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Horizontal Pumps

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Horizontal Triple Piston Pump

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Horizontal Multistage Pump

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Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

6000 INR (Approx.)

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Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Approx 27,000 INR (Approx.)

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Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

9000 Onwards INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Box/Boxes

Horizontal pumps

Pumps may be made and placed in several orientations based on their design, use, and liquid being pushed. They may mount horizontally, vertically, submerged, or immersed in liquid, each having advantages over the others. Horizontal pumps are built with the pump head close to the motor on a horizontal plane. They may be connected with or without coupling and can be baseplate or footplate mounted if long-coupled or merely a footplate if tightly coupled. They are one of the most commonly used pump designs. They are typically built to a DIN24255/EN733 Standard, which covers the dimensions of the inlet and outlet flanges and allows interchangeability between brands. However, overall dimensions and performance may differ slightly between what is classified as Standardised DIN24255/EN733 pumps.

When Should You Use Horizontal Pumps?

Evacuation via Air

When components are positioned vertically in specific designs, they cannot work as intended. A self-priming pump, for example, cannot expel air entering the casing if it is installed vertically because an end suction centrifugal pump cannot be mounted vertically. Or they are utilized with a foot valve to become self-priming in horizontal designs. It is also true for Side Channel Pumps, which are self-priming when positioned horizontally but cannot self-prime and expel air when put vertically.

Inner Parts Forces

Some versions cannot install vertically because the internal components cannot bear the forces. It is true in specific designs of bigger multistage pumps where the motor bearings are employed to resist radial forces inside the pump. These cannot withstand thrust during operation when the unit is installed vertically. The unit can never be mounted vertically unless rebuilt to include a separate thrust bearing.

Weight of the motor or other components

In specific versions, such as multistage or big centrifugal pumps, the ability to create massive flows or pressures necessitates a large motor. It is not unusual for such engines to weigh more than a ton. This weight is then supported by a frame above the pump, accommodating both the load and the rotating forces of the motor and pump.

The possibility of mounting motors above pumps becomes less affordable as motor weight increases (unless of Vertical Immersion Design) especially when a base plate can be created to support the engine and pump weights independently along a horizontal plane, reinforced by a concrete base that is far more cost-effective to produce, install, and maintain.

Tradeindia has a number of verified sellers of Horizontal Pumps available in different designs and technical specifications. Buyers should check the details and technical specifications to check the application suitability for which they are buying Horizontal Pumps. The pumps are highly efficient and designed for heavy-duty applications.


What exactly is a horizontal pump?

The shaft of a horizontal centrifugal pump will be flat, often between the bearings or overhung. On the other hand, a vertical centrifugal pump has a vertically oriented shaft. The shaft has a radial split and an overhang.

Is it preferable to have a vertical or horizontal pump?

In general, horizontal pumps have lower operating temperatures and pressures than vertical pumps. You also wouldn't want to use a horizontal centrifugal pump for an application that requires more NPSH (net positive suction head) than the pump can provide.

What is the operation of a horizontal centrifugal pump?

A rotating rotor known as an impeller is used to transmit rotational energy in a centrifugal pump. The action of the impeller boosts the fluid's velocity and pressure, directing it toward the pump's outlet.

What is the operation of a horizontal multistage pump?

A multistage pump works by one impeller feeding into the next impeller, and the discharge pressure determines the number of impellers needed. 

What exactly is a horizontal turbine pump?

The horizontal submersible pump is a kind of submersible pump used to raise water from deep wells. When in operation, the whole device is immersed in water.

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