Are you looking for the best exporters of ayurvedic products from India? We are here to provide you with accurate information on Indian enterprises that export Ayurvedic medicine to many other nations. When exporting, the norms and requirements of the destination country will also be relevant. Before importing any goods into the country, the vast majority of the nation needs product registration. You must validate all regulations and processes for product registration in the nation to which you wish to export Ayurvedic items before moving forward with the export.

Top Indian Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers

The ayurvedic businesses that export and manufacture medicines from India to different regions of the nation are listed below. Also included are the contact information and registration address of Indian exporters of herbal medicines.

1. Dabur India Ltd.

Among the top ayurvedic product manufacturers in India, this company has sales of over Rupees 7,680 crore and a market capitalization of over Rupees 48,800 crore. Dabur is now the most reputable brand in India and the biggest Ayurveda and Natural Healthcare corporation in the world, drawing on a tradition of quality and expertise spanning over 133 years. With a range of more than 250 herbal supplements, the firm is a global leader in Ayurveda as well. Dabur's goods are now sold in more than 120 countries throughout the world and have a significant presence in international markets.  Overall, Dabur has been successful in making the transition from a family-run company to a professionally managed one.

2. Ramniklal Bhavanji Trading Company Private Limited

In 1998, this company was founded. A total of INR 2.02 lac has been paid up capital. According to our data, the company's most recent recorded AGM took place on September 30, 2018. Additionally, based on data, its most recent balance sheet was created for the time frame ending on March 31, 2018. One of India's top ayurvedic companies in India is the business. Mostly in Kenya, the firm sells ayurvedic medicines. Usually, the consignments are sent to Mombasa Ports.

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These shipments are sent by the firm from the seaports of Jnpt and Bombay. The business has a strong reputation and a successful track record. It complies with the export-import regulations established by the Indian government. The appropriate authorities have given it the HS Codes 30039001, 30039090, and so on.

3. Panvelley Herbals

Founded in 2005, this company is one of India's top ayurvedic companies in India. Their shipments are sent by the firm from Jnpt Ports and Bombay Air. The business has a strong reputation and a successful track record. It complies with the export-import regulations established by the Indian government. The appropriate authorities have given it the HS Codes 30049011, 33030090, and so on. The business has established a reputation as one of India's leading providers of herbal medicines, ayurvedic medicines, and other products. The supplier business is among the top vendors of the mentioned goods and is based in Rajkot, Gujarat.

4. Shahnaz Herbals

For its practical implementation of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian method of herbal medicine, Shahnaz Husain, the founder of natural beauty care, has received unparalleled praise on a global scale. In response to the global "back to nature" craze, Shahnaz Husain revived an antiquated herbal system and adapted it to meet contemporary needs. The business has a strong reputation and a successful track record. It complies with the export-import regulations established by the Indian government to make some of the best ayurvedic products.

5. Pharmacy by Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.

In 2007, Kerala Ayurveds Pharmacy Ltd. was founded. The organisation is a reputable Indian business that exports a few of the best ayurvedic products under the HS Codes 30039001 and 30039007. The firm mostly supplies Ayurvedic medicine to Germany and Japan. Usually, the shipments are sent to the ports of Narita and Frankfurt. These shipments are sent by the firm from Cochin Airport Terminals. The business has a strong reputation and a successful track record.

It complies with the export-import regulations established by the Indian government. The appropriate authorities have given it the HS Codes 30039001, 30039007, and so on. All of their programmes are founded on the primary Vedic scriptures and have a thorough curriculum created by their knowledgeable staff of academics, practitioners, and students of Vedic studies. With the highest attention to safety, purity, and effectiveness with no hazardous, they design Items which are benchmarked by the Standards and Protocols defined by Industry Governing Bodies.

6. Rajah Ayurveda:

The Rajah Group founded Rajah Ayurveda in 1996 to educate people worldwide about the natural medical science of life. Rajah Ayurveda now exports the best ayurvedic products in India to South Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. These goods are sold via a variety of channels, including through the patients who use them and anyone who is interested in the Ayurvedic philosophy and practises.

Authentic and conventional medication is available for their in-house visitors. Thanks to a nearby medicine production facility. They are quite advanced in the area of ayurvedic pharmaceuticals with humility. Later, to serve the ever-expanding markets, the company was transformed into a GMP-certified medication business, and the cutting-edge facility was put into operation to deliver consistently good medications at competitive costs.

7. Seair Exim Solution

Among the top Ayurveda manufacturers in India, this company was founded in 2009. Ever since they have amassed a sizable database for Exit Trade on a global scale. They offer their customers shipping information and market analysis on international Exim trading. By offering customers individualised solutions, they guarantee their top position in the sector. All of their transactions are entirely genuine. You may completely depend on them for your business since they diligently compile the trade information they provide from their organisation. They were willing to return your money if their information turned out to be inaccurate since they openly asserted their reliability as high quality. Their cutting-edge, high-speed server makes sure that users may download data rapidly.

8. Navayur Herbals

The top 50 ayurvedic businesses in India are ranked, and this company is thought to provide the finest business chances. The firm offers the pharmaceutical franchise to benefit both the owner of the herbal franchise and the business overall. Since they are an ISO-certified business, all of our manufacturing is done in WHO and GMP-certified facilities. In all Indian states and towns, the business is offering the ayurvedic PCD/pharma franchise.

9. Maheshwari Pharmaceuticals India Limited

This ayurvedic firm expanding quickly and aims to combine technology and the traditional Indian medical system. It began in 1995 and has expanded significantly since then. Amastha Awaleh, their flagship product, has become a distinctive differentiation in the market as a consequence of improvements made by the company in every area, from production to marketing.

10. Patanjali Ayurved Limited

This company provides high-quality herbal and mineral remedies. The factory strictly adheres to GMP guidelines, and the company takes pleasure in being ecologically friendly. The ideal combination of science and Ayurveda may be found at Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. Authenticity and condition of the services have always been a top focus for the manufacturers of this ayurvedic product. They are continuously working to provide patients with the best Ayurvedic and herbal medications possible, manufactured with cutting-edge technology to provide better outcomes. Every one of their products is a flawless fusion of modern technology and standardised herbal extracts made from the highest grade herbs under the supervision of professionals.

11. Biolife Technologies

This company was founded in 1998. They provide organic and extremely effective formulations that have earned us a prestigious place not merely in the home market but also on the global stage. They keep up the good effort to reach their customers abroad. This is a recognized and competent firm involved in manufacturing and selling completed goods, Herbal ingredients, and phytochemicals. They have a production facility in Haryana and a recognized office in New Delhi, as well as established distributors all over the world. Only via these two rich thinking and working processes have we become a top producer, supplier, and business-promoting organisation for nutrition.

12. Products by Sanat Ltd.

This company was founded in 1984 and specialises in the production and distribution of some of the best ayurvedic products in India. The business has R&D, which is staffed by qualified experts at both the corporate office and production facilities. For both local and foreign clients, the Naturals Extracts division is involved in extracting and selling standardised Natural Extracts of the best quality. It satisfies the expanding demands of the culinary, Ayurveda, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors. Herbal aqueous as well as alcohol extracts are treated to precise strengths and provided as soft extraction or dry extraction powders according to the needs of the client. Additionally, we provide bespoke extraction on a secret contract.


To make your search easier, we have included a list of the Best Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers in India. If you have any questions about the same or would like more information, you may contact them at any moment. On the official website, you can find the contact details.

Best Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers and Best Products


Best Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers

Best ayurvedic products

Price Range



Schwitz Biotech

Hamlet 500 - Ethamsylate Tablets

100.00 INR


Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt. Ltd.

Diabetic Care Juice

450 INR



Amla juice 500ml

70 INR


Alpic Remedies Ltd.

Ayurvedic oil

92.70 INR


Vea Impex

Vasaka Tablets General Medicines

184 INR

FAQs: Ayurvedic Products

Q. What ayurvedic goods come from India and are exported?

Ans. Their exports of ayurvedic medications consist of:

  • PRESCALM-For Moderate Hypertension.
  • Diabest-R-Tablets.
  • Flex Tab.
  • Sumana Syrup.
  • AHD-Ashmariharadravam.
  • Pradaroushadhi Syrup.
  • Kajah Cough Syrup.
  • Indukantham Syrup.

Q. Which Ayurvedic business is the best in India?

Ans. Dabur is now among the oldest and biggest ayurvedic businesses in the world. The greatest ayurvedic business in India, offering a variety of goods for personal grooming, beauty, and other ailments.

Q. What country produces Ayurvedic goods?

Ans. Ayurveda originates from India. Not only in the local community but also internationally, local ingredients have received praise.