Chocolates are irresistible because of their rich flavour and velvety texture. It's impossible to resist the allure of chocolates and have just one or two. A delicious chocolate gift box is certain to put your loved ones on cloud nine on any given day. Everyone appreciates chocolate, so you may use it to celebrate any event. With a package full of these delicious confections, any day may be made better.

When everyone else is giving out Diwali mithai and you want to stand out, give chocolate instead. They have compiled a list of the greatest diwali chocolate gifts alternatives for this Diwali, including handmade chocolates, premium chocolates, imported chocolates, artisanal chocolates, and gourmet chocolates.

Chocolate Gifts Types for The Occasion of Diwali

1. A Big Box of Ferrero Rocher

Would you like to give a gift to a big family or a somewhat sized business? Then a single 24-count package won't go very far. Please forward this box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which has 16 individual 3-piece packets. Six hundred grams of pure chocolatey bliss, if you're counting. This is great for sharing with a large group of folks. You may also get it from Amazon for a price of Rs.1,375 if you so want. This delicious combination of hazelnuts and chocolate is available in a variety of different box sizes, but we recommend the 300-gram box with 24 pieces.

2. Hearty Hearts Choco Box

Startle your sweetie with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and watch their face light up with joy. Made with the highest-quality ingredients and packaged in adorable pink wrappers. Something truly magnificent for all the chocolate lovers out there.

3. Truffles with Rose and Marzipan

The chocolate shell adds a satisfying crunch, while the fresh rose flavor in the Diwali Chocolate Hampers almond marzipan is a welcome surprise. A beautiful 250-gram box with around 10–12 truffles is available for Rs.399. To avoid any delays, please plan and order at least two to six working days in advance. This is a fitting present for the festival of lights since it combines two traditional items—nuts and roses—into one delicious morsel.

4. Handmade Coffee Chocolates

Want to win the heart of your coffee lover with a chocolatey dessert? If that's the case, you need to order this delicious handcrafted coffee chocolate package immediately. A wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day would be the ideal time to wear this. These delectable morsels combine the best of two worlds: coffee and chocolate.

5. Luxury Chocolate Box

Gifts of chocolate are always well received, and this box of high-quality chocolates is sure to make anyone's day brighter. The assortment of dark, milk, praline and nutty chocolates in the elegantly packaged box is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Choose this when you want to provide a sweet treat but don't want to break the bank on the Diwali chocolate box or other treats. There is a satisfying middle ground between price and quality in this package.

6. Hearty Chocolate Box

Surprise your loved one with this unique and delicious chocolate box, and you're sure to win their heart. These high-quality chocolates are certain to win over anyone's heart with their delicious flavor and attractive presentation. To show how much you care, give these delicious chocolates to the people you care about. Get your order in quickly!

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7. Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Small Boxed Diwali Gift

If you're looking for a present that includes chocolate but also some other goodies, the Zoroy Luxury Chocolate Small Boxed Diwali gift Hamper on their site is an excellent choice. A candle topped with chocolates and some dry fruits makes up the rest of the hamper's contents. Thus, it would be an ideal Diwali present for a dear relative or a dear friend. In all, the box weighs 998 grams, and it can be shipped anywhere in India. All vegetarian ingredients are utilized.

8. Aura Of Truffles

The ultimate indulgence for any chocoholic on your list. Pieces of truffles in delectable flavors like dark chocolate, hazelnut, milk, etc., are contained in this heavenly chocolate box.

9. A Journey of Chocolate Through the World

Planète Chocolat, a Belgian artisan chocolate maker, has put together a collection of 54 individually wrapped chocolates called "A Journey Through the World of Flavors." The chocolates in this collection come in a variety of flavors and colors, and the cacao used in their production comes from all corners of the world. From milky, mellow, and sweeter chocolates created with cocoa from Vanuatu, Venezuela, and Grenada (all ranging from 43% and 44%), to the darkest, richest chocolate made with 80% Uganda with a delicate roasted scent and flavors of banana, there is a diversified blend, each promising a different blast of flavor. Those with a refined palate for chocolate will find this to be a dream come true.

10. Tempting Gourmet Surprise Hamper

Making lasting memories with the people you care about most often involves treating them to special treats. Send this extravagant gourmet chocolate package to your loved ones and completely amaze them on their special day. This delicious hamper is a stunning choice for any occasion, big or little. It's time to stop procrastinating and start astonishing [ing] your loved ones.

11. Festive Gifting Diffuser and Chocolate Set

You can't go wrong with this Diwali Gift Combo, which includes both tasty treats and decorative accessories for the house. One ceramic diffuser and three varieties of chocolates are packaged together in this attractive gift basket. On shopping site, you may choose from several various bundles, each of which includes a unique variety of chocolate. These are fantastic Diwali presents for one's superiors, coworkers, and even blood relatives. You may get this gift set for 1,265 rupees.

12. Chocolate Classiques

Get this mixed-chocolate box of nine to show someone they truly are yours. These are stunning and may overwhelm your sweetheart with the most delicious harmony. Do not procrastinate any longer; get this handcrafted goodness now!

13. Chocolates Gift Pack

This chocolate lover's dream present is available on Seven various kinds of chocolate treats, from biscuits to crunchy pieces to chocolate sticks, comprise this Diwali-themed gift package. Since the website allows for personalization, not only is the gift box sophisticated, but it also comes in a variety of design alternatives. This diwali chocolate gift pack box is perfect for a sibling or coworker and costs only Rs 1,245.

14. Be Mine Chocolates

Surprise your sweetie with these delicious candies on important occasions. These chocolates have a clever wrapper that says, "be mine." So, immediately impress your sweetie with this delectable chocolate set. A lot more sugar and flavor have been added to them.

15. Assorted Chocolate Truffles in a Gift Box

One of the best ways to improve someone's disposition and make them smile is to give them some chocolate. So, this Qtrove Pralines Belgian Chocolate Box is a great Diwali present. The chocolates come in an attractive package and weigh around 145 grams for 12 pieces. Choose between two sizes of box, depending on your needs. Show your appreciation for your employer or a close friend by giving them this fantastic package. In Indian rupees, the cost of this item is 750.

16. Diwali Chocolate Combo

The best option if you want to construct your hamper or gift present is to buy a variety of chocolates and arrange them in a basket. One delectable premium chocolate choice is Cococart's Lindt Roasted Almond Set. Lindt is a high-quality Swiss chocolate brand. Many flavors, such as orange, almond, milk, etc., are available here. Get a variety and have fun putting together gift baskets that recipients will like.

17. Personalized Box Of Sweet Treats

Sending a special someone a customized box of chocolates is guaranteed to put a big grin on their face. Enhance the joy of every celebration, from birthdays to anniversaries, with this unique package of customized chocolates. In a moment, the stunning red box will be streaming a joyous atmosphere. Make a lasting impact on someone by adding a photo to it and giving it as a gift. Regardless of the event, this elegant chocolate gift box is guaranteed to please.


Since it is Diwali, you should also give some thought to the decorations. Make sure the entire celebration is illuminated with lights and Diya. Activities like creating rangoli and bursting firecrackers might be kept as well to keep the celebration lively. Impressing someone you care about with a gift of chocolate is easy and delicious. Send mouthwatering candies from your favorite online bakery or retailer.

FAQs: Chocolate Gifts

Q. Which chocolate is best for Diwali gifts?

Ans. Ferrero Rocher is highly popular and delectable chocolate for Diwali gifts that can be given as a present; it shares many of the same characteristics as other tasty and crispy chocolates. Whether you're talking about its appearance or its flavor, this chocolate will always give you something more than you expected.

Q. How do you make a Diwali gift hamper?

Ans. Red house wine, a Park Hyatt charm, a fragrant candle infused with jasmine, a cashmere stole, rose oolong tea, Diwali sweets, chikki, chocolate chip cookies, macaroons, and luxury chocolate coated almonds are all included.

Q. What is the best chocolate Diwali gift for your family?

Ans. Cadbury Dairy Milk celebration is one of the most favorite Chocolate Diwali Gifts for your family. Chocolate is everyone’s favorite in India.

Q. What is the price of a Diwali chocolate box?

Ans. Costing about Rs 75 per unit, this chocolate gift box is perfect for celebrating Diwali.

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