The electric vehicle industry has become one of the fastest growing across the world. Presently, the majority of the world’s population has been diverting their choice towards electric vehicles, a more sustainable choice of transport. These vehicles include electric scooters, electric bikes, electric cars, trains, etc. This article will share in-depth information about electric scooters and their makers.

What is an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter, also known as an e-scooter, is a two-wheeler vehicle powered by an electric battery. The main source of energy that powers the scooter is electricity, which is considered one of the cleanest forms of energy around the world. In an electric vehicle instead of a combustion engine, an electric motor is installed which generates enough force to propel the scooter. A rechargeable battery is used for electric scooters as they require electricity to run. Moreover, these scooters have the same outer structure as the traditional ones, only the internal mechanism differs significantly.

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Key Components of Electric Scooter

In these battery-operated scooters, there is a combination of numerous components installed for various functions including propulsion, control, speed, absorbing shocks, etc.

Some of the few major components are:

Outer Frame

The outer frame of an electric scooter can be considered as the main pillar or base of a foundation. It is the main part of the body that houses all the other components of the electric scooter. It is specially designed to be lightweight using aluminum but also tough and durable for longevity.

Electric Motor

An electric motor is another major component of an electric scooter, using electric energy to produce propulsion for the scooter to accelerate forward. There are two types of electric motors: brushed DC motor and brushless DC motor, which are mostly preferred.

Battery Pack

The battery pack, consisting of electric scooter batteries, functions as a storage bag to save all the energy that is used later to power the electric vehicle. Due to technological awareness, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used.


Another essential component of an electric scooter is that it controls the overall system of the vehicle. The controller makes sure the speed and other functions work as per the user’s instruction. For instance, primarily the controller regulates the electric current flowing to the motor according to the throttle control.

Charging Port

Electric scooters charge using a compatible charger and one end is connected to the charging port whereas the other is attached to the charging station. The port is installed on the outer frame and is protected with an exact-fit lid.

Control Panel

A control panel is an advanced interface consisting of a display showing graphical stats of various functions like speed, distance traveled, time, battery levels, etc. Using this panel riders can control various functions of the scooter.

How Does the Electric Scooter Function?

Understanding how an electric scooter functions is pretty easy. Here’s how things work:

  • First, the DC power from the battery is supplied to the electric motor. This starts when the power button is pressed through the control panel.
  • Now, depending on the throttle control, the controller releases the required electrical energy from the battery pack to the motor.
  • Finally, the electric motor produces enough propulsion to accelerate the wheel up to the desired speed.

Key Advantages of Electric Scooter

Here are the major advantages because of which electric scooters are gaining such popularity:

  • They are environment-friendly as they do not emit pollutants and greenhouse gasses during use.
  • An electric scooter has a significantly lower number of components due to its simple design. Thus, it lowers the maintenance cost.
  • Electric vehicles are less noisy. They don’t have combustion engines producing higher noise pollution.
  • Driving an electric scooter is much simpler and easier, as they do not have a clutch and gear mechanism. Only acceleration, direction, and brakes, these three functions are required to operate it.
  • Also, they offer rapid acceleration, which is a must requirement on busy streets.

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Here’s the List of the Top 10 Electric Scooter Manufacturing Companies in India

Paarth Sarthi Automotive Engineers Private Limited

Paarth Sarthi Automotive Engineers Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Battery Operated Scooters and electric rickshaws. They produce state-of-the-art electric vehicles at the most affordable rates. With years of experience and tedious efforts, they have garnered a large client base that praises their products for being highly durable, efficient, and low maintenance. To maintain such quality standards the company procures only premium-grade raw materials from trusted sources.

Vineet Automobiles

Vineet Automobiles has a well-equipped facility with a modern range of machines and the latest tools for producing premium-grade electric scooters. They maintain the highest level of product quality while sourcing the finest grade base materials. In addition, they are backed by highly trained professionals making tedious efforts for smooth and error-free operations.

Sawhney Impex

Sawhney Impex is one of the most reputed manufacturing companies of electric scooters in India. Established in 2007, the company has been producing the finest quality products and associated accessories. Their offerings include “Electric Scooters, Scooter Front Panels, Electric Scooter Motors, Convenient Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamps, UV Sterilizer Lights, Scooty Accessories, Ultraviolet Sterilizer Light, etc.” Sawhney manufactures products that are robust, durable, and safe to use.

Sazio Electronics Private Limited

Sazio Electronics Private Limited is a tech-driven company that manufactures and supplies electronics including electric scooters. They produce avant-garde vehicles that are highly reliable, efficient, and require low maintenance. Their clients get a premium built range at the most affordable prices possible. Moreover, for smooth operations, they have established a well-equipped facility with advanced machines and tools.

Rahul Metal Industries

Rahul Metal Industries manufactures a premium range of “Disc Brake Electric Scooter, Black Electric Bike, Two Seater Electric Scooter, Rechargeable Electric Scooter, etc.” Their offerings are 100% quality tested with multi-stage inspections. To maintain such quality standards they resource the highest quality base materials from trusted sources only. Moreover, they established a high-tech facility with all the modern equipment and tools to make operations swift and smooth.

Nar International

Nar International is one of the largest manufacturers of Electric Scooter, E rickshaw, and E rickshaw loaders. If you want a robot range of electric vehicles then Nar International is your go-to place. Their clients praise their products for their superior built quality and performance. The company performs multi-stage quality checks and inspections to ensure customers get a value-for-money deal.

Mantra E-Bikes

Mantra E-Bikes, as the name sounds, is a leading manufacturer of electric scooters and electric bikes. Their product range is developed using the finest grade raw materials resourced from authentic vendors. Before reaching the clients their products undergo multiple quality checks and inspection points. They are one of the best in their fields offering more than what they are paid for.

Deja Vu Electric Vehicles

Deja Vu Electric Vehicles has earned a name for itself being a prominent manufacturer and supplier of electric scooters in India. Their product range is vast. They have been producing a wide spectrum of premium quality variants of e-scooters. Every product goes through intense quality checks and multiple inspection points to ensure they are durable, reliable, and safe to use.

Star Eye Technology

Star Eye Technology is a leading product of e-scooters and associated accessories. They produce a premium range using the highest-grade raw materials. Their product line goes through intense quality checks and inspection points to ensure they deliver durable and safe. Moreover, they are highly preferred for having established a high-tech facility with advanced machines and tools.

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub manufactures premium range Electric Motor Scooter and accessories. They produce state-of-the-art electric scooters which are durable, efficient, and safe to use. Multiple quality checks and inspections are conducted before delivering the products to the hands of clients.

FAQs: Electric Scooter

Q. Who is the best electric scooter manufacturing company in India?

Ans. Here’s the list of the best electric scooter-making companies in India:

  • Paarth Sarthi Automotive Engineers Private Limited
  • Sawhney Impex
  • Vineet Automobiles
  • Sazio Electronics Private Limited
  • Rahul Metal Industries
  • Nar International
  • Mantra E-Bikes
  • Deja Vu Electric Vehicles
  • Star Eye Technology
  • J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub

Q. Why are Electric scooters expensive?

Ans. Electric Scooters are expensive mainly because of their high battery backup, which comes from the naturally expensive lithium-ion batteries. These types of batteries are highly efficient and durable. They are expensive but worth every penny.

Q. Do Electric Scooters save money in the long run?

Ans. Yes. Electric Scooters are a cost-effective mode of transportation in the long run. Although the initial purchase amount is very high, e-scooters are money savers requiring low maintenance and offering excellent averages in a single charge.

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