Agro Chemicals, also known as agrichemicals, are the essential industrial chemicals primarily utilized in the agricultural industry to control crop-harming pests and diseases. Apart from this, these chemicals help increase solid fertility and overall crop quality.

Various Types of Agro Chemicals


Pesticides are the type of agro chemicals that control or destroy the organisms such as insects, fungi, microbes, weeds, etc. to prevent them from harming the crops. Without the use of this chemical, the crops will be destroyed by them.


Insecticides are specially developed for controlling or destroying various types of insects that can cause harm to humans, animals on farms, and crops. These insects include locusts, various bugs, beetles, and more.


Fungicides are designed to kill fungi or fungi. If not destroyed they can cause severe harm to crops, humans, plants, etc. So, these chemicals are tailored to control or stop their growth.


Fertilizers can be developed using chemicals or can be derived naturally. Their primary function is to fertilize the soil for higher crop production. They are manufacturers as organic and inorganic variants add nutrition to the soil to promote plant growth.

Key Benefits of Agro Chemicals

- Promote Crop Yield

Agro Chemicals are specially designed chemical or naturally derived products that protect crops, promote their growth, and improve overall quality. They make sure pests, diseases, and insects cannot harm the crops.

Protects Crops

Agrochemicals like pesticides and herbicides prevent crops from being destroyed by harmful organisms that target crops like insects, beetles, bugs, locusts, etc. Moreover, while saving farmers from yield loss they also protect humans from such pests and diseases by protecting the crops.

Higher Food Quality

Crop protections result in high yields and higher quality of food and agricultural products. Special agrochemicals like fertilizers make the soil more fertile promoting high-quality crop growth.

High Efficiency

Agro Chemicals offer efficiency to agricultural processes by protecting the crops, preventing damage, and promoting the growth of high-quality crops. Further, they also make sure the crops get essential nutrients for efficient growth.

Cost Effectiveness

Agro Chemicals save a lot of money for farmers, as without them insects, diseases, pests, bugs, etc. can destroy their crops laid out across the field. These chemicals work as the lifeline for crop production.

Enable Crop Diversity

With the right knowledge of Agro chemicals farmers can have the opportunity to grow a variety of crops. If they can tackle the risks associated with growing different types of crops, they can easily prevent them using these lifelines.

Sustainable Farming

With the help of agro chemicals, sustainable farming can be achieved, as the productivity levels will increase with a minimum adverse effect on the environment and efficient use of resources.

Saves Time

Agro Chemicals saves a farmer's time significantly as the load of manual work decreases including weeding, pest control, and fertilizing soil.  This also enables them to indulge in other farming activities like stock management, feeding, etc.

Major Applications of Agro Chemicals

Pest Control

Agro Chemicals like pesticides are sprayed across the fields to protect the crops by controlling or destroying the crop-harming insects. There are various methods to spread this chemical on the crops and target specific types of pests.

Weed Control

Chemicals classified as herbicides are sprayed across the crop fields to control the growth of weeds that grow with crops undesirably. They deplete all the nutrients, water, and space for themselves and restrict the development of crops.

Protection From Fungi

There are various fungi or fungal diseases that are responsible for rapidly destroying crops. Agro chemicals such as fungicides are to prevent or control their growth or destroy them completely to protect the crops. Their functioning is very simple, they are just sprayed across the field.

Take Care of Insects

Several types of insects and bugs target the crops, causing damage to leaves, roots, etc. To eliminate them, insecticides are used to target them and prevent further crop destruction. These chemicals can be sprayed, seeded into soil, etc.

Reduce Rodents

The rodent population is one of the major concerns for healthy crops. They can damage crops, contaminate food, and contribute to the spread of diseases. This is where agro chemicals like rodenticides come into play. These function by attracting rodents towards it and then poisoning them, controlling their population.

Fertilize the Soil

Crops need essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. However, not every land can offer such fertilized soil to promote the healthy growth of crops. For this purpose fertilizers are used that contain these nutrients to improve soil fertility, promoting the growth of healthy crops.

Here are the Top 10 Agro Chemicals Manufacturing  Companies in India

Sikko Industries Ltd.

Sikko Industries Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide spectrum of agro chemicals. Their product line is vast including pesticides, fertilizers, weedicides, animal repellents, seeds, and many more. They produce the finest quality agricultural chemicals using premium quality raw materials, offering performance and high effectiveness. With years of experience and knowledge, Sikko Industries has garnered a large clientele that praises its superior product quality and reliable customer service.

Jai Radhe Sales

Established in 1999, Jai Radhe Sales is one of the foremost manufacturing companies in India producing the highest grade agro chemicals used extensively in the agricultural industry. Their offerings are developed as per internal quality standards using premium-grade base materials. They resource these materials from authentic vendors of the industry. In addition to this, every product goes through intense quality checks and inspection points.

Ridhdhi Sidhdhi Chemicals

Ridhdhi Sidhdhi Chemicals is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide assortment of agro chemical products. Including fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, they manufacture a vast product line. Their offerings are of superior quality, preferred in the market for their efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, not compromising on quality they have set the most affordable rates for their clients.

Greenchem Biotech

Greenchem Biotech is a tech-driven manufacturing company in India that specializes in agro chemical products. They produce a wide range including pesticides, rodenticides, etc. using the highest grade base materials. They have earned a name for themselves among the industry leaders for offering such refined quality at affordable rates. Their huge client base praises both their high-quality products and reliable customer services.

Chaitanya Chemicals

Chaitanya Chemicals is highly reputed as one of the foremost manufacturing companies of agro chemical products in India. Their developed products are of superior quality offering high performance and long shelf life. To manufacture these products they procure only high-quality base materials from trusted vendors only. Furthermore, they conduct rigorous quality checks and inspections to ensure clients get a value-for-money deal.

Sunshine Industries

Sunshine Industries offers the best quality agro chemical products including fertilizers, pesticides, etc. They are a leading manufacturing company producing a higher quality product line at the most affordable rates. By resourcing premium-grade raw materials, Sunshine Industries maintains industrial quality standards. Moreover, regular inspections and multi-stage quality checks enable them to further refine their quality products.

Welcome Chemicals

Welcome Chemicals is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of agro chemical products, established in 2007, in India. Their product range is vast including all types of fertilizers, pesticides, and many more that promote healthy crop growth. Each of their products is developed using premium quality base materials and goes through rigorous quality checkpoints. This process refines the highest quality products for their clients to get a value-for-money deal.

Joshi Agrochem Pharma Pvt Ltd

Established Joshi Agrochem Pharma Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturing companies of agro chemical products. Their offerings include a superior range of fertilizers, fungicides, rodenticides, etc. They use a premium range of base materials only, resourced exclusively from trusted vendors.

NR Life Care

NR Life Care is a reputed manufacturing company that produces a wide spectrum of agro chemicals. They produce a top-grade range of agricultural chemicals at the most affordable rates. By using only premium quality raw materials they maintain industrial quality standards. Moreover, each of their final batch is processed for further inspections and quality checks. They ensure the clients get more than what they pay for. NR Life Care is the best in their field, making efforts beyond your expectations.

Era Formulation

Era Formulation is a trusted manufacturing company of high agro chemicals including insecticides, fertilizers, Herbicides, and more. They not only develop standards but also tailor agricultural solutions for their clients. With years of experience and knowledge, they have mastered the processes of manufacturing premium quality agro chemicals. They use only top-grade base materials to produce them with efficiency, low cost, and high productivity.

FAQs: Agro Chemicals

Q. Who is the best manufacturer of agro chemicals?

Ans. In India, there are numerous manufacturers and suppliers of agro chemicals. Out of them, the most renowned names are:

  1. Sikko Industries Ltd.
  2. Jai Radhe Sales
  3. Ridhdhi Sidhdhi Chemicals
  4. Greenchem Biotech
  5. Chaitanya Chemicals
  6. Sunshine Industries
  7. Welcome Chemicals
  8. Joshi Agrochem Pharma Pvt Ltd
  9. NR Life Care
  10. Era Formulation

Q. What are agro chemicals?

Ans. Agro Chemicals or agrichemicals are the essential products used in agricultural fields to control or destroy crop-harming organisms like bugs, insects, fungi, rodents, etc. They protect the crops and promote their healthy growth.

Q. What are the major applications of agro chemicals?

Ans. Here are the applications for which agro chemicals are essential:

  • They are utilized in controlling or destroying pests on the farm.
  • Weed controlling is another process they are hired for.
  • They protect the crops from fungal infections.
  • Agro chemicals destroy insects like beetles, locusts, bugs, etc.
  • They fertilize soil with essential nutrients to promote healthy crop growth.