Top Medical Equipment Supplying Companies in India - [2023]

Medical equipment may be used alone or in conjunction with any accessory, consumable, or other pieces of medical equipment for the particular objectives of diagnosing and treating diseases, as well as for rehabilitation after illness or accident. These needs to be carefully crafted since they are utilized for a very significant reason, namely, medicinal purposes. For the safe and effective treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and prevention of disease and sickness, medical devices are crucial.

List of the Top Medical Equipment Suppliers in India

1. Poly Medicure Limited

With an emphasis on quality, innovation, and safety, they are a major Indian medical device firm with a commanding presence in the medical equipment industry. They are one of India's most rapidly expanding medical device companies. They provide over 125 different sorts of items to customers in more than 100 different countries worldwide. Through the use of the goods produced in their facilities, they reach millions of patients every day all over the globe. They have more than 20 years of experience helping people and healthcare professionals. They are a top exporter and manufacturer of medical devices in India.

For six years running, they have also been acknowledged as India's biggest exporter of medical devices. In 8 cutting-edge production sites across the globe, Polymed has a proven track record of producing high-quality medical products. They have 5 production facilities: 3 in Faridabad, 1 in each of Jaipur and Haridwar, and 3 abroad.  They are committed to producing innovative, high-quality medical equipment that not only enable the medical community to do its duties more effectively and efficiently, but also deliver the best possible patient care. Innovation, safety, and quality are what they stand for.

2. Nureca

This business is among the best hospital equipment manufacturers, offering more than 150 SKUs in a variety of product categories. They are dedicated to developing solutions that aid in the processing and assessment of health data in order to improve disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Te is committed to enhancing the vibrancy and quality of people's lives. They bring together practical innovation, tried-and-true technology, and ergonomic layout to empower individuals to take charge of their own health.

Over 5 million individuals have achieved their health and wellness objectives with the aid of their market-leading digital medical equipment and wellness solutions. All across the world, their goods are used by patients, family members, and medical professionals. People's health journeys must be linked in the connected world of today. Nureca is heavily involved in developing a digital environment that enables the early diagnosis and treatment of lifestyle disorders in order to support this. Their transition from standalone goods to solutions incorporating smart devices, software, and systems is being driven by this digitised environment.

3. Prevest DenPro Limited

This is one of the most inventive producers and hospital equipment suppliers. Prevest DenPro started off modestly in the year 2000 in the lovely city of Jammu, India, with a few select items, a compact workspace, and a tiny workforce. It has grown into a significant worldwide participant in the dentistry industry over the course of the last year with a global outlook. Presently, Prevest DenPro operates production and marketing facilities in Germany, the UK, and India, where it employs more than 100 capable, devoted workers. In addition to a national network of wholesalers and retailers in India, the firm now has business associates in more than 80 nations, supplying dental professionals throughout the globe.

A group of knowledgeable dental specialists is directing the development of cutting-edge dental materials. For practically every application, they offer a variety of medical products. The business is expanding its product line to include biomaterials, oral hygiene products, and disinfectants. Prevest DenPro has received awards from the European Business Association for "Best Enterprise," the Indian Dental Association for "Best Indian Dental Manufacturer," the Federation of Indian Exporters Organization for "Top Exporter," and the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of India for "Star Export House."

4. GKB Ophthalmics Private Limited

The Group's Flagship Company was founded in Goa in 1981 as an hospital equipment manufacturing company. Products from the business are shipped to several nations worldwide. Their main priority is quality. They must make sure the lenses leaving their facility are of the highest quality that their clients can get. Only when their clients succeed do they succeed. Customers must be wholly happy with their service and product quality, and all attempts must be made to foster positive relationships with them. To gain a competitive advantage and consequently expand market share, they must cultivate a positive public perception, trust, and pride.

The power of their management staff, the service they provide, the calibre of their goods, and the expertise, experience, and skill of their personnel, together with the intelligence of their plan, are what, in their opinion, characterise the sustainability of their company. They want to be recognised as a business with the greatest ethical standards, one that people can trust because they believe in following through on their commitments. Their success is largely a consequence of the principles they uphold and consistently convey with their customers, shareholders, and workers.

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5. Adeshwar Meditex Private Limited

The goods of this firm are manufactured and exported utilising the best gauze dressings, tulle dressings, adhesive dressings, and other dressings currently on the market, together with technological know-how, the best raw materials, and strict quality assurance procedures. Quality is unwaveringly prioritised, and WHO-GMP standards are strictly followed while complying to cGMP regulations. They're dedicated to going above and above for their clients. The factory's operations are all carried out in distinct, appropriately separated structures on the same grounds.

This hospital equipment manufacturing company’s facility is accessible by road from both the airport and the railroad station, which is situated around 150 kilometres from the city of Mumbai Airport. None of the businesses release air contaminants that might potentially contaminate their goods. This firm is also one of the biggest producers of medical kits in Southeast Asia, selling 5 million kits to important institutes and automakers in India and worldwide. Adeshwar Meditex produces each item in-house, including sterilisation, and is registered to provide to different government medical institutions, hospitals, public health authorities, and ministries of health overseas in accordance with tender criteria.

6. Earum Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Their company works in the pharmaceutical industry, marketing, trading, and as medical device suppliers. They distribute a variety of pharmacological formulation goods. They provide a large selection of pharmaceutical formulation products, 120 of which are sold by them under their own company name and whose manufacture they contract to other companies. They engage in the selling of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), in addition to pharmaceutical formulation products. Their organizers have a combined expertise of more than four decades. On July 26, 2012, their company was first registered in Ahmedabad.

They do business on both local and foreign markets. Earum Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the market for making high-quality healthcare and consumer goods accessible and cheap all around the world, particularly in South East Asia, Latin America, and all of Africa. They do this by concentrating on their world-class distribution skills and employing WHO recognised manufacturing facilities in India. The medical community has long embraced Earum's reputation as a high-quality healthcare provider in Africa, and practitioners have no qualms about recommending Earum goods to their patients. Their committed workers make it possible for them to engage directly with neighbourhood communities to support individuals in leading longer and healthier lives.

7. Optofine Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

This company, a business group founded in 1977 by a team of technocrats, has become a significant participant in the area of testing equipment production as the Indian business begins to become more quality conscious. This firm was founded four years ago as a multi-group enterprise for the production and export of surgical tools. Modern infrastructure has been constructed to support manufacturing, comprising inspection facilities, machine tools, a well-trained team of certified engineers, skilled employees, and personnel.

They will make an effort to attain, maintain, and improve upon quality while using the most recent techniques, technologies, and procedures. Each employee in their firm will live by the ultimate slogan of "customer pleasure." Therefore, everyone's attention will stay focused on the required quality and fast service. This company will almost always show up on any list of hospital equipment shops near me. They will always be sincere, open-minded, and embracing of new technology, and they will do all in their power to delight customers for a very long time to come.

So that was the list of the best hospital equipment manufacturers in India. Hopefully this list was of use to you.

Top Medical Device Price List

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Chison QBIT 7 Ultrasound Machine


Flameproof Human Body Discharge System


5 mm Covidien Absorbatack Fixation Device


Biosonic Uroflowmetry


Semi Automatic Accusmear Device


Accuster Portable Compact Mobile Lab with Motor Bike 150 cc


Portable Compact Mobile Lab


Oxygen Concentrator 5 Lpm For Hospital


Medical Oxygen Concentrator


FAQs: Medical Equipment

Q. What kind of medical equipment is utilised the most frequently?

Ans. The medical devices that hospitals use the most often are:

  • Scanners with ultrasound.
  • Scalpels.
  • Patient monitors.
  • Defibrillators.
  • X-ray tables.
  • Hospital beds and wheelchairs.

Q. What kinds of medical equipment are there?

Ans. Durable, acute care, surgical, diagnostic, electronic medical equipment (DME), and transport and storage are the five primary categories of medical equipment and supplies, while there are many more subcategories as well.

Q. How many different kinds of medical equipment exist?

Ans. There are now about 7000 generic device groups and an estimated 2 million distinct types of medical devices available on the global market.

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