Ventilation inside the living spaces has become a very important aspect of every home. In the earlier times, the houses were so designed that they were airy, with plenty of sunshine as well separate spaces for kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen and bathrooms were generally detached from the house. The reason behind this, was because of the odours emanating or lingering in these spaces. As the urbanization has rapidly advanced, so has the building and construction industry. Land is at a premium and it must be utilized to ensure move housing spaces. In order to accommodate more houses, ventilation often becomes a problem. However, technology has brought about the perfect solution to this problem in the form of a humble exhaust fan.

Now, let us understand what an exhaust fan actually does. The idea of an exhaust fan is provide ventilation. So, how does it do it? The working of an exhaust fan, be in for residential or industrial, remains the same. The underlying principle is convection, which says that air is circulated from high pressure to low pressure. In a natural environment, the Sun creates this pressure difference due to uneven heating of land and water. But, in a small space like our home, or even exhaust fan an industry, this condition must be created. An exhaust fan has two essential components, namely, a motor and a set of fan blades. When the motor is turned on, the fan blades begin to rotate. The rotation of the fan blades at a high speed result in creation of a high pressure zone behind the fan blades, and the blades are curved in such a manner that the air is pushed from back to the front of the fan. In doing so, the exhaust fan ensures that if eliminates vapours and odours that might be present in the toilet, kitchen or even a large industrial space. This brings about good ventilation in the area where the exhaust fan is used.

As an exhaust fan has become a necessity for almost every Indian household and company, it is not a surprise to learn that India is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers and suppliers of exhaust fan. Inspite of many exhaust fan manufacturers, there is always space for more to join. The reason being the recent advances in technology, which make exhaust fans more energy efficient.

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Let us examine how one can start a successful exhaust fan manufacturing company. First one must understand the basis of any business. Without having the necessary business acumen, no business can be deemed successful. Therefore, an entrepreneur looking to start an exhaust fan manufacturing business must have the necessary training and knowledge of the business and ethics. Remember, any business enterprise, needs to time to settle and takes some time before it can start yielding profits. It will always help to go through some lectures or courses on business, its dynamics, finances and management before starting your business.

The next important step is to identify who are the big players in this exhaust fan market business. For this, a market sizing is necessary. Market sizing of a product can be understood by many of the freely available reports written by top consultancy firms like Price Waterhouse-Cooper, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Mckingsey etc. By going through the reports, not only will you understand the capital size of the market, but also know which companies dominate the market, and the reasons for their dominance. But remember, you need to find out the existing gaps that your company can fulfil. Therefore, white papers written by these companies will be very productive.

This step can be followed by visiting exhaust manufacturing companies. This is going to be helpful for you understand the scale and size of the manufacturing facility you need. This visit will also help you identify the glaring glitches the business plan you must have drawn in your mind, and thus help you modify the plans.

For the production of exhaust fans, you need to determine places from where you will source your products. Now, multiple scenarios can be created in this case. You can either source components, such as motor, housing, blades etc from other manufacturers, and use your facility for branding and packaging, or you can have your own manufacturing facility for every component of the exhaust fan. The first plan will be less capital intensive, but then you wouldn’t have much quality control as your primary function will solely be on assembly, branding and marketing. The latter plan is going to be very capital intensive and requires skilled labour from electrical and mechanical design fields. You may start with the former plan but slowly you must diversify to have most of the components manufactured in house. Exhaust fan price will be a key factor that determines the success of your product. So, price it carefully, as per the market environment.

Location of any business is paramount. If you have an agriculture tools company and your manufacturing facility is in the heart of a city, away from any agriculture activity, then this is a business that is doomed to fail. Similarly, an exhaust fan manufacturing company must be close to cities and town, where people procure and install such fans. It could be that your manufacturing facility is located slightly away from the town, but you must have a warehouse close to the city for quick deliveries. Always be look out for government recognized industrial areas. Government’s lease or sell identified industrial area plot at a cheaper rate to entrepreneurs, to enable for job creating and economy improvement. At the same time, there are many MSME schemes floated by the government to aid new business owners. It can help you secure a sizeable loan at a very low interest rate as well.

Remember, your manufacturing facility must be registered with the government. Therefore, when you rent out manufacturing space or take it on lease, necessary documents must be produced for the registration of the company. This is necessary to facilitate the GST number to generated for your company.  Only when you have a registered company, that any bank will be interested in offering you any loan. Always ensure that you negotiate your loan amount and interest rates. Private banks seek fewer documents but have a very high lending rate, whereas public sector banks demand a plethora of documents before granting you a loan, at a slightly lower interest rate. Be aware and find out the possibility of government support.

For any good business, it is very important to have a strong marketing channel. You may have the best product in the market, but if your marketing and sales techniques are found lacking, then there will be no takers in the market. In order to accomplish this, you must hire a good dynamic sales and marketing team that must visit the dealers and wholesalers of exhaust fan in cities. By interacting with them, you can understand the reasons for low sales, and how you can increase it. Target the areas left untouched by rival companies. Your company must cut out a niche for itself. This could be in the form of excellent sales service, after sales service, affordability, benefit for wholesalers or retailers, modes of payment et.

Having a chain of good wholesalers will not only ensure that your products are sent regularly for purchase into the retail market, but also these wholesalers are so experienced that they know how to drive the sale of any brand of product. Experience always matters. You can win them over through your company’s excellent behaviour, timely delivery, greater discounts and longer service life. A seller will first push for those products on which they have a better profit margin.

Another important means is to have an online footprint. Now, no company can be successful unless they are found in the cyberspace. Therefore, your company too, must have its own website. The website could service many purposes. First, it could be used to introduce the company and the products, while at the same time, it can also be used to take online orders. If you will take online orders, that necessitates the tie up with a delivery partner, who can pick up the product from your warehouse and provide shipment. People have become very tech savvy these days, therefore, you must have different payment options for the customers to choose from. You must include credit/debit card payment, wallet payments, net banking, cash on delivery etc while also offering discounts to attract more customers.


Exhaust fans are becoming very popular as it allows for better ventilation. There are many exhaust fan manufacturing companies in India, that produce kitchen exhaust fans and industrial exhaust fans. As an entrepreneur, you can explore this market as this is rapidly emerging market. Location, pricing, and logistics are three of the main important factors to consider for this business.

FAQ: Exhaust Fan

Q. What is exhaust fan good for?

Ans. An exhaust fan is good for providing ventilation in a closed space.

Q. Which exhaust fan is better for kitchen?

Ans. There are many brands such as Havells, V-guard etc that manufacture excellent exhaust fans for kitchen.

Q. Which exhaust fan is best for room?

Ans. One can visit the website of exhaust fan sellers to select the best exhaust fan suited for their rooms.

Q. What is the price of exhaust fan?

Ans. The price of a 40W exhaust fan, starts at about 600 rupees from a non-branded manufacturers, and 1000 rupees for a branded one.

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