Medical oxygen cylinders, sometimes called oxygen tanks, are used to provide patients additional oxygen. Those with breathing difficulties or low blood oxygen levels benefit from it. Oxygen is delivered to the patient from a cylinder or tank using a mask, nasal tubes, or a rebreather.

A flow regulator is located at the top of the cylinder and converts the pressured oxygen in the tank into a measurable flow rate expressed in liters per minute (LPM). Continuous flow regulators and pulse-dose regulators are the two most common types.

Continuous Flow: Such regulators let you specify the desired LPM and continue dispensing oxygen at that rate until the oxygen cylinder is depleted or the power is cut. Patients who just need oxygen on occasion typically utilize this.

Pluse-dose flow: These regulators can make an oxygen cylinder more efficient. To achieve this effect, it releases concentrated bursts of oxygen into the patient's lungs. Consequently, oxygen is lost during exhalation. Similarly to the continuous flow regulator, the machine must be adjusted so that it emits the required LPM.

Best 11 leading Oxygen Cylinder manufacturers in India

1. Vedanta

The Vedanta Group is a mining business headquartered in India. Goa, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Odisha are only some of the states where they have done mining. They focus mostly on mining for iron ore, aluminum, and gold. The company is headquartered in Mumbai in India.

Vedanta has volunteered to supply oxygen from the Thoothukudi Plant in Tamil Nadu, which was formerly a Sterlite Copper Plant but has since been shut down. Vedanta claims that its firm has two oxygen plants and can produce about 1,050 tons of oxygen per day between the two facilities.

2. Rama Cylinders Pvt.Ltd

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, Managing Director Vashu J. Ramsinghani is in charge of establishing large-scale oxygen cylinder manufacturers that produce petrochemicals, fertilizers, and paper.

In addition, he is the driving force behind Rama Newsprint and Papers Limited, the Gujarat-based company that produces more waste paper newsprint than anybody else in India. He also founded R.C Fertilisers, a major fertilizer production firm in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Both the Bhimasar, Gandhidham plant and the SEZ, Kandla facility are operational.

In addition to being certified to ISO 11439, NZS 5454, ISO 9809-1, PED 97/23/EC (CE-Marking), and PED 2010/35/EU TPED (Pi-Marking), Rama Cylinders also produces to international standards such as DOT3AA and ECE R110.

3. Lizer Cylinders Limited

Lizer Cylinders, which was founded in 2006, is a major division of JPM Industries and is responsible for producing high-pressure gas cylinders in accordance with norms set by the market.

As a company, they place a premium on happy clients. There needs to be a standard to which every output from this location is held accountable in order to maintain a constant level of quality.

Lizer Cylinders, following in the footsteps of its parent company, JPM Group, which has a long history of valuing and encouraging high standards of work conduct, has built and equipped some of the finest facilities in the country. The following are examples of some of these:

There will be no leaking of data from one procedure to another. This not only guarantees that each step of the process is coordinated with the others but also helps reduce oxygen cylinder price machine and human errors.

4. Everest Kanto Cylinder

With a total revenue of more than Rs. 550 Crores per year, Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. has been a market leader in the production of seamless steel gas cylinders since its founding in 1978. More than 2.4 million industrial gas cylinders and 1.1 million Oxygen cylinders have been produced and used by EKC since the company's founding.

Standards such as ISO, EN, IS, BS, and D.O.T. will be followed to ensure that EKC's products can be sold anywhere in the world, not just in India and the Middle East.

On the production line, EKC CNG cylinders are ultrasonically inspected for any concealed flaws. These cylinders are cycled through a battery of tests that mimic their operational environment and, in certain cases, their lifespan.

5. Sahuwala High-Pressure Cylinder

Visakhapatnam's Sahuwala Group began as a single company in 1982, but it has since expanded to include ten more. Together, these companies produce the following goods:

Equipment for use with cylinders, including both high- and low-pressure cylinders, cylinder accessories, and cascades

Turnkey cylinder and piping assembly options are available with the help of the partners.

Sahuwala Cylinders has led the way in the research and development of cylinders of all sizes and pressures for many years.

Following this pattern, they created smaller oxygen cylinders suitable for high pressure, i.e. CO2 cylinders fabricated using a hot spinning technique, with bottom shaping that may be adjusted to suit the specifications of the client.

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6. Euro India Cylinder

At its unit in the Kandla Special Economic Zone (KASEZ) in Gandhidham, Kutch Gujarat, India, Euro India Cylinders Limited (EICL), a subsidiary of EURO Group, produces High-Pressure Cylinders for CNG on board Applications for Automobiles, Cascades, and Cylinders for Industrial Gases.

Euro Group is dedicated to long-term success and will operate with the utmost integrity and concern for its people.

Industrial Cylinders are constructed from premium quality seamless steel tubes utilizing cutting-edge CNC technologies, before being submitted to the necessary HQT process and rigorous Quality Control Standards.

7. Shaba Cylinders

In 2000, commercial manufacturing at the plant where Shaba Cylinders is made began in the industrial region of Ujjain. To ensure that the cylinders are up to the demanding standards of the gas sector and their customers, they have invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery and technology.

SCPL produces high-quality high-pressure seamless steel gas cylinders for a wide variety of uses, including industrial, medical, beverage, and fire fighting. Their product line includes cylinders for the transport, storage, and distribution of gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon, air, and more.

8. BGL Cylinders

Founded in 1974 by the late Shri B. P. Bhardwaj with the goal of being the industry's go-to value supplier, the company has come a long way since then.

Bio-Remediation (Phyto-Remediation) of wastewater is another area in which the Bhagawati Group is active.

The company started out as a trader but shortly after built an Air Separation Plant on-site to deliver industrial gases to a nearby copper smelter via pipeline.

Cryogenic road tankers transport liquid atmospheric gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and argon from the company's air separation operations. BGL’s own gas compression units and distribution hubs, as well as 4-directly to significant clients, receive such liquefied gases.

Installation of specialized machinery for working with and storing gases at temperatures as low as -196 degrees Celsius is another service the company provides.

9. Luxfer Uttam India Pvt.Ltd

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest maker of Uttam Air Products, and high-pressure aluminum and composite cylinders a renowned gas manufacturer in India, have struck a joint venture agreement to manufacture aluminum cylinders in India.

Uttam and Luxfer have been professional companions since 2004. Since 1973, Uttam has manufactured gas at India's largest gas factory.

Luxfer's advanced products incorporate carbon fiber, magnesium, and zirconium in critical applications.

High-pressure carbon fiber cylinders for compressed natural gas and hydrogen, utilized in low-emission clean energy cars;

High-performance cylinders to use for medical oxygen and specialized gasses;

10. Maruti Kuatsu Cylinders

MKC produces a diverse selection of cylinders for a variety of uses, including but not limited to: the beverage industry, scientific research, industrial gases, firefighting equipment, medical gases, accumulator shells, aerospace, CNG-NGV cylinders for automobiles, and many more.

Gas cylinder cascades, fittings, and accessories for compressed natural gas (CNG) and other industrial uses are all produced by MKC.

Customers' needs and the standards (both Indian and international) for the intended use of the portable oxygen cylinder inform the design process. The design calculations and drawings have been thoroughly checked by BIS and have received final approval from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), Nagpur.

11. Al-can Exports Private Limited

Beginning operations in 1986, Al-Can Exports Pvt. Gas Cylinders, Gas Cylinder Accessories, Oxygen Regulator, and Gas Probe are only a few of the products that the Ltd. manufactures and exports.

They only use high-quality raw materials in their products, which they source from reputable manufacturers in their field. The range's great performance, high efficiency, superb quality, and corrosion resistance have made it a hot commodity.

They provide these items in a variety of configurations to cater to their esteemed customers' wants. Each Al-Can cylinder is put through a rigorous quality control process that includes a series of tests at regular intervals to prolong its useful life.


For the greater good of society and the people of the country, these businesses have taken this bold action. To date, oxygen cylinders have been supplied to India's healthcare sector by virtually every company in the country. Companies may band together in greater numbers to help the country weather a major disaster.

FAQs: Oxygen Cylinder

Q. How long will a 10 Litre oxygen cylinder last?

Ans. The duration of the cylinder is just over 1 hour at a flow rate of 10 liters per minute.

Q. How many liters of oxygen are in a cylinder?

Ans. One standard-sized cylinder is equal to 340 liters, or one vertical unit.

Q. How much oxygen does a patient need?

Ans. One to two liters of oxygen gas per minute may be necessary for some oxygen supplement patients.

Q. What color is the oxygen cylinder?

Ans. In India, oxygen tanks must have a black body and white shoulders to pass inspection.

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