Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used to heat water in gas geysers. These geysers offer both a steady supply of hot water and the ability to rapidly heat large volumes of water. When compared to electric geysers, they are weaker and take longer to recover.

Gas geysers were developed to rapidly heat water for use in showers. Because of the increased demands of city dwellers' more hectic lifestyles, benchmark gas geysers gradually became more robust in both appearance and operation. Despite the monotony, there are still those for whom a hot shower is a must.

1. DLX 7 LTR Automatic 5 Gas Water Heater by Longway Xolo

Copper tank with unique anti-rust coating - 2X Corrosion Resistance is used for the inner tank of this model, which helps it achieve an Energy Star rating of 5.

For energy efficiency, it has a BEE 5-star rating and uses cutting-edge heat-resistant technology. Just what you need if you're serious about environmental sustainability.

You may rest assured that you're getting the best possible product thanks to its 15 quality checks and 5 safety features.

For more heating and longevity, it uses extra-heavy-duty components. The Company Has Been Granted ISO Certification and Received a Five-Star Performance Evaluation.

The steel used in the tank is of the highest quality and is constructed using cutting-edge techniques and materials.

2. HAS-X1-015 Gas Water Heater by AO Smith

AO Smith's has the best gas geyser model and is widely regarded as one of the most promising representations of the phenomenon.

The tank can withstand pressures of up to 8 bars, so you can keep your hot water hot for hours. It has a 15-liter capacity.

Blue diamond glass lines the inside of the tank, and the gas geyser can withstand twice as much corrosion as standard models. Given its ability to store a great deal of water for a considerable period of time, it is among India's top 10 gas geysers.

This gas geyser's longevity is ensured by the glass coating on the heating element. The geyser's multiple safety features work together to keep the equipment in a safe operating condition.

The appliance's safety valve prevents damage from the wires or appliance overheating. In the event that the geyser gets too hot, the thermal cut-out system immediately disconnects the power supply.

The highest grade copper wires and materials were used to construct this geyser, which makes it 23% more powerful than its competitors.

3. LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser with Zero Pressure IKON by GREET

When it comes to gas geyser models, GREET is the undisputed leader. The geyser has a five-way safety shutoff and a maximum temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.

A number of quality assurance procedures are performed on the thermostat to guarantee its reliability and safety.

The anti-corrosive steel utilized in the construction of this gas geyser allows it to survive the harsh circumstances of its external environment while protecting its internal mechanisms. Everything required for setup is included in the package, as well as a reference manual.

The reviewer notes that the geyser begins operating at atmospheric pressure. The greatest and most affordable gas geyser on the market, it is affordable to anybody.

4. HSE-VAS-X-015 Vertical water Heater By AO Smith

The 15-liter capacity makes this greatest gas geyser a good choice. The geyser is ideal for large bathrooms with multiple shower heads and sinks that all need access to hot water.

Blue diamond glass, used to protect the inner layer, reduces the risk of corrosion by a factor of 2.

The 2,000-watt geyser can withstand pressures of up to 8 bars. It features a multi-purpose safety valve and a thermal shut-off device as part of its double protection gesture.

The company has reasonable gas geyser prices in India with outstanding performance. When the water reaches a predetermined temperature, the thermal cut-out system disconnects the circuit.

5. Majesty Duetto GAS Vertical Water Heater (LPG) with 6Ltr Capacity by BAJAJ

For all the apparent reasons, this gas geyser is consistently ranked among India's top 10 gas water heaters. This gas geyser has the potential to heat water to 85 °C.

This gas geyser has a 6-liter capacity and is made from high-quality materials to ensure it will not rust even after years of use.

Features such as a child lock mechanism, anti-freezing technology, and safety valves prevent the entire geyser from overheating in the event of an accident.

Stainless steel, which is both strong and corrosion-resistant, is used for the outer casing.

6. Brio Gas Water Heater with 6Liter tank by V-Guard

Because of the copper heat exchange system, water may be heated to a specific temperature in a safe and effective manner. The gas geyser includes a temperature control that may be adjusted for the two distinct seasons seen in India.

This gas geyser's double solenoid valve is its most secure safety feature.

This gas geyser requires only a small amount of energy to adjust the water temperature depending on the time of year and the ambient temperature. The knob allows the user to adjust the level of heat.

7. Safeflo PRIME 6 litre Gas Water heater by V-Guard

If you're looking for a gas geyser in India, go no further than V-guard. This geyser is the best option for ultra-low-pressure uses among the water heaters on this list. This geyser is perfect for apartment dwellers who are concerned about low water pressure in shared hallway bathrooms.

To ensure a risk-free water heating process, a copper heat exchange system is used. There's a dial on the gas geyser so you can adjust the temperature to match either of India's two distinct seasons.

This gas geyser's double solenoid valve is its most secure safety feature. This gas geyser uses very little energy while producing perfectly warm water.

8. HEATX-I-Instant Gas Water Heater by SURYA ROSHNI

Among the greatest gas geyser price available for less than Rs. 5,000, it is a steal.

The model runs on a dry-cell battery and barely needs any electricity at all. This powerful gas geyser has the capability of heating up to 6 liters of water at once.

The water in this top-rated gas geyser in India can be heated to an impressive 85 degrees Celsius.

The body is constructed from a corrosion-resistant polymer that can tolerate any environmental temperature. It uses 3 VC and 3000 W of power.

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9. EVETO ISI Gas Water Heater with 6L Capacity by Hindware

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality electrical equipment, one of the oldest names in India is Hindware.

If you're looking for a gas geyser that won't break the bank, go no further than this tiny water heater. This gas geyser is made out of stainless steel.

The child safety lock is what makes this gas geyser superior to others. High up on the wall, geysers include the most advanced safety features. The gas geyser's heat exchange medium, which is covered with copper, makes it easy to heat water.

The gas geyser is kept in pristine condition by an anti-dry burning safety mechanism. With the high-quality materials utilized in its construction, this gas geyser will last for a very long time.

10. Techno-DX Gas Water Heater 5.5L by Orient Electric

Powder-coated, anti-corrosive steel protects the Orient Electric Techno-DX 5.5 liters Gas Water Heater's inner core from damage when water is being heated.

It features three dials to adjust the temperature of the gas, the water, and the air.

It's great for the kitchen if you're in a cold climate, like a city or a mountainous area where winters become really cold.

Dishes, appliances, produce, and other necessities can all be washed. In the event of an emergency, this geyser is equipped with a number of safety features, including a kid lock, an anti-freezing apparatus, and frame-failure integration.


We should only ever use the latest and greatest models of electrical devices. The best products are those that provide the finest functionality, not because they would look nice in your bathroom. To that end, we have compiled a list of the top gas geysers that may be used year-round to satisfy your water-heating needs.

FAQs: Gas Geysers

Q. How to connect gas geysers?

Ans. To start, you can avoid replacing your existing electrical geyser by installing an isolation valve at the geyser's outlet. Then, you can cut off the power to the geyser and connect the hot water supply from the gas geyser anywhere you like.

Q. Is gas geyser safe?

Ans. They pose some danger and possibly death if not used properly. Despite their usefulness, gas geysers still require some safety measures.

Q. How does a gas geyser work?

Ans. The water is heated by the gas geyser and then piped to the faucet. It works in a manner analogous to that of a gas stove. The water in the geyser is heated by a heater system at the bottom, which then feeds the water to the faucets.

Q. Which geyser is best gas or electric?

Ans. In their own ways, both geysers are beneficial. But a gas geyser can provide an endless supply of hot water and can supply instant heating. They are more efficient in terms of energy use. They are risk-free in huge venues, but only if there are sufficient bathrooms equipped with adequate ventilation. However, electric geysers can be used without worry in both large and small areas.

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