Compaction rollers, often known as road rollers, are among the most unassuming heavy machinery used in building. Their primary function is in laying out or completing foundations, hence they aren't needed for as many projects. This makes them less obvious to the general public than other construction machinery. Yet, a road roller is still an essential part of many road building and residential construction projects, just like excavators, dozers, steers, and other construction machines.

You may recognize a construction roller by its many other names: compaction roller, road roller, or steam roller. This equipment is no longer run by steam, but the term has persisted because of its association with the bygone era. Simply put, road rollers are large, heavy wheel used to compact and smooth out dirt, ground, soil, asphalt, or other base materials. Single-drum and double-drum rollers are just two of the many varieties available. Also available are vibrating rollers and Padfoot.

8 Different Types of Road Rollers and Their Uses

Type of Roller


Vibratory Rollers

Ground compaction or stabilization in highway and road construction.

Padfoot/Tamping Rollers

Compaction of clay materials in thickness ranging from 40cm to 50cm.

Double Drum Rollers

Spreading coils on the road to make it smooth for vehicles in large construction sites.

Single Drum Rollers

Heavy-duty and busy machinery for surface compacting tasks in construction sites or roads.

Sheepsfoot Rollers

Compaction of soil containing sand-gravel and fine-grained clay. Used in road and rail construction.

Pneumatic Tyred Rollers

Kneading and sealing task on both aggregates and asphalt.

Smooth Wheeled Rollers

Compaction of materials on the construction site. Also known as Tandem Rollers.

1. Vibratory Rollers

The primary use of vibratory rollers is in highway and road construction. When soil or asphalt need to compact loose, a vibratory rollers are widely used. A Construction sites can use this roller to discover application for ground compaction or stabilization.

A lot of modern manufacturers are designing 3.5 tons and 9 tons tandem compactors and 10 tons to 12 tons soil compactors included with amazing features.

Vibratory rollers require an experienced driver to handle the most difficult road and highway construction where a single mistake can make a dangerous accident. We can easily compare 3.5 tons and 9 tons tandem compactors along with reliable features.

2. Padfoot/Tamping Rollers

There is a big similarity between sheepsfoot rollers and Padfoot rollers. You can just make difference by reviewing Padfoot roller big lugs of larger area than sheepsfoot rollers. Padfoot Rollers also called Tamping Rollers because of it has static weights in the range of 15 to 12 40 tonne.

The load handing capacity of this roller is really amazing it can take load between 30 and 80 kg/cm. Sheepsfoot rollers provided by road rollers manufacturers are in low demand today because of Pad foot rollers larger production capacity.

The roller comes with compaction degree and huge uniformity of density. A user can operate it at high speed and can easily spread materials on the surface. The well-installed leveling blades allow the rollers to spread the materials properly.

Around 11.0 tonne is the self-propelled pad foot rollers weight that can take a load of 30kg/cm to 50kg/cm. The roller can easily compact clay materials from 40cm to 50 cm in thickness.

3. Double drum Rollers

If you have repair jobs and large machines for the huge construction sites, using the modern double drum asphalt roller can easy your task because of its features. The roller is programmed with logically sorted controls, vibration dampened platforms, Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS), and Swivel Seats for better visibility. These combinations allow operators to drive the roller safely or ergonomically.

The double Drum Rollers are mostly used in spreading coils on the road to make it smooth for vehicles. The driver of this roller needs to take training to understand its features.

4. Single Drum Rollers

If we are discussing about Road rollers, then how will we forget Single drum rollers which is a heavy-duty and a very busy piece of machinery in construction sites. The structure of the roller is like the front has a giant drum and the back has a big and special tires.  These tires are wider and can prevent most flats.

If your job takes you out onto roads or construction sites, you'll need these sturdy tires. The operator of the single road roller price is situated in the vehicle's central console. Three alternative layouts are available on today's models to accommodate a wide variety of surface compacting tasks. Selecting just the highest quality parts helps guarantee optimal functionality and dependability. The design-for-quality principle can be seen in details such as the strengthened front scraper, the sturdy 32 mm thick drum, and the turbocharger with pre-cleaner.

5. Sheepsfoot Rollers

Sheepsfoot rollers are a type of machine that may both remain static and vibrate; they are utilized for the purpose of compacting soil that consists of a combination of sand-gravel and fine-grained clay. The most recent variants come equipped with metal drums that have a fastening for luggage and can exert a pressure of up to 14 kg/sq cm.

There are a few distinct varieties of lugs, including those with a clubfoot profile, prismatic design, and spindle-shaped wide base. It is possible to raise the drum weight in the same way that the weight of rollers of smooth wheels can be increased by adding water, wet sand, or installing steel parts. Sheepsfoot rollers have been shown to be particularly successful in the process of compacting dense clays as well as silty clays.

Road and rail construction both use these rollers in their construction. There are a few distinct styles of lugs, the most common of which being prismatic, spindle-shaped with wider bases, and clubfoot varieties. It is possible for these to be single-drum mobile sheepsfoot rollers that need to be towed by tractors, or they can be tandem-drum mobile sheepsfoot rollers. It is possible to enhance the weight of these drums by ballasting them with water, wet sand, or steel pieces.

6. Pneumatic Tyred Rollers

Kneading and sealing task can be performed with the use of the Pneumatic Tyred Rollers on the construction sites. The roller is very flexible and can perform on both aggregates and asphalt. They unquestionably are, as the operator may alter the air pressure without leaving the cab. The most effective machine and process can be offered with the simple addition or removal of a ballast package.

Tires on these rollers are designed by road rollers dealers to penetrate materials more effectively thanks to static electricity. Machine weight and tire air pressure can be customized to achieve the necessary level of pressure for any given task. To prevent premature road damages, potholes, and road breaks due to poor road construction, the use of a Pneumatic Roller is essential.

7. Smooth Wheeled Rollers

A large Steel Drum in front and the back profile installed with two steel drums make these rollers most demanding on the construction site. 8-10 tonne is the maximum weight of the Smooth Wheeled Rollers. Tandem Roller is another name of the Smooth Wheel Roller, which weights between 7-8 tonne.

Adding water or wet sand to the ballast space in the roller drums can boost the roller's weight to as much as 20 tons. Sometimes, a steel frame with axles is used to load steel parts onto double drum rollers. The effectiveness of a roller with smooth wheels is proportional to the load applied per unit of roll width and roll diameter.

Based on the total weight of the drum, we may calculate the load per centimeter of width. When the material being compacted doesn't require a lot of pressure, smooth wheel rollers come in handy. This is also used to complete the top layers.

8. Grid Rollers

Models of grid rollers use a cylinder with a surface made of a network of steel bars, creating a grid with square holes. The Grid road roller price in india is budget friendly.

The roller is typically ballasted with concrete blocks. Towable rollers like these exert substantial contact pressure but do not knead the material. Subgrade and sub-base road constructions frequently employ them for compacting well-graded coarse soils and worn rocks. They do poorly on sandy soils, loamy soils, and uniform soils.

If you’re looking for increasing your output or construction site business, road rollers are most important factor for you. We have shared eight different types of Road Rollers and now its your decision to choose one of them that suits your project as well as your budget.

There are multiple brands of Road Rollers available in Indian market so put your effort now and its is time to start with a reliable solution. By using the high quality and well featured road roller, you can make your project easier and ensure proper results as you want.

Top Road Rollers Manufacturing Companies in India

Company Name


Topall Impex

Delhi, India

Lakhina Rollers Co.

New Delhi, India

Kapoor Engineering Works

Saharanpur, India

Casmas Engineering

Bhubaneswar, India

Earth Equipments

New Delhi, India

Action Construction Equipment Ltd.

Faridabad, India

Shri Baljit Impex

New Delhi, India

S K Engineering

New Delhi, India

Uniworld Construction Equipment

Ghaziabad, India

Shivam Engineering

New Delhi, India

FAQs: Road Rollers

Q. What is the road roller on road price?

Ans. The road roller prices are different according to the company you choose. The price can be also vary from the road roller type you are choosing. The road roller price can be Rs 35 lakhs to Rs 55 lakhs in India.

Q. What is the difference between a road roller and compactor?

Ans. The biggest difference between road roller and compactor is a road roller is a large machinery that is necessary operated by operator, which a compactor is smaller machine which is controlled by hand.

Q. What is the weigh of road roller?

Ans. The sizes of the drums on the road rollers range from 1.5 to 1.7 meters in diameter and 2.13 to 2.17 meters in width, and their operating weights can range from 10 to 16 tons. When it comes to roadwork, the vibratory drum that moves on its own provides a more powerful excitation force, leading to better compaction and higher output.

Q. What are the advantages of using a road roller during road construction?

Ans. Here are the advantages:

  • High speed construction
  • Provides low kneading activity
  • Consistent
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Multipurpose

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