Best Packing Box Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India 2023

Have you questioned the purpose of all those containers from online retailers? Who may be the manufacturer? Learn about the top 10 packing box producers in India. The packing box, which we use to keep undesirable belongings or utilise when moving houses, remains one of the most often used objects. They help a lot in fitting many of our priceless items since they are sturdy and reliable. Today, packing box manufacturers may be found everywhere in the globe, regardless of where you reside.

Where Packing Boxes Came From

The first corrugated boxes were on the market in 1817 thanks to M/s M. Treverton & Son. In the same year, corrugated boxes also made their debut in Germany. Robert Gair of Scotland created the first pre-cut, portable packing box in 1890. Packing was widely accessible in Scotland and other countries by the beginning of the century.

Packing Boxes: How Are They Made?

Just several sheets of materials, including paper, glue, and steam, are used to create cartons. The medium, which is often fluted, is placed between the linerboards, which are the socket layer. Because they are constructed of strong material and are lighter, packing boxes can endure shock, wetness, and extreme temperature changes. These characteristics make these boxes perfect for delivering things since they keep their integrity to their locations.

The Packing Box Industry in India, 2021–2022

The Indian market has an increasing need for packing box manufacturers. This is so that items may be stored in packing boxes before being sent to a variety of businesses. The Indian packing box market is estimated to be worth Rs. 30,000 crores.

The Production Scenario

Since corrugated boxes are produced using sophisticated technical computer design and production methods, they need particular knowledge and expertise. Manufacturers of corrugated boxes create fluting, an arching paper pattern, to build it. Typically, fluting is positioned in between two outside liners. The fluting must be completed with extreme care to increase the product's longevity.

Because hefty objects that must withstand dampness and bad weather are accommodated in corrugated boxes. Nowadays, it's usual to see them employed in a wide range of businesses, from food and medicines to cosmetics, food, and other necessities of everyday life. Nowadays, the focus is on reusing these boxes while also ensuring their sustainability. These two characteristics would contribute to their affordability for the consumer.

Packing Boxes Offers Advantages

Packing boxes have several advantages, that is the reason they are so popular across many industries. Their main advantages are as follows:

Provide goods with the most protection possible: Boxes can survive hard treatment during transportation since they are robust and durable. Additionally, it protects the products it transports from dampness and germs.

It's Simple to Customize: Manufacturers may create boxes specifically for customers depending on their unique requirements. Gift packing boxes are very popular across the world.

It's compact and simple to ship: Transporting heavy goods in light transportation packing boxes will not increase the weight of the carton overall. They are not only robust and lightweight, but they are also easy to carry.

Biodegradable, sustainable, and cost-effective: This packing is mostly constructed from recycled materials. Because of this, these cartons are not only recyclable and reusable but also environmentally sustainable. They may also be used in new ways. Due to their low labour requirements, they are also cost-effective.

An effective brand exercise: Corrugated packing that has been tailored for customers might be a terrific branding opportunity. It assumes a professional appearance, distinguishes itself from other companies, and advances brand recognition.

Extreme Flexibility: Customers have a broad range of options for corrugated boxes, including the number of safety walls and dimensions.

Packing Boxes: Types

Depending on its high degree of durability, protection, and weight handling, many kinds of packing boxes are employed by multiple industries. There are primarily four different kinds of corrugated boxes. Which are:

Single-Phase Corrugated Sheets: Typically, single-phase corrugated sheets have one flute and a few linear boards. The linear board is used to mount the flute, which is subsequently sold in sheet rolls. Most gift packing boxes are of this type.

Single Wall 3-Ply Corrugated Box: In this instance, two exterior layers of liner board are sandwiched between one sheet of corrugated material.

Double Wall 5-Ply Corrugated Box: Three pieces of liner board are sandwiched between two layers of corrugated box material to create this packing solution. As a result, the board is strengthened and is safe to use for packing electronics, heavy-duty, and delicate objects.

Triple Wall 7 Ply Corrugated Box: Triple wall boxes, as their name implies, are among the most durable corrugated box varieties. Three layers of the medium are utilised over four layers of liner board in this instance. Due to their increased durability, these cartons are perfect for shipping industrial components.

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Now that we are aware of the many corrugated box varieties, let's examine their costs:

Triple wallboard: Rs. 30

Double wallboard: Rs. 6

Single wall corrugated box: Rs. 7

Single-phase 2-ply corrugated: Rs. 12

The demand for packing boxes is greater than ever because of the industry's extensive presence across India. There are several corrugated box factories around the nation, with an overall average price of Rupees. 38 for every kilo. You can buy these packing boxes online.

The Top 10 Packing Box Producers In India


Company Name




Kapco Packing Company

Luxury cartons, folding cartons, and premium corrugated boxes



Canpac Trends Pvt. Ltd.

Superior packing solutions, flexible packaging



Aaradhya Enterprise

Corrugated boxes for food, beverage, pharma, and more



Hariwansh Packing Pvt. Ltd.

One-stop solutions, corrugated Z partition boxes



TGI Packing Pvt. Ltd.

Exporters of corrugated boxes, specialized design

Chennai, India


Trident Paper Box Industries

Cartons, corrugated boxes, and sheets



Multi Pack

Bespoke packing, corrugated boxes at a great price



Om Shanthi Packing Industries

Duplex and compact corrugated boxes, cutting-edge equipment

Hyderabad, India


Carton Box Manufacturing

Printed corrugated boxes, heavy-duty options

Hyderabad, India


Shanthi Packing

High-quality corrugated boxes, hardwood pallets


1. Kapco Packing Company: One of the well-known packing business in the corrugated box industry is this brand, which is renowned for its adaptable products and range of bespoke options. This company will be the first to show up if you look up packing boxes near me. For both big and small enterprises, they provide luxury cartons, folding cartons, and premium corrugated boxes.

2. Canpac Trends Pvt. Ltd.: Since 2011, this company has provided choices for flexible packing. They are among the top manufacturers of corrugated boxes and specialise in the creation of superior packing solutions.

3. Aaradhya Enterprise: Top maker of corrugated boxes in India is this brand. Their packing is appropriate for a variety of sectors, including those in food and beverage, confectionery, pharmaceutical, personal care, and so on.

4. Hariwansh Packing Pvt. Ltd.: This a well-known company in the cardboard box manufacturing industry, quickly provides one-stop solutions. You may find a large range of things at this location, both in terms of volume and appearance. Here, among other sorts of boxes, one can simply get corrugated Z partition boxes from a business that offers high-quality goods and corresponding client pleasure.

5. TGI Packing Pvt. Ltd.: This company is one of the leading producers and exporters of corrugated boxes in the nation, started by producing lightweight corrugated boxes more than 30 years ago. One of Chennai's top producers of carton boxes is this company. Today, it has prominent importance in packing high-quality items because of its specialised design abilities and cutting-edge packing technologies. More than 33,000 tonnes of corrugated boxes are produced yearly by these producers. They buy their packing boxes online.

6. Trident Paper Box Industries: This 1983-founded business is well-known for its cartons, corrugated boxes, and sheets. The most talented individuals work for this organisation, and each one is dedicated to giving it their all.

7. Multi Pack: This business was started in 1986 as a side project. They have grown over the years to give the finest packing options to several sectors. Multi-Pack also goes above and above by giving its clients the option of bespoke packing. Multi-Pack offers corrugated boxes at a fantastic price when purchased in quantity.

8. Om Shanthi Packing Industries: The Hyderabad enterprise serves the adjacent industrial estate with cutting-edge equipment. It produces duplex corrugated boxes, compact corrugated boxes, and corrugated packing boxes among others.

9. Carton Box Manufacturing: This company is at the top of its industry because of many years of experience and knowledge. Its headquarters are in Hyderabad, and it provides a variety of printed corrugated boxes in addition to packing boxes, heavy-duty corrugated boxes, and other options.

10. Shanthi Packing: This is a company well known for its high-quality corrugated boxes, which was established in 1995. They also manufacture hardwood pallets and other premium packing products in addition to packing boxes.

Finding the top packing boxes near me is simpler now that we've seen some of the greatest packing box manufacturers in India.


There has never been a better moment for the packing box sector to be expanding than right now when e-commerce is experiencing a boom. Corrugated boxes have found their way into the spotlight as a result of the necessity for safe and reliable packing for items being delivered to homes via e-commerce websites. If you ever need to ship delicate items via courier, get in touch with the best packing box makers and have a look at their incredible packing choices.

Top Gift Packaging Box Price ListExpected Price
Designing Gift Box 56.0
6x6 Inches Lightweight Glossy Lamination Plain Gift Packaging Box 10.0
Square Shape Paper Packaging Box For Gift Purpose Use 200.0
10x4x3 Inches Rectangular Printed Matt Lamination Gift Packaging Box 6.5
4 Mm Thick Rectangular Plain Duplex Paper Gift Packaging Box 135.0
4x4 Inches Square Matte Lamination Plain Gift Packaging Box 20.0
Matt Lamination Paper Gift Packaging Box 10.0
Multi Color Matt Lamination Printed Strong Packaging Box 12.0
Matte Laminated Printed Multicolor Attractive Presentable Paper Gift Packaging Box 10.0
16x5 Inches Glossy Lamination Rectangular Printed Gift Packaging Box 120.0

FAQs: Packing Boxes

Q. What's the composition of packing boxes?

Ans. A linerboard and a thick paper medium are used to make corrugated boxes. The liner board is the flat outside layer that clings to the media. The medium is the fluted, wavey material that sits in between the two liners. Both of them are constructed from strong paper known as containerboard.

Q. What are packing boxes used for?

Ans. Packing boxes have shown to be the greatest options for storing and transporting goods of all types, including food, medications, cosmetics, and many other items.

Q. What is the lifespan of a packing box?

Ans. There are no expiration dates on corrugated boxes. However, they often only survive two years maximum.

Q. When can I use cardboard packing?

Ans. Choose cardboard packing if you want to deliver your products in dependable and durable packing. Corrugated boxes can securely keep your items and transport them to their destinations thanks to their strong layers.