A hydraulic clutch is a vehicle system utilizing hydraulic fluid to exert force from the clutch pedal to the assembly, offering a constant clutch engagement to shift gears swiftly. This enhances the overall driving experience for a driver.

Key Features of Hydraulic Clutches

  • Hydraulic clutches are self-lubricated and require very low maintenance.
  • They offer a smooth, effortless, and consistent lever pull, unlike mechanical clutches. Thus drivers can react quickly and swiftly change the gears while driving.
  • When compared to other types of clutches they are easier to pull as they work on fluid mechanisms, which makes them low friction.
  • The hydraulic mechanism self-adjusts the height of the clutch after use. Hence, it eliminates the need for periodic manual adjustments, which mechanical cable clutches require very often.
  • The continuous lubrication in hydraulic clutches is done in auto mode, as they incorporate hydraulic bearing oil.
  • As hydraulic clutches don’t need cables to function, the need for regular cable maintenance is also eliminated.
  • The complete functioning of hydraulic clutches is frictionless and it decreases the chance of sudden component failures.
  • Finally, in comparison to their mechanical counterparts, Hydraulic clutches are far superior in quality and performance.

Important features of Hydraulic Clutches:

Adjustable Torque

In hydraulic clutches, users can adjust the required torque at which the clutch disengages from the system, as per the driving need.

No Backlash

Hydraulic Clutch users get zero backlash during both engagement and disengagement from the system.

Faster Response

Hydraulic Clutches deliver a higher torque than manual clutches offering more engagement and faster response time.


They are bi-directional, meaning they can be easily set up to move and engage in either direction.

Automatic Re-engagement

After the torque drops to a certain level, the hydraulic clutch re-engages the load, unlike manual clutches.

Key Applications of Hydraulic Clutches

Automotive Industry

Hydraulic Clutches are widely used in all kinds of vehicles using manual transmission. With the help of smooth engagements and disengagements, they offer the convenience of shifting gears easily. In addition, they have been used in high-performance vehicles where precise control is necessary with the help of efficient clutch management.

Agricultural Machinery

Hydraulic clutches are extensively used in agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, etc. They offer extreme durability and handle high torque loads easily. Moreover, their smooth engagement quality increases the working efficiency of agricultural machines.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery like conveyors, winches, etc. come installed with hydraulic clutches to efficiently control high torque transmission. Moreover, when compared to manual clutches, they are low maintenance and can handle heavy loads conveniently.

Off-Road Vehicles

Hydraulic Clutches are also installed in off-road vehicles like dirt bikes, AVTs, and other vehicles for precise control and higher performance levels. Even in rough terrains, they offer smooth engagement and efficient power delivery.

Mining Industry

High-power vehicles like excavators, loaders, haulers, etc. require hydraulic clutches for their ability to handle heavy torque loads and rough working environments. They are highly cost-effective for them as they require very low regular maintenance.

Marine Applications

Hydraulic clutches are also used in propulsion systems, winches, etc. to have precise control over the power transmission. Furthermore, they can efficiently work in rough marine environments, boosting the performance of the machinery.

Construction Industry

Heavy-duty construction vehicles use hydraulic clutches for smooth and efficient power transmission and high performance under harsh environments. Vehicles like bulldozers, cranes, mobile mixers, etc come equipped with them.

Military Vehicles

Low maintenance, precision, high performance, and high torque handling capabilities make hydraulic clutches an ideal equipment to be used in military vehicles. They offer reliability in rugged terrain and harsh environments.

Here are the Top 10 Hydraulic Clutches Manufacturers in India

Engineering Hindustan

Engineering Hindustan is one of the leading manufacturers in India producing high-performance hydraulic clutches. Their entire product line includes a wide spectrum of hydraulic and electromagnetic brakes & clutches. To develop them, they procure high-quality raw materials from authentic vendors in the industry. Blacked by a team of qualified engineers they have been improving their designs and performance of the products, using modern equipment and machines. They can even enhance their production capacity as per the client's demands.

Equipment Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Equipment Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is another large manufacturer of a vast product line including industrial equipment and machinery. They deliver premium quality hydraulic clutches to a huge clientele. They have experience and knowledge for over a decade and have established a high-tech facility with all the modern machines. With precision, they not only offer standards but also deliver tailor-made engineering solutions to their clients. More often, they deal with client’s ever-changing requirements and deliver the results within the promised timeline.

Goyal Automotives

Recognized as the most required manufacturer in India, Goyal Automotives is one of the few makers and traders of finest-grade hydraulic clutches and other types of industrial machinery. They deliver products that even qualify the international quality standards. Each of their products undergo thorough quality checks and inspection points to ensure clients get more than what they pay for. In addition to maintaining such standards, they resource only highly base material from authentic sources.

Electromech Engineers

Electromech Engineers manufactures a robust range of hydraulic-powered products including hydraulic clutches. They have been dominating the market since 1995, garnering a huge loyal clientele for themselves. Furthermore, they procure the highest grade base materials to produce optimum quality products. Each of their offerings goes through intense quality checks and inspections to eliminate the chance of having faulty products for their clients.

Pethe Industrial Marketing Company Pvt. Ltd.

Pethe Industrial Marketing Company Pvt. Ltd. is a foremost manufacturer and supplier of a wide spectrum of industrial-grade products for applications in various industries. Their offerings include top-quality hydraulic clutches offering high performance, smooth engagement, and high torque handling efficiency. They develop them using only premium quality raw materials, resourced from authentic vendors. Further, every product goes through quality checks and inspections and only the finest quality reaches the clients.

Singhla Scientific Industries

Singhla Scientific Industries manufactures state of the art industrial product range including hydraulic clutches. The company uses the highest quality raw materials to produce them, resourced only from authentic vendors. They have high-tech manufacturing facilities having all the modern equipment and tools for smooth and swift operations. Technology offers them precision and accuracy for developing the finest quality products.

Sardar Industries

Established in 1996, Sardar Industries manufactures superior-quality hydraulic products. Their vast product range includes hydraulic crutches that they develop using top-quality raw materials. Sardar Industries has a very well-established facility with an impeccable range of machinery and equipment, allowing them to produce the highest quality products with accuracy and precision. Moreover, they have a highly qualified team of experts making tedious efforts to improve the operations and eliminate the chances of errors.

Garg Overseas

Garg Overseas is engaged in manufacturing a commendable range of automobile products. Their wide range of offerings finds applications in various industries including mining, construction, marine equipment, etc. Their produced hydraulic clutches offer high performance and low operational cost. To develop this equipment, Garg Overseas procures premium-grade raw materials from trusted sources only. Moreover, each of their products undergoes rigorous quality checks and inspection points.

Hi-Tech Carbons & Engineering Private Limited

Hi-Tech Carbons & Engineering Private Limited has been serving the automotive industry since 2016, with a wide spectrum of auto parts. Their offerings include a superior range of hydraulic clutches, offering precision control, high torque handling, and smooth engagements. Their products are developed using superior quality raw materials, resourced from trusted vendors only. Furthermore, they have a well-established facility with all the modern equipment to make operations swift and smooth.

Shree Engineers

Shree Engineers is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of a wide array of industrial machines. Their product range includes “Landing Machine, Strapping Machine, Packaging Machine, Sealing Machine, Wrapping Machine, Taping Machine, Strapping Tools, Pouch Filling Machine, Consumables Strap and many more.” To maintain higher quality standards they procure premium quality raw materials from trusted sources only.

FAQs: Hydraulic Clutches

Q. Who is the top manufacturer of hydraulic clutches in India?

Ans. Here’s the list of the top 10 best hydraulic clutches manufacturers in India:

  • Engineering Hindustan
  • Equipment Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Goyal Automotives
  • Electromech Engineers
  • Pethe Industrial Marketing Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • Singhla Scientific Industries
  • Sardar Industries
  • Garg Overseas
  • Hi-Tech Carbons & Engineering Private Limited
  • Shree Engineers

Q. What is a hydraulic Clutch?

Ans. A hydraulic clutch is a device used in vehicles for consistent engagement of clutch for shifting gears smoothly. It uses hydraulic fluid to exert force on the clutch pedal to the assembly. It is highly low maintenance and handles high torque efficiently.

Q. Which industries use hydraulic clutches?

Ans. Below are the industries that utilize hydraulic clutches extensively due to their quality of offering smooth and efficient driving experience:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Mining Industry
  • Marine Applications
  • Construction Industry