While the arrangement of candles might get stale over time, candles themselves never go out of style. It is time to undertake some remodeling if the votive holders you are using are starting to appear dingy or if the pillar you are using seems like something that might be found on a witch's altar. There are literally hundreds of various ways that you may decorate with candles, ranging from centerpieces to accents for the hearth to seasonal decorations.

In this article, I will share with you 34 of the greatest ideas for decorating with candles. These fresh ideas for decorating your home provide something suitable for every season as well as each room. Maintain the cozy glow 24/7, throughout the entire year.

Your creativity will be stoked by the abundance of do-it-yourself projects and decorative candle design ideas that are provided here. There is a type, size, and shape of the handle, from votive to taper to the pillar and beyond, that has a fragrance that is a great fit for the atmosphere you wish to create.

Top 18 ideas to embellish your home with decorative candles

1. Side Table Candle Terrariums

Terrariums are helpful in that they handle two design issues at once. First, they provide more visual appeal by clustering candles together, which enables you to experiment with varying heights and different kinds of candle wax. Second, they eliminate any concerns you could have about accidentally starting a fire in your home. The presence of dark pebbles at the base serves as a solid foundation while simultaneously enhancing the visual impact of the candle arrangement.

2. Cane Votive Candles

By inserting miniature votives into candle holders made of natural cane webbing, you can add layers of texture and warmth to your display.

3. Lantern

There is no reason why unique decorative candles contained within a glass lantern can't be used inside as well. You can get a charming antique effect indoors as well by placing candles in lanterns. Locate a nook, and then set the lamp there so that it illuminates the floor.

There's something mystical about lanterns. Adding lanterns to your design is like bringing a little bit of the mythical and fantastical worlds in which the lantern has appeared. They protect surfaces from a candle's flame and help focus the light for a soothing ambiance Add visual intensity by utilizing lanterns of all sizes and shapes.

4. Glasses

Candles displayed in see-through glasses have a certain allure that cannot be denied. To give the appearance of age and wear, display several of them on a piece of burlap and bind them together with string. These appear to be at their best when displayed on console tables or in front of mirrors.

5. Shop Art Inspired Candle Jars

We'll be honest and say that jar candles often make more sense than other types, especially when you need to fill a tiny space or prioritize aroma above aesthetics. With today's modern candle decorating ideas, designers are making sure that form and function are not sacrificed.

The shelves of department stores have been slowly taken over by creative candle jars and bowls that refuse to be put away in holders or stands. The art-inspired jars may stand alone as a decorative element and inject a room with a welcome splash of color or new texture.

6. Use Wood

Wood bread bowl candles, which go for a more rustic aesthetic, are all the rage at the moment. Some fresh lavender or fruit bits and spices may also give a wood-bread bowl candle a more natural feel. Tealights should be displayed on wooden stands. A sleek wooden box may grab attention on a coffee table or bookcase.

7. Candle Sand

The use of candle sand is a cutting-edge development. Usually, the wicks will be free-floating inside the bag. Candle sand may be placed in any attractive container, and the wicks can be trimmed to fit. A few drops of essential oils in Beautiful decorative candles added to the sand will provide a fragrant base for your candles.

8. Colors, Textures, Stones & Candles

The appearance of a fireplace may be achieved by placing candles of varying heights and textures over a bed of smooth, polished rock in a big, flat area, such as a coffee table. When you want to cuddle up with a book and a cup of tea in the evening but don't have a fireplace, the candles will do the trick. Decorative bands of texture on your candles are highly encouraged.

9. Rustic Barnwood Candle Sconces

The sconces are reimagined in the classic Farmhouse style. The large pillar candles in these iron and glass wall sconces have a rustic barn wood base as their anchor. Put some tea lights in pretty holders on the mantle and you'll have the simple beauty of country living in your home.

10. From Old Frame to mirrored Candle Tray

The shabby chic aesthetic encourages the utilization of previously underutilized items. In this iteration, an antique mirror frame is used as a serving dish for candles. Using a mirror to reflect the candles' light can substantially increase their intensity while also providing a unique reflected aspect to your display. To spice things up, put candles in candle holders of a similar design and hue.

11. Toy DIY C Candleholder

Use a plate, some spray paint, and some old children's toys to create a charming candle holder worthy of display in a country kitchen. A plastic kid's toy of your choosing can be substituted for the cows if you really can't stand them. Easy to do it yourself, right? It's as easy as arranging three plastic cows, gluing a plate on top, then spray painting the finished product. Upon the dish, set the glass vase with the candle inside.

12. Decorative Tealight Housing

Decorative tealight holders come in a wide variety of forms; in this example, they take the form of actual residences. Due to their neutral color scheme, these homes perform as well as standalone pieces or as part of a larger winter, Diwali, or Christmas display.

13. Painted Votives

Just get a white votive candle and let your imagination go wild with it. These are decked out for Diwali and the winter season, but you could give them a coat of paint in whatever color or pattern you pleased.

14. Get Creative with glass containers

Make your candles and put them in decorative glass jars that reflect the seasons or your everyday style. You may use old candles or make new ones by melting them down.

15. White Candle & Green Ferns Centerpiece

The color green looks great with a white background. The natural moss matting in this arrangement provides a nice contrast to the stark white of the candles and tray. Together, different types of Decorative Candles provide a chic yet understated focal point that invites nature to help calm the mood. If you can't find actual moss, you may use imitation moss from a craft store to achieve the same effect.

16. DIY Faux Fireplace with Candles

Avoid the hassle of trying to fake a fireplace and instead build your own with this easy tutorial. To add some flair to your fireplace, try arranging pillar candles of varying heights beneath the mantle. The varying heights are meant to represent the spherical nature of fire. Akin to a fireplace at night without the accompanying heat, this light may be used to great effect.

17. Glittering Wine Goblets Candle Display

Objects found on a table can be rearranged to create a beautiful centerpiece. Candles need only be placed in glittering goblets. The candle's glow will cast a spell on your guests as it shines off the glass table centerpiece. Do your typical flower decorating and see the looks of delight on your guests' faces.

18. Decorating with Candle for Mason Jars

There's also the ubiquitous mason jar in the world of decor. On a white tray with little foliage, they make the ideal votive. For an extra country feel, wrap them with burlap string. The white sand filler makes the jars sparkle without overpowering the pattern. Use seasonal foliage as a simple accent.


You should be completely up to date on the latest trends and ideas for candle decorations now that you have read this. Shop locally or online store for the greatest selection of unique, handcrafted candles for your home and a chance to show your support for independent retailers.

FAQs: Decorative Candles

Q. What are the different shapes of decorative candles?

Ans. Candle shapes include:

  • Pillars: Thicker candles (usually at least 2 or 3 inches wide). Often circular, they can come in squares and rectangles.
  • Tapers: Tall candles are used during fancy dinners. 12 to 1-inch diameter, 6 inches to 18 inches tall.
  • Luminaries: Short, disc-shaped candles for chafing dishes and other holders.
  • Votives: Shorter candles are broader than tapers but prove to be narrower than pillars (1-2 inches wide).
  • Container: Single-item candles poured into ga lass or other vessels.
  • Novelty: These candles aren't ordinary columns or squares; they may seem carved.

Q. How do you use candles to decorate your home?

Ans. Lanterns with candles inside are a charming way to achieve a retro ambiance. Locate a nook, then set it on the ground to illuminate it. Candles in clear, glass hurricanes are a beautiful sight.

Q. What are some good, inexpensive decorative candles?

Ans. Candle Light is available for purchase at India's premier shop. Choose a gel candle from our assortment of floating fragrances. Affordable candle prices are accessible for purchase online.