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The Evolution of Remote Control

Remote control adds life to the consumer electronics. This convenience feature of electronic items for the consumers has removed the compulsion of direct operation and enabled to operate any electronic device wirelessly from a short distance. The early traces of a remote control can be found in around 1898, designed and developed by Nikola Tesla, which uses radio waves as controlling mechanism. Television Remote Control was first developed by Zenith Radio Corporation in 1950, which was called a Lazy Bonesa , however, it was connected to a wire. The first wireless remote control, named a Flashmatica , was developed in 1955 by Eugene Polley.

Remote control added so much comfort to our lives that according to a research, an average home has 3-4 four remotes. Today, with the rise of electronic items, remote control manufacturers have witnessed the demand of product to a great extent and to meet this, production of various remote control having advanced sensors have also risen.
Now, Remote Control Suppliers and Exporters in India are capable of providing high quality home remote control featuring latest infrared (IR) technology. Transmitters fitted in the remote control send a stream of infrared pulses to the device as the users presses a button. There is a unique pattern of light for each button and the receiver installed in the device understands this pattern and so respond accordingly.