The fashion and clothing industry is a safe bet for setting up business ventures due to its constant demand from the consumer and almost resistance to shocks. Occasions are on all year round and you can work on a product that will be high in demand most of the time and therefore create a steady source of revenue for your organisation. This is one of the advantages of lehenga manufacturers.

Women though nowadays have started preferring western styles but you can see them getting back to traditional Indian attire and sticking to their roots. Culture gets embedded in them as they mature. Therefore, going on a business track for a lehenga for women will increase your chances of success in the field. However successful women lehenga manufacturers have survived the battle against all tides and remained relevant in the field due to their business planning, business acumen and tenacity to sustain shocks. All these can only be survived as you rise the chain and learn things first-hand.

Let's look at some of the areas you need to focus on for setting up a business for a lehenga for women online:

1. Curate Your Business Plan

If you consider starting a business based on your passion, you will go to tremendous measures to make your plan a success. Therefore, for the plan to follow its path, you need to first develop an action plan which you can refer to see how well you are along your path. Entering the lehenga business which is already in a crowded market requires thorough planning. Study your competitors thoroughly especially those with a greater market share in lehenga for women.

Every company, whether established or brand-new, requires a business strategy. It confirms the market competitiveness, enabling you to get ready for the journey ahead. To ensure that you have a strategy to take your idea from concept to profit, first draft a business plan.

2. Determine The Best Platform for Market Entry

It's time to open your store now that you have a product to sell. The e-commerce platforms utilised by online businesses are gaining traction with time. The alternatives for building an e-commerce website are also rather good.

You want to set up your retail chains in such a way that the brand recall is high in the minds of your consumers. While switching platforms is not difficult, starting an online business requires time and money.

You can also see wedding lehenga manufacturers become distributors themselves and make their products available in local stores that keep stock from all brands. Depending on the margin the store may generate from the products, they may push some items faster than the rest. Therefore, you have to consider this if you want to explore this option.

Designer lehenga for women targets a premium segment of customers and offers a higher margin. These products may be more suitable for physical stores while the rest of the catalogues can be sold through online channels.

You are prepared to build a brand if your goods are cost-effective to produce. Choosing a company name and a logo are the next steps in branding your line. Choose a slogan that perfectly captures the spirit of the brand. It should be something that should resonate with the product the brand is selling which is the lehenga for women. It should be uncomplicated and memorable.

4. Register Your Business

For operation, you need to set up and register your business in respective entities as soon as possible. GST registration, trade license and MSME registration are very important from a regulations point of view. Separately there are state-level regulation considerations that need to be taken care of. In a country like India, there are a lot of women lehenga manufacturers bound to be registered in each state and this will make the process easier as you research the competitors.

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5. Sort Out Manpower And Production Line

Making lehenga for women needs manual labour more than machinery. However, advances in technology have introduced several machinery processes that would improve the productivity and the production capacity for your unit. You will also need trained workers who can operate the equipment and be responsible for managing and training the workforce.

6. Take Care of the Last Mile Logistics

Based on the model that you are employing for your business, that is supply to retailers or supply to distributors, you need to take of how you can make your products reach these places. If you are delivering to your customers directly, then you also need to take care of last-mile delivery options. This will involve making the products reach your customers, taking care of returns and also technically managing the whole process to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

You've worked so hard to provide a wonderful customer experience. You've designed products, built a store for your designer lehenga for women and done your research to keep your customers happy. However, a bad shipping experience could make all your hard work for nothing. Shipping is a crucial component of your online store, from showing higher costs to the time it takes for items to reach customers.

7. Create Your Website Using An Online Store Builder

You already have a product and a business name. Now is the time to begin developing the website for your lehenga brand. But before you start, make sure you have a logo, brand colours, and product photos. The process of constructing your website will be made simpler by these. This will remain a safe bet as soon everything is to be transferred online and people will search for “lehenga for women online”.

Choose the ideal theme and design for your website to create a welcoming environment for visitors to peruse. But if you've signed up with an e-commerce platform like Shopify, they also provide the option of website development as part of their packages.

You can start incorporating a product catalogue once you've finished the fundamental template. Always remember to showcase your personality on your product pages. For instance, you may offer viewers and buyers advice on how to wear the clothing.

8. Commence with Mass Advertising

Make sure to brand your products if you want to be known as the best seller in a specific category or product. Your reputation, which is the singular intersection of your personality, skills, and expertise, cannot be matched by anyone. Promote your online store utilising Instagram, email marketing, Facebook ads, SEO marketing, and influencer marketing after you've launched it. You can promote your offline stores using banners, radio ads, tv ads and print media to reach out to your target customers better.

You can also advertise separately for separate products in your portfolio. When you are marketing a designer lehenga for women or wedding lehenga for women, you can focus on areas which have increased demand for these products and after conducting a local market study about demographics, you can decide to market your product on different platforms based on popularity.

9. Determine The Price of Your Goods

Your product's price point is a crucial component. It has an impact on your business, including figuring out a target market's cash flow and profit margins, sales tax, and figuring out what expenses you can afford. Decide on a price that will cover your production costs and draw the clients you need to successfully run an online store.

One can easily track the google analytics data to get an idea of the rising demand for a lehenga for women around the world. As Indian fashion is gaining popularity day by day, the demand for it is rising all over the world. People are mostly searching for "lehenga for women online" which shows that customers are planning to shift to online platforms more. Therefore, this necessitates the need to set up an online chain for your business on online platforms and also have the required resources to sustain it.


As people mainly have started wearing lehenga for events, bridal lehenga and designer lehenga have started to see their demands rising. Therefore, remember that when to decide to enter the industry, you get to conduct market research and gather information about the current state of the industry. Only based on recent and past data you can predict how your business will play out in the future and will help you further refine your business plan. So, study, research and get on the road with your idea!

FAQs: Lehenga

Q. Is it important to deliver lehenga internationally to increase your market size?

Ans. At the start of your business, just serving your local geographic area is sufficient. You will then learn to experiment and adapt yourself to the market. Once this happens, then you can start expanding slowly. It's better not to serve a large market at the start as it requires huge investment and therefore increases the chances of failure.

Q. Are options for customisation necessary in the lehenga business?

Ans. No, it is enough if you have a good enough product portfolio with options available in a different colours, sizes, accessories, addons etc. Customisation options will just increase the product-making process and narrow the market.

Q. How many years will it take to gauge the business?

Ans. If your plan is a success, then expecting profits from the 2nd to 3rd year is not uncommon. However, nothing can be ascertained in the industry due to its dynamic nature.

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