Carrom Board: The Unconditional Best Indoor Game in India


Carrom is an intriguing hybrid of pool and air hockey, yet its small size and portability make it ideal as an indoor family activity.

The game is played by flicking a disc, known as the "striker," with one's fingers at the target pieces, known as carrom "men." The board is square and made of wood, and there are four pockets in the corners. One scores points in carrom by being the first to place all ten of their color's "men" and the red "queen" piece into the pockets on the board.

Although it fits the bill of a "board game," it is completely unlike other games of its type, such as Monopoly, which relies on luck, or Chess, which emphasizes strategy. In reality, there is a lot more to it than that.

Rules of Thumb

  • The player gets three chances to "break," or disrupt the center cluster of counters, on the very first turn.
  • No matter which piece the striker strikes first, or whether it hits nothing at all, the outcome is the same.
  • The striker is retrieved and another strike is taken if the striker pockets the Queen or any pieces of the striker's own color.
  • The turn ends if the player commits a foul or does not pocket any pieces.

When it comes to indoor games, the carrom board may be considered a trailblazer. It's been around for a while, yet despite its age, the game never becomes old or stale. Many factors combine to make carrom boards an entertaining pastime.

  • It poses no risk to anyone's health. You won't have to worry about being hurt while playing this game because it's inside.
  • Cost-wise, it's not a problem at all. It's possible to obtain a whole carrom set, including the board, coins, and powder, for a very small investment right now. As a result, being bankrupt is out of the question in this game.
  • Indulging in this pastime is ideal for connecting with loved ones. If you're considering letting your kids play this game, you should know that it will be a tremendous assist in fostering friendships among their classmates.
  • This is the perfect option if you want your kids to spend their summer vacation inside and out of the hot sun. For kids to have fun while learning valuable life lessons like communication and teamwork, this game is perfect.

Carrom boards are the finest indoor games for children to play throughout the summer for a number of reasons, including the positive effects on their health and development that the activity may have.

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6 Health Benefits of Playing Carrom Indoor

1. Cleverness Under Pressure

One of the greatest digital carrom board manufacturers is carrom, available through many apps. However, a real carom board is the finest alternative for a family get-together. Because of the high-stakes nature of the game, participants also need to be strategic thinkers. Because the other party may surprise you at any moment, you'll need to be quick on your feet.

This back-and-forth between players fosters a spirit of competition, which is crucial in the development of a player's capacity to deal with adversity.

Everyday life also frequently presents challenges that necessitate swift decision-making. In these cases, playing indoor carrom is a lifesaver. Because of this, it is up to the individual to think quickly, like they would in a game, when confronted with a sudden thinning scenario.

2. A Sharper Mind

Playing indoor carrom requires full focus and attention. Focus and mental energy are required to monitor the actions of the other players, deduce their strategy, and come up with countermeasures to make life difficult for them. A skilled carrom player knows the need of paying close attention if they hope to beat their opponents. The board game is effective because it gives players enough opportunity to hone their craft and grow as gamers over time.

3. Assist Your Teen in Ditching His or Her Cell Phone.

Indoor entertainment in the digital age consists solely of playing on electronic gadgets or mobile phones. Nonetheless, you may be able to change their perspective by exposing them to the kinds of games you like, such as the Carrom board.

Share your fond childhood memories of playing Carrom with your siblings, cousins, and other relatives with your kids during a game night. Why not reassure your kids with that message during the current lockdown? It's the finest time for remembering the past, after all.

There's a good chance they'll have fun playing carrom board instead of wasting time on their phones. They will value time with loved ones and bond as a family more after a game of Carrom.

4. Aids in the Development of Analytical Thinking Skills

Many times when the carrom board price pairs up people to play, neither player has any idea what to anticipate from the other. This facilitates shrewd mental processing and enhances future vision. There is a cumulative effect of one's predictions or calculations. In the end, a player's success or failure depends on the game and the opponent, therefore strategic forethought is essential. The ability to anticipate the opponent's next move encourages tactical thinking by allowing the player to lead them into a trap and divert their attention away from the goal. In the virtual carrom board game, one of the most potent weapons is the human mind.

5. Engage Children in Positive Hobbies.

Kids have a lot of emotional depth and are quite sensitive. Further, children's mental health may suffer if parents haven't been diligent in practicing vital skills for them throughout this time of confinement. Schools are closed throughout the world and students are instead enrolled in carrom board game courses.

As a result, children nowadays are confined to the four walls of their houses. They don't see the tragic side of the coronavirus, therefore most of them just want to go outside and play. At the same time, it will be difficult to keep them inside for too long. In light of this, it is the responsibility of parents to inspire their children during this lockdown by engaging them in positive activities.

6. Better Ability to Predict

They'll have a better chance of winning and will be able to exert more control over the game's flow as a result. The whole experience of playing carrom has a positive effect on player development. A person's day-to-day existence benefits from increased attention, sharpness, concentration, and foresight.

7 Benefits of Carrom on Personality Development

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  • Haring, taking turns, waiting, Communication, and enjoying the company of others are just some of the social qualities that the game encourages in its young players.
  • Kids can improve their concentration by playing carrom board, which requires them to maintain their attention on a single coin or pocket for an extended period of time.
  • The youngsters will benefit in the long run by learning the value of practice and the rule that in order to succeed in anything, consistent effort over time is required.
  • Kids will be free to build their own associations with the game's content, leading to positive associations with learning.
  • The game teaches children the value of boundaries, which is important since children need them in order to feel secure in all situations.
  • The need for consistent effort is something that even young children may begin to grasp. Further, they will gain in the long run from this theory.

The carrom board for kids games encourages kids to think about limits they might need to set in order to feel safe, revealing a universal human need. As a bonus, the game also has positive effects on the child's physical and mental health.


The game is the best method for learning new information and abilities in the same field. Playing the board game indoor carrom provides considerable health benefits for the player as well. As an added bonus, it may be used as a means of relieving stress or simply while away time in a number of different environments.

Do not prevent your children from enjoying themselves and generating precious summertime memories by keeping them indoors and away from the heat.

You may rest assured that your child will profit from playing this game and that he or she will learn something without realizing it. If you want your children to be successful in life, this is a great and entertaining approach to get them there.

FAQs: Carrom Board

Q. Which powder is good for carrom?

Ans: The carrom board is commonly dusted with borax powder.

Q. How many players can play carrom?

Ans: You'll see as many games of carrom with four players as you will with two. When playing doubles, players sit across from one other and take turns making moves in a clockwise direction. Other than that, the rules are identical to those in a standard singles match.

Q. What are the benefits of playing carrom?

Ans: The benefits are:

  • Playing didn't need much concentration or luck, and neither did physical exertion.
  • You can easily master the game with only a small bit of practice.
  • The ability to play with loved ones or coworkers strengthens bonds and increases the fun.
  • Doesn't require a larger area to play.

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