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What is Coffee Maker?

Coffee maker is a kitchen appliance for brewing coffee automatically without having to boil water in a separate container.

The Most Common Coffee Maker-- the Making Process
While there are many different types of coffee makers using a number of different brewing principles In the most common devices, coffee grounds are placed in a paper or metal filter inside a funnel, which is set over a glass or ceramic coffee pot. Cold water is poured into a separate chamber, which is then heated up to the boiling point, and directed into the funnel. This is also called automatic drip-brew.

History of the Coffee

Coffee PlantKaldi, a sheep herder from Caffa, Ethiopia discovered the coffee. There is a very interesting story related to it. Kaldi, while herding his sheep, happened to notice that his sheep would get hyperactive after eating red Aca A cherriesAca A from the plant we now know to be coffee. Intrigued as to what the plant was doing to his flock, Kaldi tried a those himself, and was soon in a caffeine frenzy. Initially, the local monks scolded Kaldi for his new-found drug, but they soon found that if they took some coffee themselves, they could stay up later for their prayers. But until 1453 coffee was consumed mostly as beans.

Originally the coffee plant grew naturally in Ethopia, and later, the Arabians took it to their land, farmed it heavily, and began the first coffee monopoly. In 1453, the Turks were the first people to make a drink out of coffee beans, and the worldAca a cs first coffee shop, Kiva Han, opened there 22 years later.

Soon coffee became a common drink all over the world. 

History of the Coffee Maker

Before the coffee maker was invented, coffee was prepared in boiling water. The beans were roasted on an open fire and then added to boiling water for consumption. This process did not bring the desired taste and aroma, and hence coffee lovers started to devise ways to come up with a machine or a coffee maker that would prepare tasty coffee. 

Turkish Ibrik in 578 AD: The Turks is a innovative type of coffee maker to brew coffee by heating the maker in desert sand. This was named as the Turkish Ibrik. 

Perfection of French Drip Pot in 1800: The French Drip Pot wasn't originally a coffee maker, but Count Rumford, an eccentric American adventurer of Paris perfected it to a type of coffee maker. 

Percolator Type Coffee MakerPercolator Type Coffee Maker in 1818: The year 1818 in Paris witnessed the invention of the first coffee maker by Laurens, a Parisian metal smith. Designed in the percolator type, it came to be used widely by American frontiersmen who termed it as the 'Cowboy pot'. The exclusive design, simple operational process and durability has made it popular till today. Deemed as an antique coffee maker item, each of the earliest brands is priced over ten thousand dollars at antique auctions. 

1835-1850, The Golden Age of Coffee: The year from 1835 to 1850 has been termed 'The Golden Age of Coffee' with the invention of various coffee makers and related parts like pressure steamers, glass balloons, vacuum or piston coffeemakers, pneumatic pump, the Napierian balancing siphon, locomotive coffee makers, grinders and roasters. 

Double-glass-blown Cafetiere in 1894: The year 1894 witness yet another invention of the coffee maker called double-glass-blown cafetiere . 

Melitta Coffee Filter Paper in 1912: Earlier, for the filtering purpose of coffee, linen or cloth was used. Frau Benz invented the Melitta coffee filter paper in 1912, which is an efficient disposal method for coffee. 

General: Over the next one hundred and fifty years the percolator based coffee pots were developed with newer features. These products became popular in many homes and restaurants. 

Espresso Coffee Machine in 1946: Achille Gaggia invented the espresso coffee machine to work without steam. 

1960's--Modern Filter Type Coffee Maker: A new and innovative coffee maker was invented in the 1960s called filter type coffee maker, which has more advanced features than the earlier Mr. Coffee Brand of Coffee Makervarieties. Developed more with the passage of time, this new design came to be manufactured by many companies and its demand rose in the market. 

Mr. Coffee Brand in 1972 and thenceforth: A manufacturing company introduced the Mr. Coffee brand of the coffee maker starting with automatic drip process with Joe DiMaggio as its spokesperson from 1974. Today, the Mr. Coffee holds a major part of the market share in the world. Here is a series of the coffee makers under the Mr. Coffee Brand, which took the market by surprise: 

  • Thermal Coffee Maker1977--Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker - ME10 
  • 1977--"Coffee Saver" (use of less coffee but full flavor) 
  • 1979--Addition of timers to coffeemakers 
  • 1985--4-cup Coffee Makers 
  • 1989--ECM1 Steam Unit under the espresso category 
  • 2002--Reinvention of Thermal Coffee Maker with the introduction of the URTX85 
  • 2004--Introduction of the FT and IS series.
The Espresso Coffee Maker 
Espresso MakerAn espresso coffee drink gives more energy and it is tastier than the other coffee drinks. The first espresso maker was invented by a manufacturing company owned by Lugia Bezzer in 1901 in Italy. Mr. Bezzer was simply looking for a way to help speed up his employeeAca a cs coffee breaks. He figured out that if pressure was applied in the brewing process, the drink could be made in a lot less time. Nicknamed Aca A The fast coffee machineAca A , the espresso machine patent was sold in 1905. The new owner, Desidero Pavoni developed an espresso machine that used a piston pump to force water through a tube and into the coffee. 

The commercial espresso machine was invented in 1946. Since then, the espresso maker under different brands began to be produced by many companies. Some of the prominent brands include Juda, Mr.Coffee, Kitchenaid and Braun. The modern espresso machine come in various features, styles, colors and prices. 

Types of Coffee Makers
  • Stove Top Coffee MakerAutomatic 
  • French Press 
  • Stove Top 
  • Espresso 
  • Vacuum 
  • Pod 
  • Combination of both Grinder and Coffee Making Capabilities.
Features of Coffee Makers 
Coffee machines vary in price, depending on preference and functionality. Most coffee makers have the following features:
  • Electric Timers 
  • Filters 
  • Frothing Systems 
  • Thermal Glass Carafe 
  • Water Reservoir 
  • Lighted on/off Switch 
  • Digital/Programmable 
  • Warming Plate (some are metal and some are porcelain) 
  • Thermostat.
Some Interesting Facts about Coffee and Coffee Maker 
  • CoffeeEarly frontiersmen and soldiers used to carry a coffee pot with them always 
  • Coffee has been a staple of the travelersAca a c life the time it has been introduced 
  • The stimulant caffeine in coffee helps to warm up a person on cold mornings 
  • The ancient art of coffee cup reading, known as tasseomancy, has entertained and brought friends and families closer together for over a thousand years 
  • It is believed that coffee was probably considered a type of wine and used to barter and trade 
  • Coffee is a source of energy and warmth and most people drink it for the taste 
  • Canadian scientists say that drinking four cups of coffee a day may cut risk of having gout attack problems 
  • Drinking four or more cups of coffee can significantly decrease your risk of liver cancer or liver cirrhosis 
  • Coffee is also associated with a reduced risk of developing Parkinson's disease 
  • Drinking coffee may help prevent colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer in western world 
  • Coffee consumption of 6 or more cups a day was found to reduce the risk of developing Type2 diabetes 
  • People drinking 2-3 cups every day were 40% less likely to develop painful gallstones.