India's population enjoys delectable cuisine. For the preparation of delicious cuisine, cooking oil would be a necessary element. So, if you're a budding entrepreneur looking to start a new venture, the culinary oil industry is ideal for you. You only require the desire to study this market and the financial acumen to build your name in it if you would like to discover how to launch a cooking oil company.

Funds Are Needed to Launch A Business Selling Edible Oils

Considering that you need less cash to get started, you must begin the cooking oil company on a modest scale. As you acquire expertise in the field, you may progressively expand your activities by reinvesting your income. To begin modestly and establish a little oil mill, you'll need around Rupees. 5 lacs. You must purchase the 20-horsepower motor, power connection, raw materials, required equipment, etc. using these funds.

Based on your interests, you might choose between a wholesale or retail cooking oil company. The merchants would be your target market if you were in the wholesale company. You must pinpoint the store owners and distributors who buy your goods and then sell them to the final customers. You would have to make and sell in large quantities. You must focus on the final customers in the retail industry.

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Best Business Plan for Edible Oil

1. Market Research:

The first step in figuring out how to launch an edible oil manufacturers company is to do in-depth market research on the edible oil companies in India. You must research the market, the competition, the patterns, and the requirement for various types of oils. Indians use a variety of oils for cooking, including groundnut oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil. You must choose the oil that your mill will create.

2. Permits and Licenses:

You must get licences from FSSAI & the BIS if you intend to operate an oil plant & engage among edible oil companies in India. Obtaining approval to set up an oil refinery is a necessity.

3. Finance:

Any firm must have sufficient financing to succeed. If you lack the necessary capital for your firm, you cannot prosper. To guarantee a seamless process of company operations, you must set aside cash for the beginning investment as well as the operating cash needs. You may either begin your oil mill with your own money or get bank financing for it. Companies may also benefit from the many programs and incentives the state provides for MSMEs. You must keep accurate records of your financial transactions since they provide a clear picture of the development and success of your company. Using other excellent applications, you may quickly record the banking transactions of your company. One can keep track of the company's digital ledgers and make sure that neither payment is missed.

4. Spot:

Choosing the ideal site for the oil refinery is crucial. To build up an oil mill, you will need 1000 square feet of area. To begin your oil refinery, you may either put up a plant or begin in leased space.

5. Raw Materials:

Plant and vegetable seeds like sunflower seeds, olive seeds, mustard seeds, etc. are needed as raw materials to start an oil company. Such raw resources are simple to get straight from the producers or the marketplace. This will determine your edible cooking oil price.

6. Equipment:

The following equipment is needed to extract the oil from the seeds:

  • The main oil extracting equipment which you need for your mill is the oil expeller. This is utilised to draw oil off their seeds. This equipment has a price tag of around Rupees 1 lakh, is crucial equipment for your company.
  • Cooking apparatus: To obtain oil from the seeds, they must be cooked to a specified temperature. All seeds must be heated to the desired temperatures using the cooking apparatus.
  • Equipment for refining oil: After the oil is produced, it must be refined. To cleanse, purify, and make the oil suitable for distribution and sale, oil filters are required.
  • Storage tank: You also need a storage facility to keep the oil that has been collected.
  • Electronic weighing device: To gauge the amount of oil and load it appropriately, the mill also needs a digital weight device.

The necessary equipment must be purchased and implemented at your plant. As a long-term investment, equipment should be of the highest caliber.

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7. Hire Workers:

A company organization's success is guaranteed by a group of skilled and driven personnel. Employ obedient workers who are serious about their job and passionate about producing quality. Four to five persons are needed to operate a small oil mill, including two for operating the equipment and two for packaging and distributing the finished product. For them to operate the devices effectively, you need to provide your staff with the appropriate training. Additionally, you want to monitor their performance and commend any particularly strong efforts from the staff.

8. Packing, Transportation, and Advertising:

After the oil has been obtained, the next stage is to package, brand, and advertise the oil. To transfer your oil to the intended clients, you have to have organised and flawless logistical services. You need to promote your edible oils and create a label for them. For client acquisition and retention, you might also investigate the digital market sector.

A culinary oil agency company is another option if you don't want to start an oil mill. A potential concept to make significant earnings with zero risk or upfront commitment is to purchase a franchise for a popular company. All the above given processes will show you the right edible oil price for your company.

Business Ideas for Making Edible Oils

Almond Oil:

Oil content in almonds ranges from 36 to 60 percent of the dry matter of the almonds shell. This oil is a nutritious substitute for different oils and is not just beneficial for your skin. It is also delicious.

Celery Seed Oil:

Celery seed extract is a usually good natural oil. Nevertheless, some people use oils in food. You may establish an oil extraction company if you live in a location where you can easily get celery seeds.

Coconut Oil:

In South India, particularly in Karnataka and Kerala States, coconut oil is a crucial culinary ingredient. Additionally, the oil has several industrial uses. A comparatively small coconut oil production company may be launched with little capital.

Corn Oil:

  • Cooking oil needs corn oil, often known as maize oil. This is a crucial component in the creation of butter. Compared to the majority of other vegetable oils, corn oil is often less costly. The limited-sized production business is successful.

Cottonseed Oil:

Another necessary cooking oil is cottonseed oil. This oil may be taken out of the kernel. Due to its taste consistency, cottonseed oil is utilised in items like mayonnaise, salad oil, and salad dressing.

Flaxseed Oil:

Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are vital for wellness, may be found in flaxseed oil. That oil is often sold as a fluid or as hard gelatine capsules. Various types of therapeutic characteristics exist in the oil.

Profitability of the Cooking Oil Industry

At the start, the edible oil industry offers returns of between 5 and 10%. A greater yield of about 25% of the income is provided by the premium category. The wealthy or higher income category is the premium company's target audience since edible oil prices in India can be high. You might begin with the section on conventional oil before progressively diversifying and extending your line of products.


Some final points to remember. Establish the oil plant in a prime location that is close to the market and is both approachable and easy to reach. Teach your staff how to use the equipment effectively to achieve the desired product, having the least amount of waste. Advertise your goods to clients in a lavish manner. Making a webpage for your company is something you may do using the online experience. Place your edible oil prices in India at an affordable range. To increase your sales and earnings, you need to provide your consumers with something special.

FAQs: Edible Oil

Q. Is the business of selling cooking oil successful?

Ans. Yes, due to the enormous requirement for culinary oil in India, the practice of selling cooking oil is quite lucrative. It carries little risk and high profits.

Q. What financial criteria are there to launch a culinary oil company?

Ans. Having a starting capital of Rupees. 5 laks, you may launch a cooking oil company. You may simply secure these finances on your own or by borrowing. Additionally, you are permitted to benefit from public incentives.

Q. What primary equipment does the oil mill utilise?

Ans. An oil expeller is the primary piece of equipment in an oil mill. Oil of their seeds is extracted using it.

Q. How could I advertise my edible oil manufacturers company?

Ans. You must sell your products, provide free trials and initial discounts to draw clients, and leverage digital channels to increase your exposure & influence.

Q. I want to establish a cooking oil company. Would I need a licence?

Ans. To establish the oil plant, businesses must receive the required licence from FSSAI.

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