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Made in India

Made in India
Category LeaderHippo Wall Toy

Hippo Wall Toy

Price: 5200 INR (Approx.)/Set

MOQ- 6 Set/Sets

15 Years

New Delhi

Indian Inquiries Only

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Toys For Boys & Girls

The best toys for 5-year-old boys and Girls make education exciting for kids. The manufacturers of these toys compiled this assortment of boys' favorites based on what you told us would make great gifts.


Toys for Boys

1. Trestle Tracks

An absolutely spellbinding marble-track adventure! Each track has unseen inclines built into it, created by the gradual widening of the routes cut out of the track from one end to the other. Just watching them move is like witnessing a miracle in slow motion.

2. Worm Farm

Included: a see-through container, scene stickers, privacy sliders, a pipette, tweezers, sand, and more. This kit has everything you need to make a comfortable home for worms.

3. Aliens

Just by downloading the app and following the detailed directions, you can create six one-of-a-kind alien miniatures from the 18 cans of colorful clay included in the set. Children gain valuable skills as they experiment with art, and before long they can't wait to try their hands at creating their own fantastic animals.

4. Squigz

It's embarrassing to admit how bad this toy is. Put pressure on them so they'll stick together, and then release the pressure so they'll explode apart. Create fantastic figures, monsters, and shaky, bouncing structures. They can be stuck anywhere without leaving any trace, including the tub, locker, wall, table, or window.

5. Teeter Popper

Tilt, wobble, spin, and teeter as you rock, roll, sit, stand, rock, and roll! The POP-POP-POPPING fun of a Teeter Popper helps kids build core strength, stability, balance, coordination, and gross motor skills.


Toys for Girls

1. Trucks

The act of being pushed around the yard in search of rocks, sticks, and other treasures is one that almost everyone enjoys. Children, both boys and girls, can benefit from the excellent proprioceptive input provided by the pushing, and they can also develop their problem-solving skills and experiment with cause and effect by playing with trucks.

2. Work Bench and tools

Okay, but really... Of course young children enjoy using hammers to pound and prod a bench. Everyone is familiar with the traditional hammer-and-balls set made of wood that is sold as a toy for infants and toddlers. Why does it have to stop being fun at the preschool level and become a "guy toy" all at once?

3. Super Heroes

Keep in mind that I just mentioned that images are empowering. Imagine superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man. Everyone here is incredibly powerful. However, there are a number of female super heroes as well, such as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman.

4. Science Kits

I think all kids would benefit from having access to pre-packaged kits and do-it-yourself scientific kits, ranging from tinkering kits to robotic building sets. There's a broad and extensive list of advantages of participating in scientific pursuits.


Benefits of Toys?

1. Promotes Physical Activity

Active play is an important part of a child's development, as does regular physical activity. It's an important component of kids' development since it teaches them to make use of their body and creates neural pathways in the brain.

2. Learn Fine and Gross Motor Skills

By picking up and playing with Toys, children develop their motor skills and enhance their hand-eye coordination. It will help your child as he or she goes through the many stages of physical development.

3. Improves Ability to Concentrate

Preschoolers, especially those who don't enjoy an activity, often have a short attention span and are easily bored or distracted. Some toys can make learning something a child finds tedious, like algebra or language, more enjoyable.

4. Foster Mental Maturity

In addition to helping kids grow in a variety of ways, educational toys can also help them bond with one another and learn to cooperate. For the most part, kids can't really play with toys unless they have a partner. By interacting with other kids, kids are exposed to a wide range of positive and negative social and emotional experiences, including but not limited to: joy, excitement, essential, and sadness.

5. Encourages Kida s imagination and Creativity

A child's natural curiosity and will to learn are unquenchable. Young children explore their environments in great detail in order to learn about it. Using their imaginations and developing their creativity, youngsters learn to think beyond the box when playing with educational toys.

6. Develops problem solving skills

One of toys' most crucial qualities is the way in which it may be used to measure a child's cognitive abilities. As students use these toys to try to find solutions to real-world situations, they'll have to deal with some tough questions and answers.

7. IQ Boost

Children may benefit from educational toys in the areas of memory, coordination, reading, and math. Children who are able to master these skills are more likely to show an increase in their intelligence score. All children have an innate capacity for language and a wide vocabulary.


Toys for Baby & Toddler

  • Books for older children with more complex illustrations than those aimed for younger readers.

  • Obviously, music players such as CD and DVD players stocked with a wide selection of music; phonograph and cassette recorders also suffice.

  • Large and little balls for kicking and throwing, ride-on equipment (although probably not tricycles until children are 3), low climbers, tunnels, and pounding hammering toys soft and material underneath are all great ways to encourage kids to use their big and little muscles.

  • Blocks, smaller (and durable) transportation toys, construction sets, sand and water play toys are all examples of things that can be used for imaginative play.


Types of Soft Toys

1. Interactive Stuffed Toys

With the help of modern technology, stuffed toys for infants can now be both traditional and interactive. Toys like these can teach politeness to infants by saying things like "Good morning," "Please," and "Thank you," or by singing a well-known tune and encouraging the baby to do the same.

2. Plush Animals

Babies can choose from a wide selection of plush animals as toys, including monkeys, elephants, giraffes, lions, bears, cats, hippos, and rabbits. Babies of any age or gender can enjoy these creatures.

3. Soft Ball

Soft balls, or balls made of cotton or other soft material, are among the most popular toys for infant boys.

4. Stuffed Doll

It is widely agreed that a plush doll is one of the best soft toys for a girl's first Christmas. Often, infants will use the doll as a friend in their pretend play.

5. Teddy Bears

Babies have an undeniable fondness for teddy bears, just like grownups and teenagers. To the contrary, they are quite popular among parents looking to buy their infants a stuffed animal.


Age-by-Age Guide to Toys

1. Toys for 0-12 Month Olds Babies

  • Soft Washable, Animals or dolls

  • Rattles

  • Unbreakable mirrors

  • Small Stuffed Fabric balls

  • Brightly colored, multi pattern mobiles


2. Toys for 1-2 years old babies

  • Shape Sorters

  • Hammering Sets

  • Pound pegs or balls

  • Stacking Rings

  • Nesting Cups or Boxes

  • Rubber ducks

  • Toy boats

  • School bus or a fire engine toys

  • Puzzles

  • Musical instrument ( drums, maracas and Tambourines)


3. Toys for 2-3 years old babies

  • Puzzles

  • Dolls and Stuffed animals

  • Ride on Toys, balanced bikes and Tricycles

  • Musical Instruments

  • Construction Toys


4. Toys for 4-5 Year old Kids

  • Barbies and other Dolls

  • Puzzles

  • Art Supplies, Play-Doh and Craft kits

  • Costumes

  • Action Figures

  • Transportation toys (Airports, Parking garages, and Train stations)

  • Construction Sets with different Building items

  • Computerized toys


5. Toys for 6-7 year old kids

  • Strategically Games such as Jenga, Checkers, and Chess

  • Remote Controlled Cars

  • Barbies

  • Magnets, Telescopes , and other Scientific toys

  • Computer tablets

  • Sports Equipment (Bats, Football, Badminton or more)

  • Art Supplies and Craft Kits

  • Slime


6. Toys for 8 Year old Kids

  • Slime

  • Bananagrams

  • Model Kits

  • Outdoor Sporting Equipment

  • Craft Kits

  • Science Kits

  • Tablet or Computer

  • PlayStation and Xbox Games

  • Model Kits

  • Chess, Checkers or Ludo

  • Scrabble

  • Model Kits



Toys have a significant impact on a child's growth and learning. Your youngster will benefit the most from toys that help them learn and grow. This preparation will serve them well when they enter adulthood, equipped with the knowledge and abilities they've gained. Do not restrict your child's freedom of movement and action while they are playing.


FAQs : Toys

Q. What is the most popular children's toy?

Ans. Teddy Bear, Super Heroes, Alliens, Chess, musical Instrument, Sporting Equipment (Plastic bats, Balls, Badminton), and Tablets are some popular Children Toys.

Q. Which are Educational Toys?

Ans. Construction Toys, Musical Instrument, Physical Toy set, Electronic Toys, Chemistry Sets are others are some Educational Toys for Kids.

Q. What Skills can Children develop from Toys?

Ans. Here are the top skills Children can develop through the Toys:

  • Improves problem-solving skills

  • Learning becomes interactive and Fun

  • Promotes creative thinking

  • Helps in better Communication

Q. What are the features of toys?

Ans. Here are the features:

  • Ignites creativity and allows for multiple play styles.

  • Share more than one technique with your students.

  • Intergenerational appeal

  • Motivate good deeds and academic progress

Q. Why Educational Toys Are Important to a Child's

Ans. A child's imagination can be stimulated by playing with an educational toy, leading to increased creativity.