What is TI Pay?

The recently introduced TradeIndia Payment Protection Service (TI Pay) promises to offer a reliable, secure and hassle-free buying-selling experience to its users. By using this payment gateway service, suppliers can remain free from payment default risk. While buyers are assured that they would be receiving the expected product/service even before the payment is made.

How does TI Pay work?

  • Buyer & Supplier finalize the business deal
  • Buyer deposits the money with TradeIndia Payment Protection Service
  • Supplier ships the product
  • Buyer confirms the delivery of product/ service
  • Tradeindia transfers payment to the supplier within 24-48 hours

How to use TIPay?

  • Visit https://www.tradeindia.com/
  • TIpay option is available in header and footer
  • Click on ‘TIPay‘ or open https://www.tradeindia.com/ti-pay/
  • Sign Up. Once done, TIPay support team will contact the customer for creation of merchant account
  • After Merchant account is created, the ‘TIPay Option’ will be visible in the customer’s catalog and profile page on Tradeindia.
  • When an order is finalized between buyer & supplier, the supplier can ask the buyer to make payment using the supplier’s TIPay option.
  • When the buyer makes the payment, it will be received by Tradeindia on behalf of the supplier.
  • Receipt of payment will be sent to the buyer and supplier.
  • Once the shipment is done and delivery is confirmed by the buyer, Tradeindia will release the payment to the supplier within 24-48 hours.
  • Taxes, shipping costs, and any government duties will be borne as per the mutual agreement between the buyer and the supplier. Tradeindia will simply transfer the total amount received from the buyer to the supplier. There is a TDR (transaction deduction rate) of 0.73% to 2% in each transaction as a fee of Payment Gateway.

Benefits of using TIPay:

  • Safe, secure and fully protected platform
  • Completely free service
  • Involves no set-up and operational cost
  • Quick, hassle-free and most convenient way of doing payments any time, anywhere
  • No technical skills required to use this payment gateway service
  • Multiple payment options available – Debit card, credit card, and net banking
  • Integration is free of cost
  • Hassle-free refunds assured
  • Instant support from TradeIndia in case of payment failure due to a technical glitch, incorrect payment details, or any other problem

For any information on TIPay, call on 91-11-46710423. You can also mail at [email protected] for quick support and further assistance.


Q. How does TIPay work?

Ans. It is a series of a few steps. It works as a reliable and safe platform for buyers & sellers.

Q. How TRADEINDIA Payment Protection work?

Ans. TRADEINDIA Payment Protection is a five-step process. It acts as a trusted medium and protects the buyer by allowing inspection of the goods before funds are disbursed to seller; and protects the Seller by verifying funds before initiating shipment. The steps are as follows:
- Buyer and seller negotiate and then finalize the deal with each other.
- Buyer deposits the complete amount with TRADEINDIA Payment Protection.
- The seller starts the delivery.
- Buyer receives and verifies the product.
- TRADEINDIA Payment Protection releases the payment to the seller.

Q. What are the payment modes that Tradeindia accepts?

Ans. Following are the payment modes, a buyer can use:

Credit Card
Debit Card
Net Banking
and More