In need of an automatic control valve for your facility? Don’t worry this article will share in-depth information about them and highlight a few most reputed manufacturers in India.

An Automatic Control Valve is an essential part of a pipe fitting system that helps regulate the flow of gasses, fluids, semi-fluids, etc. This device works by clearing, blocking, and even partially obstructing the flow of fluids in a system.

Diaphragm Operated Control Valve Application: Industrial

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How Do Automatic Control Valves Work?

Automatic Control Valves are reliable self-acting devices that operate according to the process and the happening changes. They are unique valves that come equipped with actuators, these receive the signals from special sensors that have the ability to detect the change in pressure and temperature. After receiving the signals, the actuators take appropriate measures by opening, closing or partially obstructing the passage of fluids.

Key Benefits of Installing Automatic Control Valves:

There are numerous benefits of automatic control valves. They make it easy to overcome the challenges that manufacturing plants face with manually operated valves. Also, your facility can have multiple automatic control valves that can be easily mentored and operated with a centralized system. Let’s dig into more details:

Helps Enhancing Process Efficiency

Automatic Control Valves prominently make the process efficient by making it human error-free. They are self-acting depending upon the process changes which makes them highly accurate in controlling the fluid flow. Furthermore, a company can witness better product quality, which was not possible before due to faulty valve operations and delayed responses. Also, the overall production capacity can be boosted along with the quality standards using automatic control valves.

Easy Installation Process

Saving time and effort significantly, the automatic control valves are easy to install and become ready to operate as soon they are fitted into the system. There is nothing overly complex about them that a trained operator cannot understand.

Automatically Controlled

Even though automatic control valves are self-acting and efficient in regulating liquid flow on their own, an operator can monitor and control multiple valves in one go, ensuring an adequate flow of fluids into the system. This makes the process even faster and more efficient.

Prevent Fluid Clogging

Automatic control valves detect the pressure and temperature on their own and decide the fluid flow. During the buildup of fluid, they can wide open the passage to prevent clogging.

Saves Time and Money

Automatic control valves are highly accurate in regulating fluid flow. With this ability, they help conserve the fluids and save a company from a notable amount of expense and tedious effort.

Applications of Automatic Control Valve

Automatic Control Valves find applications in various industries for regulating the flow of fluids by sensing the temperature and pressure. Let’s discuss their use industry-wise:

Water Treatment

Water treatment plants most commonly use automatic control valves for controlling the flow of water, and managing temperature and pressure for the purification process in the presence of chemicals used to treat the water.

Manufacturing Processes

Major industries including pharma, food & beverage, etc. utilize automatic control valves for regulating an adequate flow of fluids, gasses, and steam during the large-scale food processing and beverage manufacturing process.

Oil and Gas Industry

Automatic control valves are extensively used in the oil and gas industry for regulating the flow of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and many more refined products. Moreover, they even control the pressure and temperature in the storage tanks.


For controlling the chemical reactions precisely the right flow of fluids is necessary to be maintained at the right temperature and pressure. For this automatic control valves are widely used in chemical processing plants to achieve efficiency.


In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining the right flow of ingredients and adequate pressure and temperature is essential for further blending and mixing of pharmaceutical products. This is achieved by installing automatic control valves.

Directional Control Valve Application: Industrial

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Here’re the Top 10 Leading Automatic Control Valves Manufacturers in India

United Hydraulic Control

United Hydraulic Control is one of the industry's leading brands, manufacturing a premium range of safety valves and automatic control valves. They are among the most elite, dominating the market since 1996. Their products are developed from premium-grade raw materials procured from trusted sources only. They exclusively conduct multi-phase quality checks and inspections for each product, so that the clients get value-for-money deals.

Alpha Trading Co.

Established in 2007, Alpha Trading Co. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fitting equipment including automatic control valves. They produce a robust range of product lines, using finest grade raw materials resourced from authentic vendors only. As the name hints, Alpha Trading Co. has been an elite player for over two decades. They have garnered a huge clientele, which praises their products for high performance, durability, and prolonged life.

Integral Process Controls India Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in 2001, Integral Process Controls India Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as a reputed manufacturer and supplier of various industrial-grade products. They produce a state of the art automatic control valves offering performance, efficiency, and reliability. They develop their products by procuring premium-grade raw materials from trusted vendors in the industry. To sustain such high standards to the end, they conduct multiple quality checks and inspections of every batch they manufacture.

Shah Traders

Shah Traders was established in 1992 as one of the leading industrialists producing a wide spectrum of finest quality valves, motors, and associated equipment. Their offerings are produced using the highest quality base materials including brass, stainless steel, etc. The company only procures them from authentic vendors of the industry. This is the reason why automatic control valves produced by them are praised for their durability, performance, and efficiency.

Aaa Industries

Aaa Industries are the prominent manufacturers of fitting and piping system products which include automatic control valves. They have a well-established facility equipped with modern machines and equipment, where they produce these with precision and accuracy. They utilize only premium quality raw materials procured from authentic vendors. Furthermore, each of their products undergoes rigorous quality checks and inspections to ensure clients get the best deal.

J. D. Controls

J. D. Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide variety of industrial valves. Their vast product range includes premium range automatic control valves, offering durability, high performance, and an efficient system to control fluid flow. With decades of tedious efforts, they have garnered a large client base, which praises their products for their superior quality. J.D Controls has set up a large high-tech facility enhancing product capacity. They have installed modern machines and the latest tools to create equipment with precision and accuracy.

Jay Brass Industries

Dominating the industry since 1996, Jay Brass Industries has now become the most reputed manufacturer and supplier of industrial-grade fitting equipment. Their vast product range includes automatic control valves, which have high-end finishing and top performance levels. They are designed to withstand extreme pressure levels in extreme temperatures. Moreover, they are corrosion-resistant, and best used in chemical and water treatment plants.

Airmax Automation

Airmax Automation was established in 2001, and since then they have been a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a commendable range of industrial valves, Butterfly Valves, automatic control valves, etc. They utilize only premium quality raw materials to produce them and it offers high-end finishing to the final products. Automatic control valves are manufactured by them using modern machines and tools with high accuracy and precision.

Volga Freeze

Volga Freeze is another renowned brand manufacturing industrial automation control equipment. They produce a wide spectrum of products including automatic control valves adding efficiency and performance to the industrial processes. Their products find applications across various industries including water treatment plants, chemical, food & beverage, pharma, etc. Furthermore, they exclusively utilize the highest quality raw materials including non-corrosive metals to manufacture them.

Elite Line Industrial Corp.

Elite Line Industrial Corp. is a foremost manufacturer and supplier of a wide spectrum of valves that find applications in various industries. Their offerings are popular for their durability, high performance, and efficiency. Also, apart from standards they offer tailor-made engineering solutions for their clients’ specific requirements. Their product goes through a rigorous quality check and inspections, making sure clients get more than what they pay for.

FAQs: Automatic Control Valve

Q. Who is the best manufacturer of Automatic Control Valve in India?

Ans. Here are the top 10 Automatic Control Valve manufacturers in India:

  1. United Hydraulic Control
  2. Alpha Trading Co.
  3. Integral Process Controls India Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Shah Traders
  5. Aaa Industries
  6. J. D. Controls
  7. Jay Brass Industries
  8. Airmax Automation
  9. Volga Freeze
  10. Elite Line Industrial Corp.

Q. What is an Automatic Control Valve?

Ans. An Automatic Control Valve is a unique type of value that acts on its own to regulate the fluid flow by sensing the temperature, pressure, and volume, in industrial equipment. They are extensively utilized across various industries including chemical, food & beverage, water treatment, etc.

Q. What is the main benefit of Automatic Control Valve?

Ans. By installing an automatic control valve you automate several processes including fluid flow, temperature, and pressure regulation which limits the involvement of operators. This mechanism eliminates the chances of human errors and makes the whole process more safe when dangerous chemicals or substances are involved.

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