Top 10 Wet Grinder Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Wet grinders are just simple tools that pulverize coconut, lentils, or soaking grains into a thin paste. They are mills that break down the grains on a large scale. Instant mix for Chapatis, idlis, and dosas can be quickly made. Besides masala grinding and chutney preparation, wet grinders are also used to grind on a large scale. Some grinders are equipped with the atta kneader attachment, which is very useful to knead dough of all kinds. This blog deals with the utility, benefits, and the best brands available in the market of wet grinders in India.

Whether it comes to guarding the authenticity of the traditional recipes or exploring the new culinary world, the wet grinder is recognized as the “must have” utensil in every kitchen. Consider the purchase, practice the skill and get yourself familiar with the appliance and you'll be able to cook great things in no time.

Wet Masala Grinder Dimension(l*w*h): 34 X 22 X 36 Centimeter (Cm)

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10 Best Wet Grinder Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Sl No

Company Name


Year of Establishment


Universal Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Hyderabad, India



Sree Valsa Engineering Company

Coimbatore, India



Techno Agencies

Ahmedabad, India



Singh Refrigeration Works

Noida, India



Raj Works Industries

Indore, India



Thirumalai Industries

Coimbatore, India



Shree Balaji Enterprises

Pune, India



Zigma Machinery & Equipment Solutions

Coimbatore, India



Wisdom Automations

Coimbatore, India



S. M. Engineering

Mumbai, India


Top Products from Leading Wet Grinder Manufacturers & Suppliers in India



Tilting Wet Grinder

10000.00 - 100000.00 INR

Multi Purpose Grinder (Wet & Dry)

49000.00 - 59000.00 INR

Stainless Steel Ms Wet Grinder

6000.00 INR / Piece

Black Tilting Wet Grinders

200.00 - 2000.00 INR

Semi Automatic Wet Grinder

30000.00 INR / Piece

Stainless Steel Wet Pulverizers & Grinders

32000.00 INR / Unit

Universal Process Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Universal Process Engineers, known for its revolutionary wet grinder solutions, provides cutting-edge technology and high-performance wet grinders that ensure efficiency in a variety of industrial applications. They are committed to offering a wide range of products including germ washers, dewatering screens, starch washing systems, starch processing machines, coarse grinders, fine grinder double rotating systems, and fiber washing systems.

Sree Valsa Engineering Company

Sree Valsa Engineering Company specializes in producing durable wet grinders that give precision and dependability. Their products are known for quality, making them a popular choice in the market. They offer a comprehensive array of products including Food Processing Equipment, Pulverizers, Blenders, and Mixers.

Techno Agencies

Techno Agencies is a pioneer in producing multifunctional wet grinders that are noted for their durability and constant performance. Their devotion to quality distinguishes them in the business. Their company offers Chapati Machine, Noodle Machines, Pulveriser, Red Chilli Pounding Machine, Papad Making Machines, Potato Chips Making Machines, Namkeen making machines, and Tea Making Machine.

Singh Refrigeration Works

Singh Refrigeration Works specializes in creating high-efficiency wet grinders that combine innovative technology with long-lasting durability. Their goods satisfy high industry requirements, resulting in client satisfaction. They provide Stock Pot Stove, Gas Cooking Range, Chinese Cooking Range, Tea Boiler, Milk Boiler, Tea-Milk Dispenser, Toaster, Espresso Coffee Machine, Juicer, Hot Plate, Soaking Sink, WheelBarrow, and Mobile Table.

Raj Works Industries

Raj Works Industries is known for producing high-quality wet grinders. They focus on quality and innovation to deliver effective solutions for a wide range of industrial grinding requirements. Their team of experts are committed to offering Industrial Dryer Machine, sev-making Machine, Herbs Grinder Machine, Hydro Dryer Machine, Feeder Conveyor, and Cold Spices Pulverizers.

Thirumalai Industries

Thirumalai Industries stands out for producing dependable wet grinders that are engineered for peak performance. Their dedication to quality and client satisfaction has earned them a valued reputation in the market. They offer a wide range of Kitchen Machines, Electric Grinders, Commercial Mixers, Electric Motors, Wet Grinders, Dry Grinders, Batter Mixer Machines, and Tilting Wet Grinders.

Shree Balaji Enterprises

Shree Balaji Enterprises is a well-known wet grinder producer with a focus on precise engineering and durability. Their products are suitable for a wide range of industrial grinding applications. They specialize in providing Commercial Cooking Equipment, Pastry Counters, Pick Up Counters, Gas Banks, Idli Steamers, Water Coolers, Pot & Storage Racks, Commercial Refrigerators, and Kitchen Exhaust Systems.

Zigma Machinery & Equipment Solutions

Zigma Machinery & Equipment Solutions offers cutting-edge wet grinders that are both efficient and durable. Their dedication to technical innovation makes them a top choice in the business. They offer high-quality industrial machines including Color Sorting Machines, Packaging Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Ribbon Blenders, Pulverizers, Roaster Machines, and Juice Processing Machines.

Wisdom Automations

Wisdom Automations specializes in manufacturing innovative wet grinders that exceed the highest industry requirements. Their emphasis on automation and efficiency distinguishes them in the competitive industry. They provide Automatic Chapati Making Machines, Weighing Systems, Food Processing Machines, Kitchen Equipment, Metal Sensors, PLC Based Automation Projects, and Hospital Equipment.

S. M. Engineering

S. M. Engineering is well-known for producing high-quality wet grinders. Their products are well-known for their precision and performance, and they meet a wide range of industrial grinding needs, assuring client satisfaction. They are the leading producers of Multi Door Refrigerators, Stainless Steel Display Counters, and Stainless Steel Oval Trays.

What is a Wet Grinder?

A wet grinder is a kitchen appliance that by soaking grains, lentils, and other ingredients makes ground batter or paste into a uniform, smooth consistency. The wet grinder is different from the ordinary grinders because it uses water in the grinding process, which increases its efficiency and keeps the flavor and taste of the original ingredients intact. The kitchen appliances sector has wet grinders which are among the best tools any chef wants to have if they are to take their cooking skills to the next level. These versatile contraptions are indispensable items in the kitchens of India, and now the world is becoming aware of their ease.

3 Major Types of Wet Grinders

Wet grinder has been a crucial element in Indian houses' kitchens. This is a machine which makes rice and lentils into a batter for meals like Idli and Dosa. In most of the cases, the wet grinders are made up of two or three stones that have a revolving motion around the drum which is powered by an electric motor. These stone grinders pulverize the grains into creamy smoothness that casts the perfect base for a variety of meals.

Semi Automatic Wet Grinder(tilting)

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Table Top Wet Grinders

  • /ghost/#/postsCompact and portable.
  • Ideal for small families or limited kitchen space.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Tilting Wet Grinders

  • Allows tilting of the drum for easy pouring of batter.
  • Suitable for larger quantities.
  • Provides convenience during cleaning.

Commercial Wet Grinders

  • Heavy-duty grinders designed for commercial kitchens.
  • Capable of handling large quantities quickly.
  • Durable and powerful for continuous usage.

Exploring the Benefits of Using a Wet Grinder

Wet grinders ensure uniform and consistent grinding and persevering thereby the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients remain intact. The use of water, however, prevents the batter from becoming too hot, and therefore, keeps its quality in an undamaged condition. The wet grinders feature a grinding mechanism that takes less time than the traditional kitchen utensils.

The quickness of a proper consistency gives it an edge over other kitchen appliances as a time-saver. Whether it be a batter for idlis and dosas, or masala pastes and chutneys, wet grinders are very versatile equipment. They have various types of cuisine options. These include the ones that are used to test and try different recipes. The slow wet grinder process requires less heat to release the nutrients thus, making it the healthy option. This feature of this drink is very advantageous for health-conscious individuals.

FAQs: Wet Grinders

Q. What is a wet grinder?

Ans. A wet grinder is a kitchen appliance used for grinding soaked grains and lentils to create batters or pastes. It uses water in the grinding process to maintain ingredient texture.

Q. Are wet grinders suitable for small kitchens?

Ans. Yes, tabletop wet grinders are compact and ideal for limited kitchen spaces.

Q. Can wet grinders be used for commercial purposes?

Ans. Absolutely, commercial wet grinders are heavy-duty appliances designed for high-volume usage in commercial kitchens.

Q. How do I clean a wet grinder after use?

Ans. Wipe the drum and stones with a damp cloth after each use. Ensure all parts are thoroughly dry before storage.

Q. What features should I consider when buying a wet grinder?

Ans. Consider factors like capacity, motor power, material, and additional features such as overload protection and ease of cleaning when choosing a wet grinder.

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