If you were to ever ask a person to name the flower that immediately comes to mind, then more often than not, the most common answer will be “Rose”. Although most people connect rose flowers with love, these lovely blossoms are more than just a cliché for Valentine's Day. Roses are a really diversified flower and are popular in yards all across the nation because they come in an amazing variety of forms, sizes, and colours. You can probably find a place for them in your backyard given that there are more than 140 different varieties that may be grown as perennial shrub plants, vines, and foliage (just remember to pause and inhale their exquisite aroma first). But first, these unexpected rose facts can help you see this timeless bloom from a new angle. It is understandable why roses have been mentioned in poetry and music for so long. Researchers have uncovered fossilised roses that are 35 million years old. The longest surviving rose is over a thousand years old, which is even more astounding. This remarkable rose flourishes on the wall of the German Hildesheim Cathedral.  The rose was designated as the national floral symbol of the United States by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Even when standing in the well-known White House Rose Garden, he did so.

Did you know you could eat rose petals? Whoever knew using roses in the home was not limited to making them look nice in a vase? Their petals may be eaten, and rose water, which is produced by immersing the blooms in water, is frequently incorporated in jams and jellies and used as a flavour in Chinese and Indian cuisine. The berry-like fruit known as rose hips is also produced by roses. The fruit might be black, dark purple, orange, or red. Rose hips are rich in vitamin C and may be dried to make a hydrating tea or added to cocktails.

There seem to be over twenty lovely hues of the beautiful rose flower, each with a unique significance, so you're in luck if you're not a fan of the traditional red rose seen in blockbusters and romantic cards. Pink flowers radiate grace and elegance in addition to red roses representing love and passion. The vivid hue of the yellow and creme rose stands for happiness and camaraderie. White roses, on a more solemn note, represent compassion, which is the reason you frequently see them at memorials. White flowers, however, may also stand for innocence, spirituality, and purity. Offer orange roses in your subsequent congratulations arrangement as they stand for energy.

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You've heard the expression, "Stop and smell the flowers." Roses weren't the only flower that were considered for this statement; many women's fragrances also have the beautiful aroma of roses. Particularly, rose oil has long been a crucial component in the perfume business. One gram of rose oil may be made from 2,000 roses, which is a significant quantity of roses to use in the extraction process.

Given that the rose flowers are one of the most prized flowers for every occasion, there are a lot of rose flower suppliers in India. These suppliers can be found in all the cities of India, and generally ship their roses in the morning hours. They connect with horticulturists who grow roses of all the different hues, all around the year to ensure an incessant supply of the flowers.

Rose Flower has a lot of uses in our everyday life. From being used as bouquets to finding use as perfumery items, the rose flower is indeed a versatile flower. Let us examine a few of the important uses of rose flowers in our lives.

Rose flowers are an excellent ingredient for cosmetic and skincare products. Be it our traditional Indian cosmetics or Western ones, you cannot rule out the application of rose in either. The flower of the rose plant is full of essential minerals, anti-aging properties, vitamins and other necessary ingredients for cosmetology. Many skin care products are developed using either essence of rose, or rose petals. One of the most popular products of rose flower, used in cosmetology is the Gulab jal or the Rose water. This is a wonderful toner as it detoxes the outer layers of the skin and provides the necessary firmness and glow. In cosmetology, rose oil also finds a lot of application in making skin care as well as hydrating lotions. Rose oil is also used in aromatherapy to cure people of stress, headaches and to develop a positive vibe and energy around the person. One of the most popular uses of rose flower includes the making of ‘itr” or “attar”, which is a very popular fragrance. Rose oil is used to create different hues and smells for various kinds of fragrances.

Vitamins are abundant in roses. Antiseptics and antioxidants both include rose extracts. Many ointments and medications for issues with the skin and hair are made using rosehip oil. Tea with rose petals may have started in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses rose tea extensively to control qi, or life force. TCM views rose tea as a possible treatment for stomach issues and digestive issues, Tiredness and bettering sleep, Angry and moody behaviour, Menopausal symptoms and period cramps etc. Additionally rich in phytonutrients, which are plant substances with antioxidant characteristics, are rose petals. According to research, phytochemicals may shield your body against cancer-like alterations and help prevent the growth of cancer cells. According to some studies, including enough of them in your diet may cut your likelihood of getting cancer by nearly forty percent.

Vitamins and antioxidants may be found in plenty while drinking rose tea. Additionally, it has no calories, caffeine, or sugar. It has vitamin E and vitamin C, two of the greatest vitamins for supporting healthy skin, particularly when combined. Other possible health advantages of drinking rose tea have been discovered via research.  Vitamin C, an essential thing to our body's capacity to mend itself and fight off illness, is abundant in rose tea. According to one research, rose tea may even help with flu-like symptoms including congestion and coughing. However, further research is required to fully comprehend the impacts on human immune systems. Additionally, studies suggest that the scent of rose tea may lessen tension and anxiety. It is well recognised that stress lowers immunity, increasing the likelihood of illness. While research on the psychological advantages of rose for people is still underway, smelling your tea's scent prior to ingesting it could help you relax. According to one research, the anti-inflammatory properties of powdered rose petals are just as potent as those of aspirin or ibuprofen. Rose tea could also lessen the discomfort brought upon with swelling from physical trauma or ailments like arthritis. These characteristics could support the weight-loss claims of rose tea since chronic inflammation can lead to weight gain. The anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin profile of rose tea helps lessen dysmenorrhea, or painful periods. In one research, rose tea drinkers reported fewer anxiety and mood swings as well as a substantial decrease in period-related cramps, bloating, and discomfort. Stomach problems are typical traditional applications for rose tea. Modern study hypothesises that it is caused by rose tea's capacity to boost bile synthesis in our livers. This facilitates nutrient absorption, avoids constipation, and makes it simpler for your body to digest meals.

One of the key elements in Asian cuisines, particularly Indian and Mughlai dishes, is rose water. Desserts often include rose petals, and various middle-eastern dishes also often employ rose water or fragrance. Roses that have been preserved and dried are utilised as house décor. Worldwide, rose potpourri is likewise very well-liked and is used to naturally refresh rooms.

The world is well known for using roses as ornamental cut flowers. Roses are the adaptable flowers that provide beauty to every event, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, or new baby celebration. Roses are used in many kinds of flower arrangements, from standing arrangements to wreaths, floral bouquets, and hanging frameworks like chains and wreaths. Red rose flowers have a significant role in Asian civilizations, particularly Indian traditions, where a wedding would be lacking without rose garlands. Similar to how nothing can replace the significance of red roses in western society when it pertains to Valentine's Day festivities. Similar to this, most individuals choose roses when giving flowers as presents, or at the very best include a handful of blossoms in their floral arrangement. The rose is the finest option for any event, whether you want to express your love and devotion for someone or request someone to become yours, whether you're celebrating someone or wishing them luck, asking them to get well soon, or sending prayers to cure a hurting spirit. Rose blossoms really deserve to rule the flower kingdom!


Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in nature, and given their range of uses, it is truly a versatile flower. Roses are used in proposals, ceremonies, adorning our deities, in medicines and many more applications. There are many rose suppliers in India who ensure that best roses, of all the hues are available for purchase. So, why wait to get your rose today!

FAQ's: Rose flowers

Q. What is special about rose flowers?

Ans. Rose flowers carry a lot of meaning. Red roses are a symbol of eternal love, while white roses showcase mourning. Roses find application in many areas as explained in the article. Truly, roses are a versatile flower.

Q. What are roses a symbol of?

Ans. The colour of roses symbolizes different things. Red symbolizes love, white symbolizes eternity and peace, yellow presents team spirit, and orange means new energy.

Q. Is rose a regular flower?

Ans. Obviously rose is a regular flower but it can also be termed as the queen of flowers because of its beauty.

Q. What are the uses of rose?

Ans. There are many applications and uses of roses. It finds use in cosmetics, medicine, flower arrangement, food, recipes, gifting and many more.