Diwali is a festival of joy and bonding. Families come together and spend their time with one another on this occasion of giving and joy. Gifting is a tradition that has been going on for a long. Normally people used to go to their friends and family individually and give them their presents but with time, distance and technology, people become drifting apart from one another, but the tradition of gifting continued on Diwali. To make the process more user-friendly and less tedious, Diwali gift hampers became an obvious choice for many consumers and companies alike and when demand met with supply there was a product. One search of Diwali Gift hampers online will provide you with a load of options to choose from. The customer is spoilt for choices nowadays and therefore we are here to make your task easier.

We present to you the top 10 best hampers that you can gift your loved ones this Diwali:

1. Laduree India

Delhi became home to the first India location of the renowned French bakery Ladurée last September. There are many options for you based on your preference like the classic box of sweets, however, they are pretty simple and include mithai, chocolates, and various such options if you choose upscale French pastries and delicacies from Ladurée this Diwali. These macaron gifts have been created by professionals using the finest genuine ingredients as an exquisite complement to Diwali gift baskets. The macarons are a feast of flavours, keeping with the Diwali tradition of using many colours. They have an outstanding selection of Diwali gift hampers, including Napoleon Pink Gift Box, Exclusive Gift Box with Gold & Silver Macarons, and Napoleon Green Gift Box.

2. Snackstar

The top online retailer for snacks internationally in India offers a huge selection of imported quick food and gourmet treats. Snackstar handpicks gorgeously presented Diwali gift hampers for the Diwali holiday season that include a variety of delectable treats from around the world. During the Diwali celebrations, these hampers are indeed the final destination for everything unusual, thrilling, and plain delectable. The considerate Diwali gift baskets from Snackstar will make your loved one smile.

3. The Origin

With an emphasis on best-in-class quality, each hamper is painstakingly assembled with gourmet goods and seasonal ingredients from all over the globe in eye-catching gift boxes. There are several gifting possibilities, including baskets filled with gourmet goods like artisanal cheese, chocolates, honey, and other delicacies. Additionally, they offer luxury Diwali gift hampers with certain cuisines, truffle hampers, and beverage boxes for coffee and tea lovers. The Origin features distinctive packaging and branded accents that may be found on marble plates, leatherette trunks, baskets, wicker baskets, and more.

4. Hurrem’s

In Hurrem's Diwali gift boxes, classic mithais can clear the way for some genuine Turkish baklava. The company has released a variety of festive-themed, entirely vegetarian, traditional Turkish desserts and candy hampers in their Diwali gift hamper collection. To honour the occasion of new beginnings, Hurrem's has produced a collection of magnificent hampers filled with the greatest Turkish treats. The Diwali gifting basket consists of a variety of exquisitely chosen hampers and goods to enhance your Diwali festivities. The baskets, which include the best of Hurrem's traditional Turkish desserts and confectioneries, were created by chefs with training in Turkish cuisine. One of the sweets you'll find is a variety of Hurrem's famous baklava, which is expertly balanced with a nutritious combination of nuts and fruits. This pre-assembled basket of Turkish delicacies also includes the handcrafted Shortbread Kurabiye and the well-known lokums, commonly known as Turkish Delights. What else does the holiday season require than goods presented in upscale tin boxes and carefully selected in Hurrem's distinctive oak trunk?

5. Impressions

Nobody can resist the amazing array of handmade artisanal sweet delicacies that the luxury chocolate and patisserie brand has prepared as a Diwali gift. Impressions' melt-in-your-mouth decadent chocolates are baked to perfection, made with premium ingredients, and feature a special mix of white, dark, and milk chocolates. Enjoy timeless favourites like Nutella and Oreos or step outside your comfort bubble with more daring tastes and forms like Hazelnut Seasalt and Cranberry Pistachios Rose Bars, among others. A variety of products, such as varied nama nibbles, chocolates, hazelnut pinwheel cookies, waffles, candles, dragées, and delicious brownies, can be added to this bouquet of goodies.

6. Octavius Tea

Searching for a little bit unique? Look no further for a special Diwali gift than one of the Diwali gift hampers from Octavius Tea, brimming with luxury items that would appeal to both tea connoisseurs and chai lovers. This Diwali, a brand that blends exceptional quality with diversity is expected to inspire a novel change in gift-giving. They have created unique holiday Diwali gift baskets with the most scrumptious varieties of Indian herbal teas within them, keeping in mind the bright, vibrant, and colourful spirit of Diwali. Packed with superb treats that will entice both chai experts and tea beginners. From the renowned "Indian Masala Chai" to the "Classic Assam Black Tea," the Heritage line transports every palate to India.

7. Brown salt Bakery

During this holiday season, their handcrafted delicacies packed with a variety of gourmet goods would make the ideal addition to gift baskets for Diwali. Brown salt offers you a top-notch Diwali gift basket that was carefully crafted with your loved ones' emotions in mind. These gift baskets for Diwali are the ideal combination of decadent and nutritious cuisine! Get your fill of popular items like the Honey Infused Jar, which comes with hazelnuts, apricots, and cranberries. A 100g jug of Nut & Grain mix and a package of different cookies that are ideal for dessert round out the assortment of sweets. By selecting a granola flavour, you can further personalise your hamper.

8. Dole

This holiday season, the Dole Diwali gift hamper pack, which is stuffed with excellent dried fruits, is a lovely, nutritious gift option. To safeguard the goodness of nature, the organically dried figs, date, and apricots from the Mediterranean that are included within the Dole Utsav box are hand-selected and pasteurised. In addition, they don't include any additional sugar, chemicals, colours, or aromas, making them the perfect present for health-conscious recipients. The luscious, rehydrated fruits are also rich in nutrients that support bone, digestive, and immune health, and also vitamins A, B, C, D, and K.

9. The Lodhi

With customised luxury Diwali gift Hampers specially curated by The Lodhi, celebrate Diwali! With festive diamonds arranged in expertly created Manipur Kauna knitted grass baskets, redefine the art of gift-giving. Every handwoven Kauna Grass basket is a one-of-a-kind manifestation of traditional Indian workmanship and is manufactured organically and responsibly by neighbourhood Manipuri women artisans. The Lodhi's Chefs, who have a wealth of experience creating artisanal sweets, gourmet savouries, and distinctive confectionaries, have created a variety of house-made goodies for the hampers. Sourdough bread, chocolates, macaroons, banana walnut cake, mithai boxes, biscotti, and other treats are among the selections. On request, the hampers can also be personalized while considering individual preferences.

10. Le15 Patisserie

Inspired by their shared love of macarons and all things sweet, Le15 Patisserie has worked hard to bring colour and pleasure into your homes during the holiday season on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The Celebration Box at Le15 Patisserie integrates Cashew Cracker Dipkie and Jaggery Dipkie; the Prosperity Package has Cashew Dipkie, Chocolate Brownie Jaggery Dipkie, Almond Chocolate Dipkie, and two Famous Chocolate Mixes which are hot; and Indulgence Box has a Cake Mix, a Cashew Dipkie, and Dark Chocolate Dipkie. Additionally, boxes of 6 / 12 Diwali Special Macaron cookies are available.

Nowadays people can just search Diwali gift hampers online and get a varied range of options within seconds. The number of companies is only increasing every year. However, as far as luxury Diwali gift hampers are concerned, few brands curate a classic experience and therefore they remain the go-to brand for consumers during the festival. Some of the same ones are suggested here to make your job easier. So, what are you waiting for? Diwali is fast approaching, and the gifting season is nearby. So, get on your horses, and let’s go shopping!

FAQs: Diwali Gift

Q. What do you put in a Diwali gift basket?

Ans. Edible gift baskets are those that, in addition to the more conventional baskets of fruit, candies, and nuts, also include edible products and beverages, such as fruits, chocolates, gourmet meals and snacks, flavoured teas, juices, coffee, biscuits, and cheeses.

Q. What is the best gift hamper to give on Diwali?

Ans. There is no best gift hamper. It depends on the person and the value.

Q. Are gift hampers appropriate for Diwali?

Ans. Yes, they are perfectly fine and go with any occasion. It serves the purpose of keeping into account several factors.

Q. What kind of gift baskets are exchanged on Diwali?

Ans. By exchanging Diwali gifts with their coworkers and friends and family such as dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, and hampers, Indians use the holiday to retain their relationships.