ray photon. The photons go through the air, hit the body and its tissues, and make a picture on a metal film.

Q. What are some of the different types of X-ray machines, and how do they differ in terms of function and capabilities?

Ans. There are three types of X-ray machines

  • Fixed X-ray equipment requires huge transformers and special mains connections.
  • Portable X-ray equipment has lightweight transformers. Portable X-ray machines are the most user-friendly.
  • Due to their larger transformers, mobile X-ray machines on wheels produce 90-125kv and 40-300mA.

Q. What training and certifications are required to operate an X-ray machine?

Ans. A certificate in X-ray technology or a graduate degree in Radiology can get you started as an X-ray technician.

Q. How do you ensure the safe and proper operation of an X-ray machine?

Ans. Avoid the main X-ray beam and wear safety gear to make sure an X-ray machine works safely and correctly.