TradeIndia – India’s largest B2B portal is a completely secure and trusted platform used by millions of buyers and sellers globally. For over 25 years, we have been committed to respect the online privacy of our users and take appropriate security measures to prevent (loss of data, misuse, fraud and identity theft or any unauthorized access) and manage any personal information shared with us. All the information that has been shared on is completely safe, trustable and we do not share or sell any information with any third party.

Browsing Safety

Is safe to browse? is completely safe to browse. We use the latest 256-bit encryption technology. All the activities done on the website are completely safe and secure. The transactions done on are through government approved payment gateways that are digitally encrypted and provide the highest level of security.

Trading Safety

  • Supplier Selection – TradeIndia serves as a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and do business digitally. We do take utmost care in verifying the companies (sellers) that get listed on TradeIndia, however, at the same time, we recommend buyers to deal with companies having “Trusted Seller” seal / batch on their company listings. These companies are verified by TradeIndia and are genuine when it comes to doing business.
  • Payment Safety – TI Pay (TradeIndia Payment Protection) is a free, safe and secure platform for making payment.  With TI Pay, TradeIndia provides buyers and sellers a payment protection plan which ensures suppliers are genuine and not defaulted on payments and gives buyers the assurance of getting the right product before the payment is released to the seller. TradeIndia Payment protection plan ensures reliable translation and the payment is released to the supplier within 48 hours once the buyer confirms the receipt of products to TradeIndia.

Dispute & Fraud takes all matters concerning fraud or trade disputes very seriously. If you face any fraud or trade dispute, you can lodge a complaint at and we will ensure appropriate action is taken on the complaint promptly.

What are the common trade disputes?

  • Delay in shipment.
  • Shipment not sent by supplier after collecting payment.
  • Products not sent as per requirement.
  • Counterfeit products.
  • Breach of agreement.

How to avoid online fraud? is a reliable, safe and trusted platform for buyers and sellers. However, we encourage all our users to be extra-cautious while doing business online. Always verify the companies listed on the platform and TradeIndia always recommends doing business with companies with the “Trusted Seller” seal / batch. Also, we suggest using TI Pay to make payments and reap all the benefits of the TradeIndia Protection plan.

How to raise or submit a complaint?

To raise a complaint for any trade dispute or fraud committed on TradeIndia you can write to us at or call us on +91-11-46710500.

Any communication pertaining to copyright infringement of your company information can be reported to us at

Account Protection

Phishing Emails –

To prevent falling prey to any phishing email:

  • Never click on any link or download any attachment from any email that looks suspicious. Generally such mails impersonate a domain of some popular brand such as Tradeindia.
  • Always use the latest antivirus and firewall protection.
  • Deploy a web filter to block malicious websites.

Secure Your Account

To prevent your TradeIndia account from getting compromised, we would suggest the following steps:

  • Do not share your Tradeindia OTP (One-time password Received on your Email/Mobile) with anyone, even if the person claims to be a TradeIndia official.
  • Do not share your Tradeindia Account Password with anyone, even if the person claims to be a Tradeindia official;.
  • When logging into Tradeindia using email, do it through the one time link sent to your registered email which is valid for 3 minutes.
  • Tradeindia sends emails to its registered users only from the official domain starting ( so we would suggest avoiding clicking on emails received from other domains.

Tips for Buyers on

  • At the outset, we would suggest buyers to try and verify the suppliers information and negotiate for any business deal once they are sure of the genuinity of the company.
  • Always look out for unrealistic offers that the supplier might be giving before any further negotiation.
  • Never make a complete payment to the buyer without getting the products.
  • Always try to do business with the verified suppliers listed on TradeIndia.
  • Make payment through TI Pay and avail TradeIndia Payment Protection Plan.
  • Ask the seller to communicate using an official email address only.
  • In case any seller/ supplier has committed fraud or is delaying in sending the products, you can write to us immediately at and we will take appropriate action and that may include banning the supplier from TradeIndia.

Tips for Suppliers on

For Suppliers, we recommend using TI Pay for receiving payments from buyers. This TradeIndia Payment Protection plan will prevent buyers from defaulting on the payment.

Understand buyers requirements and explain all terms and conditions clearly including the payment process, delivery, transportation costs, refund and return policy, et al.


Q. Are B2B portals beneficial to businesses?

Ans. Yes, B2B portals are beneficial to businesses; they are a great way to develop a network and conduct large transactions quickly. By placing orders online or through any other electronic means, time gaps between physical interactions can be reduced.

Q. How can a firm benefit from a B2B portal?

Ans. Today's B2B trade portals have sophisticated features that can be adapted to individual business requirements. Some extremely successful B2B transaction portals have aided the growth of online enterprises significantly.

Suppliers and buyers from thousands of sectors of all sizes all over the world can now form business partnerships that generate millions of dollars in annual revenue. B2B trade portals today play an important role in product discovery.

In other words, demand and supply between various seller groups are more effectively identified and processed on the B2B trade site. Many advantages are provided by features such as pricing, warranty, recall information, product reviews, overall feedback, and the company's comprehensive profile information.

Q. What should you think about when selecting a B2B portal?

Ans. The following are the most crucial aspects to consider while selecting a trustworthy B2B portal. Only a few portals offer these options, so be sure you're submitting your business to a reputable platform.

Here are some key features that will assist us in selecting the best B2B portal:

  • 1st, consider its adaptability. To present your things on a single page, you should be able to create multiple catalogs.
  • They must be responsive at all times.
  • They should be able to integrate well with your existing business tools.
  • Buyers and sellers have a variety of payment and delivery choices.
  • A wide range of digital capabilities throughout the trading process.