Sarees originated in the Indus Valley Civilisation. Sarees are an Indian cultural icon. They are unstitched women’s garments the length of which varies from 4.5 to 9 yards and 600 to 1200 millimeters in breadth.

Here is a list of India's top 10 silk saree manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters.

1. Nalli, Tamil Nadu

  • Nalli was established in the year 1928.
  • Nalli is famous for its retail business for exquisite silks.
  • You can find a wide range of silk, georgette, cotton silk, crepe, chiffon, linen, and jute sarees in different patterns, zari work, embroidery work, and Kanta work dual-tone, and other styles at Nalli.

2. Ranka Silks, Tamil Nadu

  • Ranka Silks is a major saree producer based in Coimbatore.
  • Ranka Silks has a huge collection of both traditional and contemporary silk sarees.
  • Ranks Silks are silk saree manufacturers of the traditional Kanchipuram sarees, silk sarees, sarees for weddings, synthetic sarees, cotton sarees, colored sarees, and many more.
  • One can also purchase sarees from Ranka Silks online too.

3. Sri Sarvalakshmi Silk Saree Manufacturers, Tamil Nadu

  • It is one of the best Kanchipuram wholesale stores for silk sarees.
  • People throng Sri Sarvalakshmi Silk Sarees to buy sarees for weddings, bridal sarees, traditional Kanchipuram sarees, designer Kanchipuram silk sarees, soft silk sarees, and Knajivaram silk sarees for special events and festivals, etc.
  • Their silk sarees are available at affordable prices and the sarees are both stylish and comfortable.
  • The traditional weavers make high-quality sarees for them which are marketed all around the world.
  • You can shop form on both online and offline modes.

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4. Kanchipuram Lakshya Sarees, Tamil Nadu

  • They prove to be one of the reputed and largest suppliers of Kanchipuram silk sarees.
  • They have more than 1000 handloom weavers in Tamil Nadu.

5. Apple Sarees Pvt. Ltd.

  • Apple Sarees Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004.
  • The headquarters is located in Surat, Gujarat.
  • They have 8 offices across India.
  • Apple Sarees Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top saree producers in India.
  • Their products include cotton silk sarees, linen sarees, daily wear sarees, digital printed satin sarees, pure cotton embroidery sarees, and Brasso sarees. They also make beautiful Bhagalpuri sarees, lemon silk sarees, jute sarees, royal silk sarees, and many more.
  • Their brand names are “Saree Stoppers” and “Saree Mall”.

6. Unique Weaves and Blocks, Bhopal

  • Unique Weaves and Blocks have been manufacturing Chanderi handloom and block print sarees since 2010.
  • The three types of cloth to make Chanderi sarees are pure silk, silk cotton, and Chanderi Cotton.
  • The sarees are famous for their gold and silver brocade or Zari and unique silk.

7. Sakshi Handloom, Odisha

  • Sakshi Handloom makes Sambalpuri sarees which are known for their traditional motifs inspired by Lord Jagnath.
  • They started their business in 1991 weaving only with three looms. Now, they have reached heights in making hundreds of different Sambalpuri sarees.

8. Maheshwari Handloom Works, Madhya Pradesh

  • It was established in 2016.
  • It is located in Maheshwari.
  • They are leading exporters as well as producers of Maheswari sarees, Maheshwari dupatta, printed dupatta, and other Maheshwari products.
  • The exquisite Indori silk sarees and Maheshwari silk cotton sarees depict the rich culture of Madhya Pradesh.
  • One can purchase border sarees, Jari checks sarees, printed sarees, tissue sarees, and many more from them.

9. Indian Women Fashions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Indian Women Fashion which was established in 2008 are saree manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters.
  • They manufacture everyday wear sarees, party wear sarees, printed sarees, designer party wear sarees, synthetic silk sarees, georgette sarees, etc.

10. Artisan GI, Varanasi

  • They manufacture authentic Banarasi sarees that are available at wholesale prices.
  • These Banarasi sarees are woven with different colored threads leading to beautiful textures, designs, and colors.

Now let us have a look at the textile markets of India.

1. Textile market of Ahmedabad

  • In Ahmedabad, you can shop for silk sarees as the manufacturers are famous and trustworthy. They offer the best designs of sarees in India.
  • Ahmedabad is famous for the Golden Zari work on Banrasi Silk.
  • The best silk saree manufacturers in Ahmedabad are Nalli Silk saree and Deepkala Silk Palace. You can even purchase Nalli sarees online for any occasion be it weddings, parties, etc.

2. Textile market of Coimbatore

  • South India is popular for silk and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is well known for silk production.
  • The finest silks in India are Kanchipuram and Coimbatore silk.
  • Most women love the designs and patterns of Coimbatore silk sarees.
  • The silk sarees of Coimbatore are known for the zari border that are handmade.
  • The popular silk saree manufacturers in Coimbatore are Ranka and Sirumugai silk sarees.

3. Textile market of Kolkata

  • The Britishers established the first port in Kolkata for import and export.
  • Kolkata is famous for its silk manufacturers.
  • The best wholesalers of silk sarees are found in Kolkata.
  • The handicraft of Kolkata is unique and cannot be found anywhere in India.
  • Kolkata is a  major producer of silk sarees.
  • Kolkata is famous for its Baluchari sarees, cotton Tant sarees, Kantha embroidered sarees and jamdani sarees. These sarees tell mythological stories about their creations.
  • You will get the most intricate designs of sarees at wholesale rates here in Kolkata.

4 . Textile market of Surat

  • Surat is the best place to shop for silk sarees.
  • A wide range of saree designs at reasonable prices are available here in Surat.
  • Surat is famous for the cotton and silk sarees in India.
  • Some of the popular silk designs are Gajee, Tanchoi, and Kinkhab.
  • The famous saree manufacturers in Surat are RS Saree Manufacturers, Yadu Nandan Fashions, and Karishma Prints Pvt. Ltd.
  • If you want to buy sarees for weddings or any other occasion, then Surat is the best place to do your shopping.

5. Textile market of Chennai

  • Chennai is well known for Kanjivaram Silk sarees. These sarees have bold and dark shades with a golden border.
  • Chennai is at par with Coimbatore regarding silk production.
  • One can buy authentic silk sarees at affordable prices from the wholesalers in Chennai.

6. Textile market of Pune

  • Pune is considered a new hub of textiles because of the high demands here.
  • What Pune does is that it imports the collection of silk sarees from Tamil Nadu and Gujarat and offers a mixture of the two.
  • That is why you can find the best silk sarees in Pune and customers love their collection.

7. Textile market of Jaipur

  • Everyone knows about the famous Jaipuri designs, the same Jaipuri designs are made on the silk sarees with Gota Patti to make the saree look more gorgeous.
  • Jaipur is one of the textile centers of silk sarees in the North.
  • Jaipur is renowned for its traditional bandhani gold-bordered silk sarees which are very gaudy and elegant.

8. Textile market of Mumbai

  • We all know that Mumbai is the financial capital of India.
  • Mumbai is famous for south Indian silk sarees that are available at wholesale prices.
  • Mumbai is reputed for Kanchivaram sarees because of the dense south Indian population who live there.
  • The famous retailers in Mumbai are Elara Sarees, Nalli Silk Sarees, and New Mahalakshmi Store.

9. Textile market of Kanpur

  • As we all know that silk is very expensive to buy but you can get them at wholesale prices in Kanpur.
  • Kanpur is known for its Banarasi sarees.
  • The best wholesalers in Kanpur are Dakshinam Sarees and Naina Sarees.

10. Textile market of Noida

  • If you are searching for silk sarees in North India, then Noida is the best place to visit.
  • Noida is reputed for Vivaah Patu silk sarees which one can find that these sarees are embroidered with Navratna stones and gold.
  • The price of the sarees is higher in Noida as compared to other states but one cannot compromise the quality.
  • If you want to buy rich sarees with unique designs, then Noida is the best place for your saree shopping.
  • Bangalore Saree Emporium is the best saree wholesaler in Noida.

Types of Silk Sarees in India

The types of silk sarees in India are:

  • Bandhani Silk Saree
  • Bnarasi Silk Saree
  • Paithani Silk Saree
  • Muga Silk Saree
  • Katan Silk Saree
  • Georgette Silk Saree
  • Dupion Silk Saree

Best saree shops In Mumbai

Here are the best saree shops in Mumbai:

  • Nalli Silks
  • Kala Niketan
  • Roopkala Sarees
  • Sagar Couture
  • Warp and Weft
  • Vandana Sarees
  • Saree Palace
  • Silk Museum
  • Pramanik
  • Kaysons
  • Roopam Roop Milan


We can come to a conclusion that India is a host to the best silk sarees manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and retailers that provides a wide variety of silk saree designs. The renowned textile markets in India and the top 10 silk sarees manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters are mentioned in this article. Hope this article will be beneficial to those looking for the same.

FAQs: Silk Sarees

Q. Is there any difference between Kanjivaram and Banarasi sarees?

Ans. Though Kanjivaram and Banarasi sarees look alike they are not the same. The difference lies in the origin of the sarees and their designs and it is very hard to spot the difference at the first glance.

Kanjivaram sarees are weaved with a golden thread all over. Whereas Banarasi sarees are weaved with a mix of golden and silver thread to create the Zari work.

Q. Name the costliest saree in the world.

Ans. The costliest saree is Vivaah Patu which has Navratna stones and golden embroidery over it and the price range starts from Rs. 40 lakh onwards.

Q. Name the highest quality silk.

Ans. The highest quality silk is mulberry. Mulberry silk is made from silkworms for years under the same condition.

Q. How can one find out if the quality of silk is good or not?

Ans.  One can find out whether the quality of the silk is good or not by feeling the texture of the saree. The texture of good quality silk saree is even and smooth. You can perform a burn test to check the authenticity and quality of the thread by burning a few silk threads of the saree. If the smell is the same as burnt hair and if the ash is black and crispy, then it is a sign that the quality of the silk is good.

Q. How much is the average price of silk sarees in India?

Ans. The cost of silk sarees depends on the thread work.

  • Good quality and authentic Kanchipuram sari will cost Rs. 6000. However, you can find duplicates at around Rs.600 - 700.
  • Good quality Banarasi sarees start from the price range of Rs. 2000.
  • Paithani sarees are found in the price range of around Rs. 10000.
  • A plain silk saree with border costs around Rs. 6000.
  • Intricately designed sarees cost Rs. 1-2 lakhs.
  • Sarees that have gold work in them cost more than Rs. 2 lakhs.