Are you considering starting your own Industrial RO Water Plant in an Indian city? If that's the case, keep reading because you've come to the correct spot. As the top water business consultant, we can guide you through the process of establishing mineral water or packaged potable water facilities in India. Due to water contamination and dwindling groundwater levels in Indian small towns and cities, the demand for pure and usable drinking water is increasing tremendously. Since everyone wants to consume filtered water, this RO water system firm has become an evergreen enterprise. All who seek to develop their own company will find a home here.

Things Needed To Start Water Purifier Business

People who want to establish a commercial water purifier manufacturer should start with a modest RO plant, such as a 1000 LPH or 500 LPH unit. Assess the TDS as well as other elements in the water before setting up the water Factory, as this will affect the plant's construction and efficiency. The TDS and elements in water vary depending on where you live. Obtain a location, do local mineral water market research, and identify prospective consumers. After gathering the required knowledge through research and learning about water, you are prepared to purchase a high industrial water plant.

Registering For Commercial Water Purifier Business

You must register as a company or corporation to obtain a brand for your water company's reputation. And because your product is intended for human consumption, you must register and obtain BIS clearance.

The Licenses Required

Certain paperwork and the permissions and documentation specified below are necessary to start a bottled water facility:

  1. Certificate of pest control
  2. Laboratory report on feed water testing
  3. Certificate of pollution control from the local pollution control office
  4. Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) certification (BIS)
  5. The business's AOA and MOA
  6. A certificate of registration for a small business

When is the best time to start a sparkling water company? The months of February and March are ideal for starting a commercial water plant company.

Commercial Water Purifier Business Cost

Although the resources needed in this company are cheap in comparison to other businesses, it does rely and vary on several factors, some of which are listed below: -

  • TDS & minerals inside the water in the area.
  • The Industrial RO Plant's output capacity.
  • The location where the business will be established.
  • Water purifier price
  • Transportation costs.
  • The chemistry of water source feed.
  • The kind of water packaging facility and the number of units produced.

We compute a baseline Industrial Water Purifier Plant Cost of 50,000/- based on these factors. To put it another way, if you want to establish a Mineral Water company, you just need at least $50,000, which includes a 100 LPH water purifier facility. However, as purified water capacity, manufacturing, and packaging grow, so does the competition in the industry. It can cost anything between 1 and 60 lakhs.

Commercial Water Purifier Business Profit

Every company's profit is a critical aspect. Each person considering starting a business should consider the earnings potential initially. How much money would he or she be able to make from this investment? That is why we are trying to describe you to how to calculate profit. The annual profit of the Water Purification Plant company is as follows:

  • 8000 bottles are produced per day. In other words, the annual production would be 8000 x 365 = 2920000 units.
  • No. of containers (considering each crate contains 12 units): 2920000/12 = 24333 containers each year
  • The selling price for each container will be Rs 80.
  • 80 x 24333 = Rs 1 Crore 94 lakhs in total turnover
  • Gross gain = Turnover – Production Cost

Now we need to figure out how much it will cost to make 24333 crates. Staff salaries, raw materials costs, power costs, water purifier price, laboratory costs, as well as other costs, will all be included in the overall manufacturing cost. The monthly cost of producing 24333 crates of bottled drinking water is estimated to be over 12 lakhs. As a result, the annual manufacturing cost would be 1 crore 44 lakhs.

Buy the Best Commercial Water Purifier Plant

Lastly, let us look at a few of the best commercial water purifier manufacturers and learn about them so that you can learn where to get the best, and who to learn from.

1. Shubham Water Solution Private Limited:

They are among the major producers, traders, and manufacturers of a comprehensive range of the highest quality Water Treatment Plants, having started their activities in the year 2010. They provide a comprehensive selection of water treatment facilities, including reverse osmosis plants, best water purifier for home, RO plants, and water-cooling plants. These water systems are in a growing market in a variety of industrial and commercial applications because of their client-friendly operations, sturdy construction, excellent performance, minimal repair, decreased noise level, and extended service life.

These water treatment systems may be modified according to the specifications specified by the clients. They have been prepared to acquire and sustain bulk needs most effectively thanks to their modern technology, gear, and supplies. To ensure that various production, in-house assurance checking, storage, shipping, and sales and marketing activities are performed in a very efficient and standardised manner possible. We are upgrading our infrastructure to better fulfil the different demands of our valued clients.

2. Associated Pack Tech Engineers:

This company began as a sole proprietorship in the year 2001 to gain expertise in the fields of packing, best water purifier, filling equipment, & water systems. Their calm perseverance and desire for accomplishment propelled them to the market's summit of achievement. Water purification machines are among the best-in-class filling and packaging devices that they make and supply. Certified auditors check all goods at each phase of production in compliance with worldwide quality values. They have hi-tech industrial units that use cutting-edge technology to their full potential.

3. Dharmanandan Techno Project Private Limited:

This firm, which was founded in 2011, is a reputable producer and supplier of RO Plants, Bottle Filling Machines, Mineral Water Plants, Bottled Potable Water Plants, and other products. The group is made up of highly experienced professionals in water treatment and water packaging plants who use cutting-edge technology to purify and package water. Their expert engineers create and manufacture all of their items utilising the highest quality raw materials and the most up-to-date gear.

4. All pack Engineers:

They entered service in 2011, and the company's name is well-known in the market for water treatment and purifying plants. Their product range includes not just purifying plants, but also RO Plants, the best water purifier for homes, Filtering Plants, and Treatment Plants, all of which are handled by domain experts using the most up-to-date machinery and methods. Furthermore, they provide a high-quality selection of water purification plants at a reasonable price, based on the experience of their well-trained personnel. The grade of their goods, which is always by established industry regulations and guidelines, distinguishes them from their rivals.

5. Equalizer India Co.:

This accredited firm, which was founded in 2004, is the leading Wholesaler, Trader, and Manufacturer of Iron Water Pump, Water Cooler, Removal Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, best water purifier, and other products. Their extremely competent and informed employees produce these items in strict accordance with the established quality requirements. They have earned respect in the business by operating diligently and following fair business standards, thanks to our adviser's foresight.

6. Revos Aqua Systems Private Limited:

This firm offers a comprehensive range of products and services for Total Water Treatment Solutions. A skilled staff of technical experts manages the firm. They comprehend our clients' issues and collaborate with them as solution providers. Many water purification systems are built with the convenience of setup in mind, as well as trouble-free maintenance and support. Their goal is to deliver high-quality items with quick after-sales support. They believe in gradual progress and providing customers with value-added solutions. They know their customers' difficulties and tailor their offerings to their requirements. Being industry leaders for their valued clients, they treat each question with equal attention and strive to deliver tailored solutions.


You now have a good understanding of the fundamentals of the mineral water processing industry. The subject of where and how to apply for a business drinking water plant company becomes a key concern. Hope this has helped in getting some good idea.

FAQs: Water Purifier

Q. Is it lucrative to sell purified water?

Ans. If you have a sound business strategy in place, you may quickly put up a water purifying unit. This business will provide you with a very high-profit margin. Profit margins for small bottles should be about 15%, whereas profit margins for bigger bottles should be over 60%.

Q. What is the cost of the water refill facility?

Ans. Something to keep in mind is that the water refilling equipment typically spends a significant amount of money. A licensed bottle filling station, on either hand, may cost anything from PHP 350,000-to 80,000.