Because of the preventative necessity of frequent handwashing, the global market for hand sanitizers has risen dramatically as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Because of the increased demand, the availability of sanitizers has been greatly restricted, resulting in higher demand than previously. In such conditions, you can establish a hand sanitizer business and sell it via selling networks to make a profit. You could make your hand sanitizers by yourself, following WHO criteria, and offer these for a cheaper price even while turning a profit, as prices are high right now.

Beginner's Hand Sanitizer Business Strategy

Hand sanitizers are divided into three categories. Ayurvedic, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sanitizers are among them. The fundamental methods for making and selling sanitizers for profit are listed below:

Important Considerations When Making Hand Sanitizers

You are probably aware that alcohol-based sanitizers are in hot demand right now. As a hand sanitizer spray supplier in India, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers ought to have a minimum of 60% alcohol content.
  • The alcohol you use to make the hand sanitizers ought to have a minimum of 90% alcohol content.
  • The water you use to make the cleaning solution must be purified and kept at room temperature. If you don't have any, boil some regular water, let it cool, then use it.
  • If you're going to utilize glycerine, make sure it's 100% pure or 98 percent pure.
  • Purchase the necessary materials from a reputable pharmacy shop or a reputable internet gateway.

Manufacturing of Hand Sanitizer:

Creating a sanitizer is a simple procedure. You should manufacture it according to WHO rules during this period of the Coronavirus epidemic. To make 10 litres of hand sanitizer, use the following ingredients:

  • 8333 ml Ethanol (96 percent alcohol)
  • 417 mL 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
  • 145 mL 98 percent glycerol

Pour the Ethanol into a 10-liter bottle or jar with markings as the first step. Then, using a measuring cylinder, add the hydrogen peroxide. Using a measuring cylinder, add the glycerol. Because glycerol is so sticky, one may wash it with filtered water or cold water that has been heated. Fill the jar halfway with filtered water or cold boiling water, then close it. Shake the items gently or use a paddle to combine them. Fill bottles with the solution of your choosing. After 72 hours of isolation in a cold environment, these bottles are ready to use. This period is used to determine whether any of the components or bottles contain spores. You may also use the following:

  • 7515 ml isopropyl alcohol (with a 99.8% alcohol concentration)
  • 417 mL 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
  • 145 mL 98 percent glycerol

Follow the same procedure as before.

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Precautions for Making Homemade Hand Sanitizers:

When creating hand sanitizers, you must take some safety precautions. The following are the details: Produce the hand sanitizers and keep them in a cold place. You may utilize an air-conditioned room if one is available. In the area where you're manufacturing it or keeping the bottles, then there is no smoking or open flames. Because ethanol is extremely flammable when undiluted, you should dilute it immediately. Isopropyl alcohol behaves similarly. This technique may produce up to 50 liters of hand sanitizer at a time. More facilities, such as specialized air conditioning and ventilation, are required for mass manufacturing.

You must meet certain legal conditions as a hand sanitizer spray supplier in India. To manage a successful business, you must adhere to the following:

  • Obtain insurance for your company.
  • Give your company a catchy name.
  • Create a checking account in your company's name.
  • To begin your firm, you must first seek clearance from the state Food & Drug Administration as well as the necessary permits.
  • Because you'll be using alcohol to make the hand sanitizers, you'll need an alcohol purchasing and storage license.
  • To conduct your business, you must also adhere to the Fire Safety Rules.

The Business of Hand Sanitizers, An Economic Analysis:

Due to high demand, the cost of hand sanitizers has recently risen dramatically. You may make a lot of money if you sell your hand sanitizers for a low price of $1 each ounce. Ingredients are reasonably priced. You may effectively produce hand sanitizers yourself with a few tries and errors, and they will serve the purpose in this hour of severe need. So, you can see that if you start small, you would be able to generate a nice profit from the sanitizer's business strategy.

You'll Require Manpower for Your Task:

When you can begin your firm with a small number of workers, you will save money since you will not have to pay too many salaries, especially if you are a pocket hand sanitizer dealer. Begin by hiring someone to help you, a distribution person to distribute the sanitizers to various selling places, and, of course, a strong marketer. To begin, take care of your banking and accounts. This will reveal your company's success in real-time.

Where Can You Buy Hand Sanitizers?

Your list of potential consumers is growing given that there is such a large market for sanitizers all around the world. People can also easily buy hand sanitizer online. Some areas where you can market your hand sanitizer goods include:

  • Pharmacies & Medicine Shops
  • Hospitals & Health Centres
  • Government Offices
  • Households
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Quarantine Centres
  • Laboratories
  • Hostels
  • Markets
  • Laundries
  • Offices
  • Shops

Hand Sanitizer Marketing Strategies:

There can be several selling strategies. Discuss your plans with your marketing consultant. You can create your website in the name of your business and share the links to your social networking sites to publicize the name of your business. Selling through online portals is also a good option. Get in touch with the doctors and clinics and give them some free samples. Also, stress the point that you have made the hand sanitizers as per the guidelines of WHO.

Make contact with the company's headquarters and hospitals:

Create a PPT outlining your production process as well as the cleanliness and health standards you adhere to, if possible. Make preparations for online sales and payment options. A smart selling tactic is to deliver to your customer's door. Using all this will help you establish your business as a hand sanitizer manufacturer.


This is when your hand sanitizer growth strategy comes into play. Remember, this is just the beginning of your company's planning. After your company volume grows, you may add value to the brand by including Aloe Vera Gel & Essential Oils to make it more skin-friendly and fragrant. Then you may also raise the price. You may potentially go for high output if the quantity of your business grows. In that instance, a qualified chemist, as well as an accountant, should be hired to handle production and accounting, respectively. At this point in the epidemic, a hand sanitizer business strategy is critical. However, demand will continue to exist after then. As a result, beginning and progressively stabilizing your firm will be a breeze.Is it safe to become a hand sanitizer manufacturer? Yes, it is perfectly safe if prepared according to WHO guidelines, however, it is recommended that you get expert advice beforehand to avoid making any errors.

Establishing a Hand Sanitizer Company is simple since we don't require any large refrigerators, labs, or heaters. Hand sanitizer may be readily made at home for a low cost, and then sold on the market for a profit at a demand price. Just remember that for hand sanitizer to eliminate the virus, its alcohol level should be greater than 90%. If your product is well-liked by people then they will buy the hand sanitizer online.

FAQs: Hand Sanitizer

Q. Is the sanitizing industry profitable?

Ans. With increasing demands, the availability of hand sanitizers has decreased dramatically, resulting in more demand than previously. In this instance, you may establish a hand sanitizer business and sell it using selling networks to make a profit. You may also start a business as a pocket hand sanitizer dealer.

Q. Who does hand sanitizer cater to?

Ans. The leading companies in the sanitizer industry are concentrating on expanding their capacities in developing nations such as India & China, which is fuelling the market growth.

Q. In the industry, how is sanitizer made?

Ans. The following procedures are carried out by a hand sanitizer mixer: Carbopol and water are combined until a thick gel develops. It is necessary to restrict ventilation while mixing to create a conglomerate-free mixture. In the second step of mixing, alcohol is added until the combination creates a homogeneous result.

Q. Who came up with the idea for hand sanitizer?

Ans. Hand sanitizer was initially conceived in 1966 by Lupe Hernandez, a student nurse. According to legend, Hernandez discovered that alcohol administered through a gel can clean hands in situations when soap and warm water were unavailable.

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