The advent of Covid-19 has more so than not put pressure on the medical equipment industry and has exposed the several loopholes that the industry has yet to overcome. There was already strong demand for nebulizers with the increasing population and the demand has further surged since the pandemic. With increasing lung-related diseases in the population, the demand will further rise in the coming years. Hospitals and medical facilities offer an option for nebulization but buying a nebulizer machine at home is a wise choice given the times. It not only makes an amenity available at your fingertips, but you can also save on added costs.

But with so many nebulizer manufacturers in the fray, it may be difficult for an average user to understand who is offering an ideal product at a good value. Therefore, we present to you a list of renowned nebulizer suppliers along with a brief overview of the products that they are offering in the market. These options presented here will provide you with an overview of the products available in the Indian market and also help compare among some of the manufacturers.

Top 10 Nebulizer Manufacturers in India

We will now have a look at the top 10 nebulizer manufacturers in India:

1. Dr Morepen

Dr Morepen is one of the most reliable household brands in India. It has been present in the nebulizer market for a long time and provides feature-rich nebulizer options to its users. One of its popular models is the Compressor Nebulizer (CN-10) which is designed especially for asthma patients and its compressor can last a lifetime. It has a chamber capacity of 6 ml and is currently priced at around 2200 INR. The product can be used by all kinds of consumers. Dr Morepen has manufacturing facilities across the country, and you can often find that it may be located near you if you search with “nebulizer manufacturers near me”.

2. Medtech Life Pvt Ltd

Medtech is a renowned company that serves almost 70 countries worldwide and also has a strong presence in the Indian subcontinent. It is known for its budget products and catering to a wide audience. Some of the prominent features of its product are that it is a shockproof casing, has a robust compressor and can function for up to 60 minutes. However, it offers less warranty on its product but be rest assured the products are long-lasting and will serve the purpose.

3. Omron

Omron is a global conglomerate in the product manufacturing segment that manufacturers a variety of products starting from electronic equipment, factory equipment, medical equipment and so on. The company given its lineage produces one of the best nebulizers in the business that is mainly targeted for respiratory diseases. The design is modern and safe for all kinds of consumers.  The efficiency of the products is one of the highest in the segment and offers virtual valve technology which can be only found in top-end products. However, the products are a bit pricier given the technology. An Omron Compressor nebulizer latest price will be around 2800 INR in the Indian market.

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4. Agaro

Agaro is another brand with a unique place in the medical sector. The “AGARO NB- 21 Compressor Nebulizer” with 5 Air Filters, Adult & Child Mask is ranked as the first best nebulizer in India. It comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. With a nebulization rate of 0.2 ml per minute and an optimal nebulization pressure of “10-40 PSI”, it converts 6 ml of medicine into adjustable particle size between 0.5-8 microns as needed. The nebulizer has proven its worth against Wheezing, Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, and other Respiratory tract disorders.

5. Equinox

Equinox is an upcoming technologically advanced equipment manufacturer that is gaining strides in this segment because of its strong technically researched product lines and production facilities. The latest nebulizer offered by Equinox can treat various airborne diseases and its easy operation makes it easy for patients to operate the product. It has a specially designed non-heating compressor that can prevent heating unnecessarily and this makes it a unique product in this segment.  The design for the product is also very compact which aids in its storage and makes it easy to carry. Even though the product is equipped with the latest technology, it comes at a reasonable price and offers great quality. The NL-72 nebulizer latest price in the Indian market is around 1300 INR which comparatively very less than all other products.

6. Thermo Plast

Thermo Plast established in 1980 is another trusted manufacturer of medical equipment in India. It already has made a name for itself because of its reliable and graded quality products. Its Pan-India presence helps it to serve a large consumer base. Its nebulizer offers effective solutions and treatment against diseases like asthma, COPD, wheezing, cough and so on. The technology used in the product helps it to atomize the medication into finer particles a lot faster and works very well on the respiratory tract. Like the previous brand, the products from Thermo Plast are also priced very reasonably in the Indian market and therefore make it more appealing to the consumers.

7. Philips

Philips as a name needs no introduction. The “Philips Home Nebulizer with SideStream Disposable Kit” is one of the best nebulizers in India based on its operating capability. This nebulizer can administer drugs more quickly, allowing for speedier treatment in an emergency which was the case during Covid. The nebulizer has a small design that delivers constant aerosol drug treatments in as little as 6 minutes and is ideal for both children and adults, making it one of the finest nebulizers in the country. It also offers the consumers as far as nebulizers are concerned with its smallest nebulizer being very lightweight and simple to use.

8. Control D

Control D under the Haiden Group aims at offering simplified solutions in form of medical equipment in India. Founded by an IIM graduate, the group now serves more than 15 countries and services more than 2 million tests per month with its products. It is also now a nebulizer manufacturer and increasing its portfolio day by day. “Control D Blue & White Compressor Complete Kit” Nebulizer with Child and Adult Masks well deservedly achieves a spot among India's top 10 nebulizers. Its nebulizer can produce a thin mist, allowing smaller particles of medicine to be inhaled more effectively. Another reason it makes its place in the list is its lightweight, portable design, which is easy to clean and suitable for both adults and children.

9. MCP

MCP is a budding brand in the medical equipment field but has already made its place in the segment given its reliable and affordable range of products. Specially designed for professional and rigorous use, this piston-type compressor nebulizer is exceptionally powerful and dependable. The combination of a powerful compressor with a nebulizer kit guarantees that medicine is atomized into small particles faster, allowing it to enter respiratory tracts more efficiently and improving medication compliance. For further security, a safety fuse is included, and it has an anti-shock casing with a grip for convenient transport.

10. Dr Trust

Dr Trust is a leading global healthcare brand and is a multinational entity with operations in multiple countries. Their products are known to adhere to stringent guidelines and are recommended by health practitioners and doctors worldwide. Their simple design and ease of use make the products attractive and reliable. Dr Trust offers an adjustable atomizer and has a highly efficient but low noise operation. It also has an ergonomic design and allows for easy cleaning and therefore can be reused for a prolonged period of time. Dr Trust nebulizer latest price in India is around 1300 INR.


All the options presented above provide good options when you are looking for a nebulizer in India. You should always opt for brands that have made a name for themselves in the market and are known for their reliability. Given the market structure, we expect more competitors to show up in the near future offering cutting-edge products in the segment.

FAQs: Nebulizer

Q. What criteria should we choose before buying a nebulizer?

Ans. Some of the points that you need to consider while opting for a nebulizer are delivery of medication, noise, weight, ease of usage, warranty and price.

Q. What are the different types of nebulizers?

Ans. There are two types of nebulizers- mechanical and electrical. Under mechanical, it can be further categorized as Soft-Mist nebulizer and Human Powered Nebulizer. Under electrical, it can be categorized as Jet Nebulizer, Ultrasonic Nebulizer and Mesh Technology Nebulizer.

Q. Is it advisable to opt for an Indian brand or an international brand?

Ans. Whichever option you choose you can't go wrong. Because of high competition, the products that are being offered by the various brands are very close when it comes to features and price. Similarly, all these brands have been present in their respective fields for quite a long amount of time which has made it possible for them to keep their place as flag bearers in the segment.

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