Venue: Fair Ground Düsseldorf, Germany
Date: 13th to 16th November 2023
Timing: From 10 to 18 hrs
Organizer: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Messeplatz

If you wish to come and witness some of the groundbreaking progress made in the field of healthcare, there is no better place than MEDICA- one of the leading B2B trade fairs in the world curating innovations and bringing together the best professionals from the medical technology industry.  A yearly event that is marked on every medical expert’s calendar, MEDICA that has been organized by the Messe Düsseldorf group for 40 years helps participants navigate through all the trends shaping modern healthcare. Presenting cutting-edge laboratory technology devices, sophisticated health IT, mobile health solutions, the latest physiotherapy/orthopaedic technology, and more, the upcoming edition of the ambitious fair to be held on 13th to 16th November 2023 at Dusseldorf, Germany would this time again serve as the most valuable meeting place for the international health tech innovation community.

MEDICA would bring you New Business Opportunities. How?

The one-of-a-kind experience– a live 4-day exhibition will ensure more than 4,500 exhibitors from 66 countries attending the event get the scope to network and do business with the right, global audience. There would be a high-quality audience comprising over 81,000 visitors from a mixed and diverse background from the healthcare markets worldwide and the exhibitors can expect to explore the best business opportunities and dig into the future of the healthcare sector with them. The audience would include a host of professionals; from bright young minds from medicine and research, to seasoned healthcare specialists and thought leaders who would be gracing the occasion for all the right reasons.
Face-to-face networking would make establishing business connections easier and would provide small to big businesses unparalleled opportunities for market expansion in the field of medical technology. New businesses operating domestically that are keen on market expansion can uncover insights on penetrating new markets and forging lucrative partnerships with foreign companies. The tradeshow would be the right platform for established businesses too to elevate their presence in the global healthcare market and embark on a journey of remarkable progress and success. Whether the aim is market expansion in the local market or niche recognition in the global market, MEDICA would help throw spotlight in those areas of your business that would catapult your company to the cutting-edge of global healthcare.
The industry portal serves as the premier global information hub that unites manufacturers, distributors, researchers, and end-users from the medical technology industry. The B2B portal posts top-notch content daily across its five key MEDICA spheres (Med Tech & Devices, Digital Health, Physio Tech, Lab & Diagnostics, Disposables), so that users get to explore cutting-edge trends and advancements in the medical domain. With precise search functionalities, both exhibitors and trade fair attendees, as well as interested parties, can access all pertinent information easily, ensuring they stay abreast of healthcare developments. Additionally, presents a comprehensive service spectrum, encompassing an exhibitor database featuring product catalogues. It also eases the process of online matchmaking, and features a hotel search tool. This comprehensive suite empowers visitors who wish to book a spot for the fair to efficiently plan their visits and maximize their on-site experience.

Key Product Categories
Imaging and diagnostics/medical equipment and device
Physiotherapy/orthopaedic technology
Diagnostic tests
Laboratory equipment
Healthcare disposables and consumables
IT systems and IT solutions
Medical Services and Publications

When Market Opportunities are Galore and Waiting, Why Not Attend a Fair Like MEDICA?

With visitor and exhibitor diversity and a multi-sectoral approach to the global healthcare industry, MEDICA is not to be missed if your aim is to witness what all is happening in the healthcare and medical technology sectors, globally. Interested in knowing what opportunities await? Read on..

Business Networking:

Every year, MEDICA serves as a dynamic hub where industry professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers converge to unlock doors of better business opportunities. There are always prospective clients, collaborators, and investors attending the fair in large numbers. Come open your company and products for the world to see, and attend if forging connections and establishing meaningful international global collaborations and partnerships are the key goals of your business.

Exchange of Bright Ideas/ Heralding Innovation:

There would be 4,500 exhibitors from 66 countries attending the fair. Businesses exhibiting their latest products, technologies, and innovations in the fair can expect to increase their brand visibility and market recognition. The tradeshow would also be a good platform for businesses to connect with potential clients directly and understand their specific needs and requirements, and also collect feedback from customers and industry experts.

Market Research:

With participation of visitors from 173 nations, the four-day event can help businesses gather knowledge relevant to market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies. It would help them make informed decisions and align their products or services with the market demands effectively.

Knowledge Sharing:

The space where many industry leaders and experts from across markets and geographies would converge would serve as an excellent platform for businesses to gain new knowledge and stay updated on the latest developments in the field of medical technology.

Live Product Launches and Demonstrations:

Businesses can launch their new products or demonstrate their existing ones at MEDICA. Live demonstrations could be the stepping stone to attracting new customers from diverse markets, and interacting and striking deals with potential distributors or partners.

Exhibitor Profile- Meet Top Exhibitors from these Sectors
Many enthusiastic participants would join the list of exhibitors at MEDICA Germany 2023. There would be over 4,500 exhibitors from 66 different countries that would be breaking geographical boundaries by congregating at the fair and propelling the future of health forward with their individual and united efforts. Find a list of the exhibitor categories below:

Med Tech and Devices
Lab & Diagnostics
Digital Health
Physio Tech
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