Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, everyone enjoys a good Christmas party game. They're perfect for getting people talking to one another and making conversation during a party. The key is to pick the correct games for your Christmas party based on the dynamic of your group and the theme you've chosen. To that end, I will be discussing the best games that we have found for a Christmas celebration.

6 Christmas party games the whole family will love

1: Family Feud Christmas

The participants split themselves into teams. Create a survey with questions and answers related to the upcoming holiday. Teams have a certain amount of time to jot down their three best predictions. The judge then tells the contestants whether or not their estimates made the cut, and how much credit they received for their correct responses. The highest-ranked survey answer receives 50 points, the second-ranked response receives 40 points, and so on. When everyone's finished answering, the scores get added up to see who did the best.

Steps to Play:

  • The Stage: The first thing you need is a neutral family member to host and referee the christmas games. The host would prepare a list of questions ahead of time to be asked to the players. Following that, we need to have a head-to-head competition between the two groups.
  • How You Play: After all the teams are ready, the host will summon a member from each team to the microphone so that they may answer the question. It's up to the player whether to buzz in while the presenter is still answering a question or not. The host will ask the first team to buzz in whether they know the answer or not. A player's team has the option of keeping possession of a category or passing it to the opposing side if that player's answer is at the top of the list.
  • These Are Some of the Questions: The famous saying goes something like, "One hundred individuals were polled, and the best six replies are posted." There are up to 8 options for each question. The number of responses will vary based on the nature of the questions asked and the responses provided by the persons being surveyed. The weight of each response is determined by the proportion of respondents who selected that option in the survey.
  • Relevant Details: Points are scored at various stages of the game, and the winning team must amass 300 points. Depending on the number of players and the length of time you wish to spend playing, you may determine your own rules for points, time, scoring, etc. You won't be competing for cash as they do on the program, but instead for bragging rights and kid-friendly rewards.

2: Stocking Guessing Game

In the first place, you'll need a host who is willing to stuff a stocking with unrelated products. If you don't want others to see what's inside your stocking, tie a bow or string around the top once you've filled it. Get everyone to sit in a circle and pass it around so they can all touch the contents. Provide them with notecards on which to record their predictions. Whoever makes the most accurate predictions wins.

How to Play:

Supply everyone with a blank sheet of paper and an ink pen. Now, have everyone take a stocking or sock and write down the number of items they think are inside. The next step of these christmas games is to have them guess what's in the stocking based on what they feel, and then record their findings on the sheet of paper provided.

  • Setting Up the Game: Place a few pieces of holly, mistletoe, an ornament, and a pine cone in a pair of very warm and thick Christmas socks or stockings. Each set of stockings should contain the same or very similar presents. Make the game continue longer and provide more variety by including more than 25 items within. Close it up by tying a ribbon or thread over the top.
  • Supplies Needed:
  • Comprising several pairs of oversized stockings.
  • Each person needs a blank sheet of paper and a writing instrument.
  • Things like hair clips, paper clips, coins, doll shoes, ribbon, holly, Christmas ornaments, scotch tape, and pine cones.
  • Age Limit- Above 6 Years

3: Christmas Songs Pictionary

These Christmas music cards are perfect for a game of Pictionary with the family. Do not break into song.

How to Play:

  • Split everybody up into two groups.
  • One member of each team goes up to the Gamemaster/Host, who gives them the name of a Christmas carol. The carols should be put down on cards so that each participant can be given one and not be exposed to the others.
  • In a Pictionary-style return to the group, the funny christmas party games player now attempts to have the others guess the name of the carol based only on the player's drawings. Pens and paper are required for every group.
  • Once everyone understands the song, they have to sing it together until the Gamemaster or Host gives the thumbs up (10 – 15 seconds). Once they obtain the green light, the squad switches people over for the next song. The game continues until one team has sung all of their songs.

4: Lump Of Coal Christmas Plastic Wrap Game

Adding "coal cards" with ludicrous instructions to the original Plastic Wrap game is a fun way to celebrate the holiday season. Everybody will be cracking up over that.

How to play:

  • Prepare Your Ball: Beginning with a square of saran wrap, place a tiny round item (such as an EOS lip balm, a bouncing ball, or a pair of Christmas socks) in the center. Since it's the first step, I prefer to include a monetary incentive (the lucky winner!).
  • Include Gifts and Prizes in Your Ball: Put a tiny gift on the ball, then wrap it in saran wrap twice. Keep continuing and throwing in some rewards at random every few layers of saran wrap.
  • Put in some Coal Cards: Don't stop until you've added a coal card, some saran wrap, some rewards, and a few more layers. Though it takes some work, you may be strategic with the coal cards by angling, for example, at the end of your turn one into the inside of the ball.
  • Complete the Saran Wrapped Ball: Coal cards and rewards can be stacked until they are no longer usable, at which point the game can be put away until it is time to play again.

5: Snowman Bowling

The most exciting part of building this snowman out of tissue boxes is watching to see who can knock him down the most times.

How to play;

  • Tell your kid to stuff cotton into each bottle (snow).
  • Turn the bottles on their "caps," and use one dot for each marker (One color per snowman.)
  • Get some orange construction paper and cut out little triangles to use as labels for the bottles.
  • Add two googly eyes to each snowman using the adhesive.
  • Create a crease by folding down the triangular shape's non-pointed end.
  • The snowman's nose is a folded orange triangle, which should be glued just below each of the eyes.
  • Make the snowmen's mouths look like buttons by circling them with a black pen (under the carrot nose.)
  • Replacement of the bottle's cap (or hat) is required. (Optional) Have the children decorate the cap with crayons or markers.

6: Stocking Fill-up

Divide the group into two halves based on the number of players. At the far end of the room, hang a stocking for every member of the squad. Players will grab a scoop of candy and run to their team's stocking, where they will drop it and then return to their original team. The christmas party activities for adults is won by the team whose stocking is the fullest at the end of the relay.

How to Play:

  • Stuff the stocking with holiday treats and secure it with a bow. Each participant should be given a pen and paper
  • The participants sign their names on the slips of paper while they sit in a circle
  • As soon as one player tries to guess what's inside the stocking by touching the outside, the leader will hand the stocking to the next player. She then gives it to the next person to play. Following the handoff, she records all of her best-educated guesses.
  • When one person is through making their estimates, they pass the stocking on to the next player who repeats the process.
  • Keep going until everyone has had a chance to run their hands over the stocking and jot down their best guess as to what's inside.
  • Please gather the scraps of paper. Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut the stocking open, and hand each item to a player one at a time.
  • Take a look at what everyone has guessed (there should be some hilarious laughter). The winner is the contestant who correctly answered the most questions.


Don't forget to factor in the number of family members, their ages, and their hobbies when deciding on a holiday game to play. You may really go above and above by giving out personalized Christmas items as party favors or door prizes. Also, remember to send out invites to the Christmas party well in advance. The best part of celebrating Christmas is spending time with loved ones and establishing memories that will last a lifetime.

FAQs: Christmas Party Game

Q. What is a fun Christmas party game?

Ans. Mad Libs during Christmas Time is the funniest party game ever created. They're not games, but they're a lot of fun and may be played in place of games around Christmas Time. It's almost like playing a game with them. Just use the prompts as a guide and fill them in to create your own wacky Christmas tales.

Q. How do you make an adult Christmas party fun?

Ans. You might put your visitors to the test by asking them to name their favorite Christmas movies. You may either have a live trivia game with your guests or give them Christmas movie trivia sheets to fill out at their leisure. Although everyone has their own opinion on the best holiday films, this should nevertheless delight many.

Q. What is the best game to play at a party?

Ans. Limbo, Twenty Questions, Mummy Wrap, and Treasure Hunters are some games to play at a party.

Q. How do you entertain a house party?

Ans. To entertain a house party, here are the steps to follow:

  • Competition for Dance Moves Based on a Common Theme
  • Make it a Trivia Night at Your House
  • Choose Tabletop Games

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