White staples, or galvanized iron wire staples are manufactured as part of the project. Stapling sheets of paper, checks, bills, album photographs, and sandwich bags are only one of the many uses for these staples. They may also be used in financial institutions and offices; the garment business; the leather industry; and the rubber sector.

The importation of these white dazzling essentials, which are of high quality, costs the Indian economy an estimated Rs. 60 crores each year.

Manufacturing in India has thus far been confined to copper-coated a staple making machine, which corrodes quickly. White staples produced from poor wires have been available on the market, as well.

The Sales Potential of Staple Pins

There are times when an application form is required in addition to other educational and personal documentation, such as a photocopy of an ID card while applying for a job or college entrance.

You already have photocopies of everything, and you'd need staplers and staple pins to bind them all together.

Staple pins aren't just utilized in workplaces, schools, and universities; they've also been observed in homes, especially in those where children are learning, on a massive scale.

Staple Pins are one of several products that may be sold in India due to the country's big population and its enormous market potential.

As the components are made, they are tested separately. The automated machines inspect a small fraction of the components that come out of them.

When necessary, machinery or tools are fixed or changed as they wear out, and critical dimensions are examined.

Top 10 Staple Making Machine Manufacturers in India

                            Brand Name 


                    S.B Machine Tools 

                                New Delhi 

                  Guru Nanak Mech Works 

                            Amritsar Punjab 

                Intimate Machine Tools 


                      Pals Morgan Pvt. Ltd  


                  Birdi Mechanical Works 


                Vivaan Marking Solution- li 


                        M.S Industries 


                    Manjeet Engg. Works 

                                New Delhi 

                    SMC Machine Tools 


                    Machinery Ltd

                                Navi Mumbai 

How To Start Staple Pin Manufacturing Business in India

1. Required License for Staple Pin Production

Registration is a need before any firm can get off the ground. The first step is to choose a name for your business and then begin the procedures listed below:

  • MSME Registration
  • Trade License from Municipal Corporation
  • NOC by State Pollution Control Board
  • GST Registration
  • Active Bank Account
  • Quality Standards according to Indian Specification IS 4224:1972

2. Staple Pins Land and Building Administration

An automatic staple pin making machine price Manufacturing unit's production capacity determine how much land or building the business owner needs to get it up and running

To be clear, the more manufacturing capacity an entrepreneur expects to set up a factory with, the greater the demand for machinery, personnel, etc., and the more obvious the need for additional land and buildings will be for the entrepreneur.

A modest office and a production location will also be required for the entrepreneur to run their business. Accordingly, the entrepreneur may need between 900 and 1000 square feet of area to operate effectively.

3. Required Staple Pin Making Machines

There are three types of Machines you must have in your factory:

  • Multi Wire-Staple Pin Making Machine: Stapler pins made with five wires may be made using this.


                  Item Code No.

                              ABM- FM-6690

                  Wire Dia. S.W. G. 

                        0.45 mm to 0.6mm

                        Pins Size 

                            No 10 or 24/6

              Maximum Clips Per Minute

                            1500-1600 Pcs 

                  Raw Material Require 

    MILD Steel Wire (S.S Coated/Galvanized)

                          Wire Intake 

                                  5 Wires 

                      Required Powered 

                                    2 H.P.

                        Required Area 

                                  9’ x 18’

  • Single Wire- Staple Pin Making Machine: Single Wire can be used to make staple pins.


                      Item Code No.

                          ABM- FM-6690a 

                      Wire Dia. S.W. G. 

                      0.45 mm to 0.6 mm

                          Pins Size 

                            No 10 or 24/6

            Maximum clips Per Minute 

                          350 to 400 Pcs 

                Raw Material Required 

                        Mild Steel Wire  

                    (S.S Coated/Galvanized)

                      Wire Intake 

                                  1 Wire

                  Powered Required 

                                  1 H.P.

                      Area Required 

                                    5’ x 9’

  • Heavy Duty Industrial – Staple Pin Making Machine: Suitable for the production of staple pins for industrial use


Item Code no. 

  Product Name 

Motor Power KW


Weight KG


Flat Stitching Wire Making 




ABM- 6690C

Glue Stick Wire Making 




ABM- 6690D

Staple Forming Machine




4. Materials Needed for Production

The business's primary supply of raw materials is:

  • Wiring Performance
  • Adhesive
  • Packaging materials/ boxes

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5. Required Investment

Any company's investment and operations costs are critical. As compared to other similar staple making machine suppliers in India, starting a staple-pin business requires a cheap investment.

You can see two types of Investment:

  • 1 Lakh for Working Capital Investment
  • 2.5 lakhs for fixed Capital investment

6. Invest In or Manage Funds

Even though this Staple Pins Manufacturing Firm may be launched with a little investment of up to ten lakh rupees, the entrepreneur may be unsure of the precise amount needed to get the business off the ground.

It is therefore imperative that you compile an accurate estimate of the costs involved in starting your firm. After learning the price, you can get financing through government programs such as subsidized loans, bank loans, or your own resources.

7. Employee Recruiting

It's challenging to run a firm on your own. For this, you will need a sales and marketing specialist and an assistant. Helpers and marketing personnel will receive instruction from you so that they may do all of their responsibilities accurately and efficiently.

8. Precautions

The site of the company will not be in a residential neighborhood since machines make noise as they operate, and the people may take exception to this. This must be considered before deciding on a location for the business.

If your firm is in an industrial district or a rural part of town, that is where it will be located. Keeping the corrugated boxes away from electrical lines would be a good idea because they can catch fire. The machine can run at 220 watts; thus, no additional wiring is needed.

9. Promotion and Advertising Strategy

Running a business necessitates the use of advertising and sales. The sales and marketing specialist will make regular visits to stationery shops, general stores, colleges, and workplaces to procure necessary materials for the business. You have the option of appointing a distributor in several cities.

Retailers and potential customers will also be pushed for your product. To build a name for yourself, you might offer bulk-buying discounts like 10+2 (free). Profit margins will be less, but sales will go up.

To make one of the best staple making machine dealers, you can use a marketing plan to promote yourself.

  • By giving wholesalers and retailers of stationery items a discount for buying in bulk and paying cash
  • By partnering with well-known stapler manufacturers to boost sales, etc.


  • Growth opportunities for the staple pin industrial sector have been observed in the past.
  • The expanding number of staplers is fueling an annual growth rate of 8-10% for the worldwide staple pin industry.
  • An estimated 6000 crores (30 percent) of the worldwide market for stationery and office products are accounted for by the unorganized sector.

10. Percentage of Profits

You might expect a profit margin of 20% to 25% if you start a staple pin manufacturing firm.


Let’s assist you to acquire some data about this business opportunity while you staple away your work-from-home documentation.

  • First, there are several advantages to this business model, including lower production costs and lower investment costs, as well as a large market to serve.
  • Second, yes, the staple pin manufacturing industry may experience a downturn as a result of the change to digitalization, but certain niches, such as government offices and schools, may still choose this for reasons of privacy and efficiency.
  • To sum it up, the revenues from this venture, as well as the rise in demand for staple pins, present an opportunity.


Because it's less well-known, the company I've described has enormous potential. The Staple pin industry in India has an annual revenue of approximately Rs. 15 crores. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Make sure to spread the word and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Staple pins are available in two basic varieties. With the aid of the machine's attachments, both kinds of staple pins may be produced. After that, they are placed in their appropriate size boxes and sent to the market for sale.

FAQs: Staple Pin

Q. What is the initial investment in starting a staple pin-making business in India?

Ans. The amount of money you need to invest in this business depends on the size of the firm and the property on which it is based. The overall business investment may be 2 Lakhs to 5 lakhs according to your budget.

Q. What type of machines are required in staple pin making business?

Ans. To start this business, a machine that can do all the work is necessary, but all machines rely on the type of business, and what sort of equipment is required in this business, using an automatic staple pin machine, you could simply create pins. ' This machine is all you'll ever need for making these pins. These are three types of Machines:

  • Multi Wire
  • Single wire
  • Heavy Duty

Q. Who is the reputable staple pin making machines suppliers in India?

Ans. The top 3 Staple Pin making machines suppliers in India are:

  • S.B Machine Tools
  • Guru Nanak Mech Works
  • Anju Techno Services

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