For children, the holiday season is a time of enchantment, marked by the aroma of holiday baking, the sound of Christmas songs on the radio, and the excitement of making something special that they can keep and enjoy year after year.

Avoid the hassle of buying a gingerbread home kit and instead have the youngsters make their own little Christmas trees. Kids can be creative while learning about different materials as they construct and decorate Christmas trees out of Paper Crafts, colored paper, and pom-poms. Use these kid-friendly guides to jumpstart your Christmas preparations.

Top easiest paper Christmas tree crafts ideas in 2022

1:- Cardstock Christmas Tree

This kid-friendly DIY project is dead easy. Triangulate and fringe three to four pieces of colored cardstock. For kids who are ready to hone their cutting abilities, this is a great opportunity to get some practice making precise cuts. Decorate this paper Christmas tree with ease using pre-made foam stickers or glittery sequins.

2:- Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Pipe cleaners are great for kids since they can be bent and reshaped without the need for glue or tape. Wrap a wooden craft stick with green pipe cleaners, then embellish it with plastic beads in a rainbow of colors. The house will look completely different for the holidays when you've hung up all of these projects.

3:- Fork Painted Christmas Tree

Put a plastic fork in your kids' art box instead of paintbrushes. Teach your youngsters to dip their forks in paint and build up a tree outline by stamping and piling ridged strokes. This painting method provides a great foundation for inexpensive foam or paper decorations.

4:- Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Kids can go on a lawn treasure hunt in the morning and then spend the afternoon making something creative at the Handmade Paper Crafts table. Pine cones with a fresh coat of green paint make lovely little Christmas trees, and pom-poms made from fuzzy fabric would make great decorations. To add a touch of merriment, sprinkle some glitter on top.

5:- Spiral Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree

Wrapping paper tubes are great to keep around for future craft projects. With your assistance, children may make a cardboard spiral and decorate it with glue and paint (such as sequins, pom-poms, or gems).

6:- Ripped Paper Christmas Tree

Another fantastic idea for recycling leftover holiday wrapping paper is: Make a Christmas tree out of torn colorful paper strips. All the more vibrant hues and intricate designs in this craft, the better. That's a smart choice if you want to spend the afternoon crafting without producing a huge mess.

7:- Stained Glass Christmas Tree

A stained-glass look may be achieved without the use of glue by adhering squares of tissue paper to translucent laminating paper. Children may practice their cutting abilities by tearing apart tissue paper and scattering the pieces on the sticky board. To make a stunning, light-catching ornament, laminate the second sheet of paper on top, cut it into a tree form, and then frame it with colorful tape.

8:- Pom-Pom painting Christmas Tree

These DIY soft and fuzzy stamps will keep kids' hands clean during painting time. Kids may have fun making Christmas tree paper crafts for kids decorations by clipping a pom-pom between two clothespins and then stamping colored circles onto a piece of construction paper. To complete this simple painting project successfully, we recommend using heavier paper or cardstock. If your young child is just beginning to experiment with color, this is a great alternative for them.

9:- Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats

Make a large quantity of marshmallow puffed rice snacks, dye them green with food coloring, and cut them into triangles. The little ones may help out by decorating the cookies with sprinkles and candy decorations. Tiny pretzel rods can be used as a substitute for real tree stumps in a meal. This festive delight is perfect for a group treat throughout the holiday season without breaking the bank.

10:- Zigzag Glitter Christmas Trees

This easy paper craft will add some glitz to your holiday crafting. Children may add color and sparkle by sprinkling glitter over glue squirted in a zigzag pattern. The same concept may be used to make beautiful handcrafted greeting cards or thank you letters.

11:- Paper Straw Christmas Tree

Decorative paper straws with fun patterns may serve as the basis for a variety of upbeat and merry holiday displays. Christmas trees may be made by snipping triangles from various patterns and putting them back together. They can be turned into cute homemade ornaments with a little glue and a loop of yarn.

13:- Paper Plate Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree project gives kids the chance to work in three dimensions, which will test their spatial reasoning and creative talents. Make a cone out of an ordinary paper plate by taping it into shape. Decorate it with bright pom-poms or mini-garland made of metallic yarn by gluing it on.

14:- Abstract Christmas Tree Coloring Project

Bring out colored pencils or crayons for a simple, mess-free art activity and allow the youngsters to express themselves abstractly. Make thick black lines going in every direction across your paper, and then fill up the green triangle in the middle with a single, solid color. With a variety of glitter glues available, this activity may be taken to the next level, and young painters can add some glitz to their creations.

15:- Marbled Christmas Tree

Paper marbling is the secret ingredient in this charming little DIY project. It's important to use smocks or aprons to protect your clothing before starting this one, as there's a chance of becoming dirty. When the desired effect is achieved, cut the paper into triangles to resemble pine trees and give each one a construction paper trunk.

16:- Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

One of the best paper craft ideas is you may make a triangle out of a stack of empty toilet paper rolls and some white glue. Paint adheres nicely to the recycled cardboard, so you can use a recipe that is safe for use around children. Make it your own by attaching a loop of thread and hanging it from a tree.

17:- Jeweled Paper Christmas Tree

The clothespin serves as both the Christmas tree's base and its stump in this ingenious activity for youngsters. Small children may customize pre-cut green triangles with stickers, jewels, and glitter. The DIY forest of glittering pine trees you can create with these is the perfect focal point for your holiday table.

18:- Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

Making use of remnants of wrapping paper is a bonus to this really easy afternoon project. The youngsters may paint and the wooden craft sticks can be decorated with glitter and stick-on jewels, and then try to fill the popsicle stick triangles center with some patterned wrapping paper. A terrific way to teach youngsters about geometry and the basics of layout, this activity is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

19:- Winter Wreath Craft With Hand Cut Outs

These candy cane figures singing their hearts out can be found in our music video titled "At the North Pole," which is our Christmas cover of the hilarious song "Down by the Bay." As we go around the North Pole and see a variety of wacky Christmas traditions, the candy canes provide a backing vocal performance. You may use these candy canes to play along with the music, and you can also use them to adorn your Christmas tree.


Looking for something new Christmas tree decoration? It's time to get out the Christmas lights and decorations, as well as the Christmas crafts, of course! I have you covered with a wide variety of merry crafts appropriate for a variety of skill levels and ages. Some of them are wonderful Christmas projects to do on their own, while others are designed to go along with some of your favorite Super Simple Christmas shows and carols. Choose one or give them all a shot; either way, you're certain to have a wonderful Christmas!

FAQs: Paper Christmas tree

Q. How do you make a paper Christmas tree easy?

Ans. Here are some easy steps:

  • Gather some green construction paper and cut out three or four triangles of varying sizes.
  • Create a Christmas tree shape by adhering the triangles together with glue. The biggest triangle should be placed at the base. The next step is to adhere to the medium-sized triangle at the top of the huge triangle. In the end, adhere the smaller triangle to the top of the larger one.
  • Make the tree trunk by cutting a long rectangle out of brown construction paper. The trunk should be positioned at the base of the tree and glued there.
  • Shapes such as bows, stars, candy canes, and circles can be cut from various colors of paper and used to decorate the tree.
  • Create patterns of dots, lines, and other little objects with crayons or colored markers.
  • Saturate the entire form with white glue and spread it out. Spread glitter all over the form. Using a paintbrush, you may disperse the glitter more uniformly.

Q. How do you make a model tree out of paper?

Ans. Let’s discover the ideas:

  • Four similar trees may be made by printing one of the tree trunk templates on brown cardstock in A4 or Letter size.
  • Remove the four main tree pillars.
  • To be clear, this procedure is needed solely for the massive tree trunk templates. There is a top (with branches) and a bottom to the tree.
  • Find anything you can use to make scores, such as a dull plastic knife or an empty ballpoint pen. Mark the center of the tree using a ruler.
  • Each tree should be folded in half along its middle line.
  • Join two trees along one side by gluing them together, making sure they are parallel.

Q. Can I make it with Christmas paper?

Ans. To make Christmas paper, you need:

  • Retro Paper Ornaments
  • Black Paper Tablecloth
  • Faux Leaf Garland
  • Upgrade Wrapping Paper

Q. How do you make Christmas garland paper?

Ans. Make a paper leaves chain to decorate your table. Then, decorate it like a Christmas tree by sprinkling red berries all over it.

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