In need of the best quality back pressure valves for your facility?  Search no further, this article shares in-depth knowledge about these special valves and identifies their renowned manufacturers in India.

A back pressure valve is a special industrial grade valve utilized across various industries like oil & gas, chemical, etc. to hold pressure in certain equipment such as boilers, vessels, separators, etc. When certain levels are reached it releases the upstream pressure.

Back Pressure Valve

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What are the Major Benefits of Using Back Pressure Valves?

There are various benefits of back pressure valves, including:

Preventing Overpressure

A back pressure valve, installed in equipment, can save it from damage or complete shutdown, due to overpressurization. These equipment are highly sensitive to pressure fluctuations and hold out certain pressure levels whenever needed.

Enhance System Efficiency

These valves allow a constant throughput into the system, reducing the turbulence. Because of this system’s overall efficiency increases by many folds. In the long run, this whole mechanism contributes to increased durability and lifespan of the equipment.

Efficient Pressure Control

One of the most essential benefits of back pressure valves which they highly prefer is the quality to offer precise pressure control and provide extremely stable high pressure levels. Well, it does come equipped with sensors to detect even the slightest change in pressure levels to act quickly.

No Leakages

The back pressure valves are designed to provide a sealed closure in the equipment. This eliminates the chances of leakage and saves resources from waste.

Productive and Cost-effective

Using these special valves protects the equipment efficiently which decreases the downtime and maintenance sessions. With this, they work for long periods offering higher productivity levels.

Industries That Employ Back Pressure Valves:

Oil and Gas

Back pressure valves are most commonly utilized in oil and gas industries for maintaining a controlled pressure system across various equipment. Using them sustains process efficiency and safety of the equipment, which ultimately results in high product quality.


Various chemical reactions require precise pressure control and a constant flow of high-pressure levels. For this chemical plants install back pressure valves across various equipment utilized in processes.

Water Treatment

Back pressure valves are employed in water treatment plants on a large scale. These valves control and hold the desired pressure flow until the target levels are reached. This helps various reaction processes to be carried out efficiently.

Steam Applications

These unique valves are designed for steam applications to maintain required pressure levels in various equipment like boilers, vessels, piping structures, etc. They prevent overpressure situations and efficient regulation of the steam.

Hydraulic Applications

The back pressure valves are installed in hydraulic systems to maintain an adequate level of hydraulic pressure in cylinders, actuators, and various other equipment. This ensures the smooth functioning and high performance of the machinery.


There are various kinds of pumps utilized in various industries for different applications. Back pressure valves protect these pumps by facilitating minimum discharge pressure. They do maintain safe pressure levels within the pumps for efficiency.

Pressure Relief

Although back pressure valves are employed to hold a certain level of required pressure. Select equipment utilizes a back pressure valve as a pressure relief valve, to release the excess pressure in the system, preventing equipment failure & property damage.

Here’s the List of Back Pressure Valve Manufacturing Companies in India

Fidicon Devices India

Fidicon Devices India is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial-grade control and safety equipment. They develop a wide range of products that find application across various industries. They design and engineer premium-grade back pressure valves offering high performance and durability. To develop these valves they procure high-quality raw materials from trusted sources only. In addition, each final product goes through rigorous quality checks and inspection points, ensuring the clients get what they pay for.

Automac Engineers

Automac Engineers manufactures a wide spectrum of measurement equipment and safety equipment, including back pressure valves. They are a prominent brand name that develops the most premium range of products. Their products are praised in the industry for being high-performance, efficient, and safe to use. To develop them they procure the highest grade raw materials from trusted vendors only. Further, they have hired a few of the most intelligent minds on board, making tedious efforts to surpass the limits and eliminate the flaws in the manufacturing process.

Joy Krishna Engineering Works

Joy Krishna Engineering Works is a prominent name as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in India. They specialize in manufacturing industrial-grade water supply equipment. Their developed back pressure valves are of premium quality, offering performance and constant efficiency. To design and engineer them the company only procures high-quality raw materials from authentic vendors.

Microtech Engineering

Microtech Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial valves, pumps, vessels, etc. They deliver the highest quality products using premium grade raw materials, which are resourced from authentic vendors only. Moreover, Microtech Engineering has a well-established facility with all modern equipment and tools to facilitate smooth and swift operations within the facility.

Elite Line Industrial Corp.

Established in 1980, Elite Line Industrial Corp. is one of the most respected manufacturing companies in India that develops premium quality back pressure valves. Their product line is vast and finds applications in various industries. Each of their final products undergoes rigorous quality checks and inspections to make sure clients get the most refined quality.

Hyper Valves Private Limited

Hyper Valves Private Limited is a tech-driven company that manufactures high-performing and efficient back-pressure valves. These valves are employed for numerous applications and are developed using premium-grade raw materials. Further, they have high-tech facilities with all the modern equipment to manufacture these valves with precision and accuracy. With years of tedious efforts, they have garnered a large client base that praises their product quality and reliable customer service.

Mechzeal Interphasing Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2005, Mechzeal Interphasing Pvt. Ltd. is a foremost developer of the finest quality back pressure valves. Their product range is vast, finding applications in various industries including water treatment, waste management, chemical, pharma, etc. Their produced range is praised in the industry for being high-performance and maintaining work efficiency. They abide by international quality standards and procure only the highest quality base materials for developing their products. Furthermore, the company has established a high-tech manufacturing facility with advanced equipment and tools. These offer smooth and swift operations within the facility and allow the company to improve its manufacturing operations.

Era Technologies

Era Technologies is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of a wide spectrum of industrial products. They produce an impeccable range of back pressure valves that are utilized across various industries such as chemical, pharma, water treatment, hydraulics, etc. To develop these valves they procure top-grade raw materials, exclusively from authentic sources. With years of tedious efforts, they have garnered a large client base that praises their product quality and reliable customer services.

Onus Equipments Private Limited

Onus Equipments Private Limited manufactures a robust range of industrial equipment including back pressure valves. Their produced offerings are utilized in different applications across various industries. To develop these valves they procure high-grade materials such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc. They manufacture them to be highly durable, best performing, and efficient. These valves have high pressure maintaining capacity, which supports the process very well.

Bharat Valve and Fittings

Bharat Valve and Fittings is one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of various industrial equipment. Their vast product range includes the highest-grade back pressure valves. To develop these, the company resources only the highest grade raw materials from only the trusted vendors. Bharat Valve has a well-established facility equipped with modern machines and tools for smooth operations. They have hired qualified experts who make tedious efforts to improve manufacturing operations and eliminate the chances of errors.

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FAQs: Back Pressure Valve

Q. Who is the best manufacturer of Back Pressure Valves in India?

Ans. Here are the top 10 names in India manufacturing the best quality back pressure valves:

  1. Fidicon Devices India
  2. Automac Engineers
  3. Joy Krishna Engineering Works
  4. Microtech Engineering
  5. Elite Line Industrial Corp.
  6. Hyper Valves Private Limited
  7. Mechzeal Interphasing Pvt. Ltd.
  8. Era Technologies
  9. Onus Equipments Private Limited
  10. Bharat Valve and Fittings

Q. What is a back pressure valve?

Ans. Back pressure valves are special types of industrial valves utilized in various industries for holding pressure levels sustaining them for a specific time period and then releasing them uniformly. They are equipped with various tools and machines like vessels, boilers, water treatment plants, etc.

Q. Which industries use back pressure valves?

Ans. Here are the benefits of using back pressure valves:

  • They are used to prevent overpressure
  • These valves enhance system efficiency
  • These types of valves have precise pressure control and can be maintained for a long time without damage.
  • Another indirect benefit of using back pressure valves is that they reduce the risk of leakages.
  • These valves are highly productive and offer a cost-effective solution to prevent damages and catastrophic incidents due to overpressurization.

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