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High Quality Baby Doll

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6 Years



Multicolor Handpainted Wooden Dolls

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Multicolored Wooden Cat Doll

Price: 5 USD ($) (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Piece/Pieces

3 Years



Silicone Baby Doll

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MOQ - 100 Unit/Units

2 Years



Saina Doll

Price: 2900 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces

4 Years



High Quality Decorative Rani Jodha Bai Doll

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Ma Plastic Enterprise

Lightweight Rigid Hardness Plastic Toy Dolls For Kids

Price: 500 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10000 Container/Containers

1 Years

North 24 Parganas


Pretty Barbie Doll Set

Price: 299 INR (Approx.)

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Cute Doll Toy

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Toy Forest

80 cm Long Stuffed Polyester Doll for Girls

Price: 1.00 - 1.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 500 Piece/Pieces

New Delhi
New Delhi

Pleasure World

Jute Doll For Kids

Price: 500.00 - 800.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Box/Boxes



Blue And Purple Jumping Toy

Price: 400.00 - 1000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Piece/Pieces


Dolls Manufacturers | Suppliers in India

Company NameLocationMember Since
Jay Kay BrosDelhi, India6 Years
China Top Well LimitedHangzhou, China6 Years
Shadilal & SonsMumbai, India4 Years
Guangdong Kree Environmental Materials Co., Ltd.Zhuhai, China3 Years
Leela HandicraftVaranasi, India3 Years
Toy World'SDelhi, India2 Years
Debi Prasad RoutBhubaneswar, India1 Years
Ma Plastic EnterpriseNorth 24 Parganas, India1 Years
Riddhi Siddhi ImpexMumbai, India1 Years
Mehak EnterprisesDelhi, India1 Years

Doll Manufacturing Companies in India

Dolls come in a wide variety and have been used for generations as magic rituals, collections, and children's toys. Fabric, clay, wood, and other materials may all be used to make dolls.

Types of Dolls

Here are a few of the most well-liked kinds of dolls:

The Matryoshka Doll: A matryoshka doll, which is constructed of wooden pieces stacked in decreasing order and painted artistically, is also known as a Russian nesting or stacking doll. These adorned dolls, which are nested in two parts and able to be pulled apart, are well-known in many different nations.

Reborn Doll: The reborn doll is a manufactured skin doll that is altered by an artist to resemble a real child. These dolls are referred to as reborn as a result of the technique. Both silicon and vinyl are utilized as building materials, with silicon being more realistic but more costly.

Bisque Doll: In 1850, bisque dolls with a matte finish made their debut in France and quickly gained popularity. They are created with a light shade of moulded hair and are also termed the Blonde Bisque with a natural clay deposit. These dolls have matte-finished skin that looks realistic.

Hopi Kachina Doll: Native Americans (Hopi) in Arizona carve and paint a doll that they call a "Hopi Kachina." It is sometimes referred to as a cottonwood root-carved Kachina doll. These dolls, which are clothed in Hopi-inspired attire, are given as presents to children.

China Doll: Between 1840 and 1890, the China doll gained enormous popularity not just in Germany but also throughout Poland, France, Denmark, and Sweden. The term "china doll" refers to the doll's substance, which is either entirely or partly constructed of glazed porcelain. The doll's body is coated with either leather or fabric, and its hair is made of plastic.

Paper Doll: A paper doll is a two-dimensional figure in the form of a person, item, or animal that is constructed of paper or light cardboard. The dolls are embellished by giving them outfits made of paper and giving them new characteristics. These kinds, which go by the name Bali and are also employed with leather puppets, were created in France throughout the 18th century.

Puppet: The puppet is made to look like people, animals, or other mythological characters. They are moved by the use of a variety of rods and strings that are linked to various components. The puppeteer is the one who controls the puppet, and they have been used in plays and performances for over 6000 years.

Action Figure: Action figures are miniature replicas of popular cartoons, comic books, and television characters. They have appealing designs and use a variety of colours and patterns. Action figures are often composed of plastic and can move their heads, limbs, and legs to give off a more realistic appearance.

Ball Jointed Doll: A doll with ball and socket joints used for interconnection is referred to as being ball jointed. Hard polymers and synthetic polyurethane resins are most often used in their construction. The first doll was composed of clay and wood with a wire connecting the body pieces, and it was created in ancient Greece. Japanese artisans created the first Asian doll, often known as the super Dollfie.

African Doll: Depending on the locale, several uses for the African doll were developed. In ceremonies, as games, charms, presents during courtship, and even to ensure pregnancy, they were employed.

Paddle Doll: The majority of the female figure paddle dolls discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs date to the middle kingdom. The doll is constructed of wood, and thread is used to twist linen fibres to create its hair.

Apple Doll: In North American traditions, apple dolls are created using a dried apple head that has been carved to include the characteristics of the face. These dolls have wireframes covering their whole bodies and shrunken head.

Corn Husk Doll: Native Americans first created corn husk dolls at the dawn of maize cultivation. These dolls are sometimes created without clothes and constructed from dried leaves or corn husks. They lack a face but do have limbs, legs, and a head.

Peg Wooden Doll: A peg wooden doll, usually referred to as a Dutch doll, is a form of a doll that was created in Germany and the Netherlands. The wooden doll's arms and legs are attached to a set of nine hand-painted parts. When one portion is moved, the others will move as well, making them perform wince.

Rag Doll: A rag doll is a common handcrafted fabric doll that is used as a toy for kids. The doll is often fashioned as a big, semi-long-haired cat. During the era of "Little House on the Prairie," these kinds of dolls were highly well-liked.

Troll Doll: Troll dolls are plastic dolls of the Dam kind, which were invented in 1959 by a Danish woodcutter. The doll has wool from Iceland that has been combed.

Bobblehead Doll: A bobblehead doll, commonly referred to as a nodder or wobbler, has a larger head than a body. This toy is made of a variety of materials, the most popular of which are resin and plastic. It seems to be bobbing its head because the head is attached to the body by a spring, which moves as the body does. They are a well-liked handout item at baseball fields all around the nation.

Teddy Bear: There are teddy bears everywhere. Both children and adults love them since they are manufactured with really soft fur in a variety of hues and tones (and pets). Theodore Roosevelt was the president who inspired the teddy bear's moniker.

How Dolls Are Manufactured?

As technology has advanced throughout time, doll manufacturing has changed. The development of plastic materials and polymers revolutionised the industrial sector as a whole and made doll mass production economically achievable.

Plastic Dolls: In the evolution of dolls, plastic dolls are a relatively modern development. They were not produced until after World War II and are manufactured of PVC or polyvinyl chloride. Cheaper plastic dolls are often produced using blow moulding or rotating moulds for a more seamless output. In comparison, the doll's forms are made by heating the polymers and squirting them into moulds. When finished, the moulds are heated and turned to cover the whole inside of the cavity used to create the legs, arms, and heads with plastic. Likewise, plastic dolls are hand-assembled. The hair is stitched using a unique hand-operated sewing machine. After that, the face characteristics are added.

Traditional Dolls: Dolls are often constructed out of fabric, clay, wood, leather, and soapstone. Some tribes also made dolls out of corn husks to celebrate the harvest. Other dolls served as teaching aids about various cultures and were utilised in reproductive rituals.

Wooden Dolls: Russian dolls, also known as matryoshka, are still widely used today despite the fact that they date back a very long time. These dolls were among the earliest ever created and are made of wood. Skilled woodworkers and craftsmen created and hand-painted these matryoshka dolls. To ensure the durability of these charming dolls, wood is carefully chosen. It almost seems impossible that a few of the most well-known dolls are still expertly made by hand.

Soft dolls: Soft dolls are beautiful plush dolls that are often handmade. Rubens Barn is one of the most well-known manufacturers of soft dolls. They offer a beautiful variety of soft dolls. Very talented seamstresses make and create these soft dolls. For their grandkids and children, the majority of moms and grandparents make soft dolls. Rubens Barn makes sure that these dolls go through more than a hundred procedures before they leave the factory. They are so devoted, in that way. The dolls are subsequently stuffed, the eyes are embroidered, and even blush is applied by the seamstresses. The majority of jobs are completed by hand at this last stage. The fact that these soft dolls are manufactured by expert seamstresses gives them a special quality. Because every doll is handmade, even the tiniest and most subtle distinctions may be seen in the extra personalities of each doll. You can definitely tell the difference between these and plastic ones.

Doll Sets for Girls

Dolls have been present for thousands of years, and during the last several years, the contemporary doll manufacturing business has seen steady growth. Every year, millions of dolls are produced. Both children who use them as toys and adults who collect them find them appealing. You can buy the best doll sets for girls from the following brands:  

  • Barbie
  • Munchkin Land
  • Fisher-Price
  • L.O.L Surprise
  • Q fitIT 

Doll for Babies

Following are some of the best dolls that you can buy for babies: 

  • American Girl Create Your Own Doll 
  • Our Generation Dolls 
  • Creative Minds Basket of Babies Plush Dolls 
  • Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Doll 
  • Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Beige
  • American Girl Bitty Baby Doll 
  • Cabbage Patch Kids Baby Doll 
  • Adora Playtime "Little Prince" 
  • Historical Characters Dolls  

FAQs: Doll

Question: What is the history of the doll?

Answer:  Initially, materials like wax, leather, stone, ivory, bone, wood, or clay were used to create dolls.

Question: What is the best-selling doll?

Answer:  Having insane sales numbers since her introduction in 1959, it should come as no surprise that the Barbie doll is the most popular toy of all time.

Question: What is the set-up cost of the own doll business in India?

Answer:  If you wish to open a doll business in India, the original investment may range from Rupees 2,00,000 to 5,00,000 even if youa re selling 20 rupees barbie dolls.

Question: What materials are used to make a barbie doll?

Answer:  She is composed of a vinyl compound for her head, ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) for her torso, PVC and polypropylene for her legs, and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) for her arms. 


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